Another Election “Irregularity” Made it into the News

While nearly all the election fraud and rigging that is rampant in the U.S. never gets reported in our colluding mass media that prefer to drown us in unsubstantiated allegations of Russian meddling (even as it would be very unlikely to amount to anything comparable to what happens domestically right under our noses and the actual allegation is only one of revealing the truth to the American public), one case of election rigging actually did recently make it into our corporate media for once! Basically, voters in Georgia wanted the possibility of election hacking investigated, and the people in custody of the electoral data quietly erased them to sabotage the investigation, to which I can only say that our security begins at home, not in Russia:

Here is this rare news report: Georgia Election Server Wiped After Lawsuit Filed (NBC News / Associated Press)

Quote: “It’s not clear who ordered the server’s data irretrievably erased.”

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Why We Fight Among Ourselves and Get Candidates like Hillary and Trump (The Long Version)

(Note: The short version will soon appear on Political Storm. Unlike so many blogging sites, my own has no word limit. And, by the way, you are welcome to submit guest blogs if you think they will fit. The latter also goes for Political Storm.)

Let’s imagine this scene: one guy sees nothing but yellow paint before him. He yells, “It’s a yellow ocean!” His brother is standing a few feet back and has a bigger piece of the whole picture. He says, “No, it’s a yellow truck.” Which of the two would you say got it right?

Let’s imagine another scene: in the news, a man is screaming for help to get out of a cesspool. A guy in a private jet comments, “No way! People swim in swimming pools, not cesspools. Why should anyone help you?” Another guy sipping wine on his nice patio, in the back of his nice house, in the suburbs, bought with his well-paying job, agrees, “Yep. That sounds right. A swimming pool, it is! And I didn’t push you in. No need for me to be concerned.” Meanwhile the guy who fell into the cesspool screams, “For the love of God, help me out of here! I’m drowning in all the piss and feces! Please help!

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