The Establishment’s False Narratives – Fresh Again This Week

Since the last election cycle, the establishment’s manipulation efforts have been in overdrive. I hope you manage to resist their brainwashing. A brief review: Continue reading “The Establishment’s False Narratives – Fresh Again This Week”

A Party for The People without a Party (PS)

If there will ever be a time for a new party to kick out the old, it may be now:

Our world has a people, an entire nation, without a political party to represent them. Who am I talking about? The people of the United States of America, that’s who. But that might be about to change, as you will see below.

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Breaking News: Manning, Snowden, Assange, and Obama

Maybe you just heard? Obama finally acceded to so many of us pleading and finally commuted the whopping 35 year sentence (more than most murderers and rapists get) of Chelsea Manning, one of our nation’s greatest whistleblowers. Manning is the one who allowed us to learn of the mistreatment of unlawfully detained people and the callous murdering of civilians (including reporters and good Samaritans) which parts of our military committed in Irak and elsewhere. These are things we should know about, shouldn’t we? Continue reading “Breaking News: Manning, Snowden, Assange, and Obama”

North Carolina: The Gloves Are Off – The Gang War is ON

The North Carolina General Assembly – being dissatisfied that a “Democratic” candidate inched out a narrow victory in the governor’s race – recently wrapped up a special session in which the Republicans who dominate both chambers (thanks to an outrageous level of gerrymandering) simply stripped the governor’s office of many of its customary powers, thus to render the people’s election of a new governor moot. An especially heinous bill involves the election system which from now on puts Republicans in charge of elections every election year, and “Democrats” in all the off years. The governor’s right to make appointments was likewise axed by 80% and now requires confirmation from this nest of vipers acting as a “legislature.” Continue reading “North Carolina: The Gloves Are Off – The Gang War is ON”

He Told us Not to Listen to Him

by Kathleen Lake, retired mental health professional and veteran

So, we recently had the first big debate between two evils. The DNC is dragging Bernie around the country like a zoological exhibit to get us to vote for a terrible candidate. They threaten and extort us with the insipid racist bogeyman Trump and tell us to trust them. Continue reading “He Told us Not to Listen to Him”

False Choices | Political Storm

There is a lot of mind-raping and gaslighting going on these days. Proponents of both Trump and Hillary keep vilifying the other of the two and telling us that if we don’t vote for the single alternative placed before us by the GOP-DNC-MSM complex, we are acting irresponsibly.

Read the article here: False Choices, by Dirk Droll