Bernie’s 2016 Defeat – A Blessing in Disguise?

Everybody without blinders on knows that Bernie Sanders’ campaign was cheated in the 2016 primaries. Thereby all Americans who don’t belong to the privileged class at the top of our dunghill society were also cheated; and – like millions of my fellow Americans – I have been outraged ever since.

Before he passed away, another Bernie supporter, Jim Peterson, known as Jackpine Radical, wrote during Bernie’s campaignContinue reading


Give to the “Democratic” Party — What For?

It is raining demands to donate to the “Democratic” Party and their allied organizations (like, and I keep asking myself: why the hell would I give them money? To finance yet another grand show of fake primaries?

I gave to Bernie Sanders last year, but – quite frankly – I was still a little naive back then, and didn’t pay close attention to whether I was contributing to his campaign directly or via the cheating DNC which raked in millions of dollars in donations by dangling Bernie in front of our eyes while it secretly installed Shillary as their November candidate. Just think of the civil lawsuit brought against the DNC about this fraud… The DNC crooks sent their lawyers into the courtroom to declare that it’s perfectly legal for the DNC to sit in back rooms, smoking cigars and picking their candidates, no matter what the voters want who gave them donations not realizing they were financing a complete charade.

Well, in that case, why would I ever let a penny of mine get anywhere near the DNC in the future?

Listen to me, “Democratic” Party leadership: When you dismiss me, I dismiss you. Good-bye and good riddance!

A political party which can just do anything with the money we give it, regardless of what we give it for, is not worthy of my support.

The same goes for the Republican Party, of course. When have we last seen a real people’s representative on their ballots? Only independents and third-party candidates are worth our support nowadays. The two corrupt political gangs have sold us out and denied us our constitutional democracy long enough. Time we take our government back from them, and then our economy from the robber billionaires for whom both major parties work and who hold us in wage slavery and poverty, aiming to not only own title on most of everything, but the whole world and us who live in it.

Addendum: To avoid misunderstandings, when worthy candidates (against all odds!) appear on the ballot with a “D” by their names, I may still vote for them if no better independent or third party candidates did make it on the ballot. Just don’t expect me to throw away my hard-earned and insufficient-for-a-good-life money on faked primaries. Nobody should do that. And to reiterate the other issue: I want a true people’s party, whether it comes about via an internal revolution within the “Democratic” Party or via successful launch and growth of a new party with built-in bottom-up democracy as opposed to the party duopoly’s anti-democratic top-down mind manipulation and chain of command.

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Ultimate Analysis of the DNC Lawsuit against the DNC’s Election Cheating

In the corporate mass media, we get manipulation of our minds like when they sow lots of doubt about known facts. For example, when after a long media black-out Newsweek finally wrote about the DNC lawsuit, it kept painting the facts of the rigged 2016 primaries as mere “beliefs.” It’s like writing some people believe it’s snowing. All you have to do is look out of the window and see for yourself. It’s not a belief whether it’s snowing or not.   Continue reading

Remembering the November Election with Lewis Black

I dug this up. It’s still funny (and fitting):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Lewis Black on Donald Trump and Election”)

… except for him dismissing Hillary’s criminal acts (example her arms deals and regime change acts). Maybe he’s getting old. Not sure. I haven’t watched him in years since The Daily Show lost traction.


Quickypinion: Election Fraud Gave us Trump Because it Put Hillary on the Ballot!

I think, today I’ll take a day off from writing for this blog or spending hours screening videos to share the best ones on here. After all, I should be spending more time looking for my next job, trying to make it a better one than the usual crap, and improving my credentials as an applicant. Continue reading

Gaslighting and Miscasting Fighters for the Cause as Clintonites


Posts about the DNC lawsuit[1][2] and the current efforts to create a People’s Party have been getting me polemic reactions of this sort: “Another Clintonite is trying to get Berners to leave the Democratic Party so the Clintonite neoliberals can continue to control it? What a shock!”

Here is my reply, which any of you may borrow who are similarly besmirched with (insincere?), illogical, and downright insulting accusations of your alleged insincerity. Continue reading

DNC Lawsuit – Election Theft 2016 – And The Evidence

Two days ago, I reported about the class action lawsuit brought against the Democratic National Committee. Funny enough, after all this time and all the evidence, I still get responses like: oh, it’s all sour grapes and BS.

To this I reply: It’s sour grapes or BS only when you refuse to look at the evidence! Continue reading

Lawsuit Against a Vile Corporation which Killed Our Democracy

Two private corporations, whose operatives are not elected by us, control our federal, state, and local elections. They cheat us. They prevent us from having a democracy! And now, that one of them is hit with a lawsuit for its cheating, the corporate media (who take part in the cheating) don’t even tell us about it. Soon they may, but they will belittle it or defend the undermining of democracy (or our democratic republic, if you want to split hairs) that our founders risked their lives for and that we have always been told we had. Continue reading

The Most Important Event of 2016

What’s YOUR most important event of 2016?

Mine is this:

Bernie Sanders introduced us to each other — millions of Americans who know that our system is rigged and will fight for democracy, economic and social justice, and sensible public policies. Continue reading

Electoral College Elector Voted for Bernie Sanders

I hope this is another sign of the oligarchy beginning to crumble.

(Note: if the video to which this article links gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Electoral College Elector Voted BERNIE- His Speech After Is Amazing!”)