Truthful News Weekend 2022-08-13 (9 videos)

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Summary: inequality, people-split, fight for justice from the bottom, addictions from mistreatment, vitamin D for COVID, sanctions hitting back, the lies on teacher shortage.

Stars and channels: Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff), FightMediocrity, NonCompete, The Jimmy Dore Show (with Stef Zamorano who is a former teacher who fled this profession)


  1. How the Money-Lords’ Raid Split Us **
  2. The American People Learning to Fight for Justice **
  3. Addictions Created and Maintained by Mistreatments
  4. Dual Power, Mutual Aid, and Counter Institution Considerations
  5. COVID: Vitamin D Helping a Lot
  6. Russia(n) Sanctions Hurting Europe
  7. Oligarchy Trying to Hide its Evil in Politics
  8. Dishonest Government/Congress: Fake Climate Bill
  9. The Rulers’ Money Greed Preventing Proper Teachers **
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