Truthful News Weekend 2022-12-16 – Mindsets (11 videos)

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Summary: Various news and speeches. The best being about how to ensure a proper world with a proper human mindset, how insane the capitalist mindset is, and some insights given by Nick Brana on our congress crimes (Rail-workers strikes forbidding example) and the growing social media censoring.

Stars and channels: CCCSpringfield (Dec 11, 2022), The Real News Network (Chris Hedges with Adam Hochschild), The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (with Nancy Fraser), Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff), Second Thought, The Jimmy Dore Show (with Whitney Webb), Not the Andrew Marr Show (with Nick Brana), RISE: United Independent Media


  1. Hoping for a Proper World ***
  2. Tough Terrorizing the Workers in the U.S.A Past
  3. Great Mental Image of Capitalism **
  4. Governments Becoming Repressive Institutions Aiding the Rich
  5. Capitalism Consistently Robbing Ownership
  6. Deep State Married with Organized Crime
  7. Weapons Sent to Ukraine End up on a Black Market
  8. A Talk about COVID from Lab Leak
  9. Nick Brana Exposing our Country Corruption ***
  10. Undoing Our Disunity
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Mississippi, ICE, ISIS, “Illegal Aliens” – And Some Rational Thoughts

In the aftermath of the recent ICE raids and the outrage on both sides (one legit, the other absurd) some reasonable thoughts finally emerged. Thoughts everyone should mull over. The following video presents some of them and my commentary below goes further:


11 Year Old Girl Tearfully Pleas For Father’s Release From ICE Custody
The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder

That terrible government official in the shared video above (someone I admit to call an oligarchy pig in the back of my mind) speaks of “criminal search warrants”. I must ask: How the heck do we, the people, let these power peddling corrupticians get away with criminalizing misdemeanors and labeling people as illegal? How can any honest and morally upstanding person put entering a country without a visa on the same level with committing murder, rape, or child kidnapping (the latter done by the same “police” forces who go after this supposed “crime”)?  Continue reading “Mississippi, ICE, ISIS, “Illegal Aliens” – And Some Rational Thoughts”

Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-07-28 (22 videos)

The latest collection of remarkable videos. This week’s compilation shares superb videos that help people wake up and those who already are awake to gain a broader view and deeper insights, plus better ideas on how to bring about the much needed change. So, don’t miss it and don’t forget to share or even subscribe. This collection saves you oodles of time searching for such excellent news and analyses. The main themes this time: the climate calamity, the fight between the rich and poor, the fraudulent corporate media, and the political conversation manipulation from the top.

Stars and channels: Graham Elwood, Kim Iversen, Chris Hedges (On Contact), John Spritzler, Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!), Deutsche Welle, Kerry-Anne Mendoza, Richard Wolff (Democracy At Work), Tulsi Gabbard, NonCompete, RT, Kyle Kulinski, Jimmy Dore, The Juice Media (satire!), The Michael Brooks Show, and The Real News Network


  1. Satire: “Honest Government Ad” on Climate
  2. The Climate Calamity
  3. The Corporate Coup D’Etat: NAFTA, not Russiahhh
  4. Disney Worker Abuse
  5. No Rich and No Poor
  6. Socialism, Democracy, Capitalism & and Fascism
  7. The Recession We Are In
  8. Healthcare Profiteering: The Anesthesia Racket
  9. Candidates: Warren (Bad) & Tulsi (Good)
  10. Media: The Corporate Media Cesspool
  11. U.S. Terror Across the World
  12. Beware the Oligarchy
  13. Oppression with Science
  14. Any Blue Like Any Red
  15. Perspective & Racism: A Distraction by the ‘Elites’


1. Satire: “Honest Government Ad” on Climate

Humor helps dealing with serious problems. It decreases resignation and boosts persistence and strength needed in the fight for the much needed change. In addition, discovering the absurdity of ongoing policies is often easier when looking at other countries as we can take a view not so obscured by cultivated preconceptions. Hence here is another amusing piece from Australia:

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for thejuicemedia and the title: “Honest Government Ad | Climate Breakdown & School Strikes”)

I like a comment that was left on this video on Youtube:

You’ve never failed to impress me with every single one of your ‘honest government ads’

The salt is real.

The anger is real.

The satire is real.

I love you.

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Our Two Class Society


Essentially, Americans are split into two groups: the privileged and the underprivileged. The privileged range from the super-rich god kings, through the rich, the upper middle class, and maybe still the middle-middle class (depending on where you draw the line). The underprivileged include the lower middle class and the rarely ever mentioned underclass.   Continue reading “Our Two Class Society”

Being Human or Vermin

Human nature has both a bright and a dark side. Which circumstances bring one or the other to the fore? I think, we may best answer the question by looking at times of war when the largest numbers of people are driven by the dark side and atrocities reach extremes.   Continue reading “Being Human or Vermin”

Raiding Immigrants to Divide the People and Protect the Oligarchs

In all truth, visa-less immigration — typically smeared as “illegal immigration” as if running for a chance at life were a crime — happens with the approval by our state and federal governments who quietly let it happen in order to please our cheap-labor-hungry plutocracy. The displays of border fences and walls, border patrols, and ICE raids are really nothing but dog-and-pony shows to (A) pretend that this form of immigration which leaves these immigrants bereft of rights is not an establishment-run affair in collusion with our bought government, and (B) divide the working people in our country against each other, lest they unite to overthrow the plutocracy and build a democracy in America.   Continue reading “Raiding Immigrants to Divide the People and Protect the Oligarchs”

Ending Mass Migration

An immigration hysteria has invaded our immigrant nation. It has divided American voters, boosted dangerous politics, resulted in horrible crimes, and obfuscated the true causes of our problems. Both corrupt major parties are pouring gasoline on this fire for their party bosses and secret donors to benefit.

While I don’t share the xenophobic fears of certain people, I have a piece of advice for them: If you worry about too many immigrants, don’t go criminal or inhumane. Don’t waste time on building walls, either. Eliminate the cause of mass migrations, instead.   Continue reading “Ending Mass Migration”

QuickyQuestion: Is Kicking the Dreamers under the Bus Smart?

This question is an addendum to Wednesday’s article and video compilation that held a lot of information about DACA, DAPA, the DREAM act and the reality on the ground…

First the despots come for a group hardly anybody cares about. Then they come for the next group, and finally they come for you when no-one is left to stand up to them. That’s how it always works when we, the 90%, allow ourselves to be divided. Let me ask a question: It may seem easier to cut off a limb you think you don’t need than curing your entire sick body. But is it smart?


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The way the American people is being controlled from the top involves manipulative narratives and outrageous maneuvers as two of their major weapons. They serve to distract us from the fundamentally important issues, warp our sense of reality, divert citizen activism onto roads to nowhere, disunite us, scapegoat innocents for the crimes of the plutocracy, and so forth. One of the worst versions are wanton atrocities that create problems out of nowhere, to direct us into fighting over them rather than fixing the underlying rigged system.

One of these latter is the current war on immigrants, especially the children of immigrants. Like many mind games of this sort, the perpetrators’ narrative starts out with a reasonable truism: namely that people should take care of their own pressing needs before anything else, much like medics are advised to put their own safety first lest they become hurt themselves and add to the pile of help-requiring accident victims while reducing the pool of helpers. Makes sense, right?  Continue reading “DACA, DAPA, DREAM, and Dump”

DACA-Repeal: Punish the Children

People who have been isolated from immigration issues tend to think everything is so simple. They never wonder: How real or artificial are our borders? What is our responsibility in what happens in places like Mexico, like when OUR politician’s NAFTA agreement and OUR agricultural subsidies to large farming corporations in combination with the eliminated import protections from NAFTA destroy the family farms of countless Mexicans, so they are forced to flee north across the border to pick our melons for starvation waves for sheer survival? Or: Can an 18-month-old baby really break the law?

Therefore I am sharing a video I shared before, over a year ago, as a reminder:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “American Sueño Part 1: Meet Marisol”)

That’s the problem with demagoguery. A lot of people in a country suffer and want change. Along comes a demagogue who hides the true causes and solutions for their problems behind scapegoating a group of even weaker people who cannot defend themselves against these false accusations because they are at the very bottom of the economic and political hierarchy or a too-small minority.  Continue reading “DACA-Repeal: Punish the Children”