Oh, President! We Have a Tweet for You! A Real Treat!

Two weeks ago, Represent.Us, which fights for anti-political-corruption laws and a better voting system, came out with a grand idea to take President Trump at his word (about draining the swamp) by doing what he likes the most: issuing an executive order.

Now they have a video appeal for you and me and all our friends to send him via Twitter or Facebook:

When you do share this video, make sure to tag President Trump by typing @Donald J. Trump on Facebook and @RealDonaldTrump on Twitter. Tagging the President will send a notification to the people who monitor his social media accounts, showing them there’s a message for him. Who knows? Perhaps thousands of messages about this campaign would get through to him and… who knows?

Here is the Facebook version of the video link: https://www.facebook.com/RepresentUs/videos/1786853314661865/

An anti-corruption executive order seems like not a bad thing…


Still Unclear Why Hillary Lost And Bernie Wouldn’t Have?

Here is a great article by Tim Byrd explaining how the chips really fell throughout the entire primary season and the general election. You really want to read this:

Election 2016: How We Really Lost (By The Numbers, Part 3)

So, quite simply, a virtually unknown senator from Vermont became the most popular politician in our country in just two years by simply sticking to the issues which burn in our hearts while the all-powerful Clinton machine, after decades of graft and power-peddling, still never managed to put a sufficiently pleasant facade on corrupt Shillary to even beat a highly unpopular candidate like Trump. Polls taken from start to finish prove it.


The True Purpose of Trumpcare

As I calculated yesterday from available data, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) currently touted by Donald Trump and various Republicans, will send thousands of Americans to their deaths, a minimum 13,500 by next year alone. The House vote is today, and while even some Republican representatives squirm and hesitate to approve it, Mr. Trump is putting exorbitant pressure on them to support it. Continue reading

President, My President, Drain the Swamp! — With an Executive Order!

Represent.Us, which fights for anti-political-corruption laws and recently added a tactic for overcoming our “lesser” choice voting system, just came up with another grand idea (though it may not amount to more than a grand joke in this case): a petition of Donald Trump to stop political corruption (at least of executive agency appointees and government contractors) via executive order. Continue reading

The Truth about Trump’s Infrastructure Miracle (PS)

It’s pure profit-making for Trump’s plutocrat friends at the taxpayers’ expense. It’s what “small government” by privatization has always meant.

Remember Trump promising to rebuild our country’s infrastructure without making taxpayers pay for it? Some people apparently still believe this fairy tale of a free lunch for taxpayers, and he seems to be keen on making it look as if it will come true.

The trick? Don’t pay for the repairs directly.

Continue reading…