Yeah! Bravo, New York! The Candidate for the People Won!

Hooray! She did it! She won, and thus we the people won… in New York for now. There are many more places where we must and can win. If you missed it, here is last night’s election coverage of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (about whom I shared again on Sunday) running against one of our top corruptitians (by TYT, the only good coverage I could find so far… sure, TYT has its issues often still being stuck in old-fashioned party politics, but they still do good work with some regularity, better than the big corporate networks for certain):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for TYT and the title: “JUSTICE DEMOCRAT ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ DEFEATS JOE CROWLEY “)

Note: Remember, NY has public campaign financing making victories of people’s candidates running against the establishment so much more possible. Alexandria described it in a video clip shared on here last November. Here it is again, the part on Public Campaign Financing at 13:52 – 15:45 minutes:   Continue reading “Yeah! Bravo, New York! The Candidate for the People Won!”

Buyer Beware: Example of Lobbyists Subverting Ballot-Initiatives

As I mentioned in “Battleground U.S.A.: 88%”, even our ballot-initiatives (originally implemented to empower the people over party bosses) are now being subverted by the 40,000 lobbyist army. Here is an example:

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He Told us Not to Listen to Him

by Kathleen Lake, retired mental health professional and veteran

So, we recently had the first big debate between two evils. The DNC is dragging Bernie around the country like a zoological exhibit to get us to vote for a terrible candidate. They threaten and extort us with the insipid racist bogeyman Trump and tell us to trust them. Continue reading “He Told us Not to Listen to Him”

An Idea: The American People’s Coalition

The twin party tyranny of Republican and Democratic Party (a.k.a. our party duopoly) is keeping the American people from having any say in their own affairs. Third parties have a huge obstacle to overcome in form of the twin party tyranny’s huge hurdles and voter doubt in their chances to win big elections.

I tend to think that what we could use is an American People’s Coalition in which all the non-establishment, pro-people, anti-corruption candidates campaign together, edifying each other and offering a whole Cabinet and large chunk of Congress rather than just one presidential candidate and one political party to the voters and where on the other end of things we, the “ordinary Americans”, meet in town halls or community centers, rev up our own discourse, agree on the priorities we all share regardless of traditional party lines and other divisions, and take over local party chapters and municipalities (the base of the political power pyramid) from which will sprout our own candidates for higher offices with or without any central organization.

So, instead of rallying around a single candidate like Bernie Sanders in this presidential election year of 2016, we could rally around the idea of cleaning house together under the banner and unifying title of the American People’s Coalition which unlike a single person could not be so easily murdered, intimidated, or outmaneuvered through fraud, thereby decapitating our movement against the corruption in our politics, the way it happened with Sanders.

We could hammer out a platform of widely approved and popular priorities, represent them with the three-word title of the American People’s Coalition, and all existing and emerging candidates for offices high and low could either run on this platform or not while we flood the meetings of the base of the political power pyramid and install the right candidates there.

Contact me if you wish to talk about this. Otherwise just spread the idea. Also comment. Power to the People!

Washington Post: “Democrats wonder and worry: Why isn’t Clinton far ahead of Trump?”

The lordly condescension of our ruling class and their media myrmidons really knows no bounds. Case in point: This excessively long and fully HRC-apologetic article in the Washington post called “Democrats wonder and worry: Why isn’t Clinton far ahead of Trump?”

(Note: You probably don’t want to read it. It is a sad piece of journalism gone propaganda and will hurt your feelings if this year you hoped for a presidential candidate who actually cares for the people.)

My answer to Democrats wondering why Clinton’s polling numbers are so low unsurprisingly is:  Because they threw Bernie’s supporters over board!  (and haven’t stopped mocking us since then)

Do you think there is even one word about that in this 2144-word newspaper article? Well, there isn’t. They prefer to pretend we never existed. Telling a huge chunk of voters that they neither want them nor need them couldn’t possible figure into their low poll numbers, could it now?

I can’t wait for these sorry excuses of human beings to be replaced. Let’s take all the local elections by storm and quickly grow from those grass roots to push these villains from their thrones. It could be a surprisingly simple strategy to elect ourselves into every town hall in the nation and go from there. Represent.Us, BraveNewCongress, OurRevolution, and others have already been mobilizing, but if a good portion of us threw themselves behind this strategy, we might not even need any support organizations at that local level, at least. Let’s give this some thought.


The Third Choice

The main political difference between Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein is that Bernie isn’t an active candidate, anymore. Therefore, I see three options:

Read the full article here on Political Storm: The Third Choice


Debunking Democratic Convention “Unity” | video

Jordan Chariton of TYT reports from the DNC convention. What we saw was an infomercial. The reality of the convention was very different from the corporate media version. The Democratic party is badly split after what it did to progressive voters this year. Jordan has some sick stories to tell.

BernieCrats are up for vote in just a few days: August 9th State Primaries!

A BernieCrat voter’s guide to the August 9th State Primaries!

Remember, people, we need to sweep corruption out of office across ALL of America. Voting in candidates with integrity does part of the trick. (the presidency is only one of those offices – we need to fix them all)