The Pro and Con Arguments Regarding Democracy

While founders like Thomas Jefferson argued that the only way to ensure justice, fairness, and prosperity is to distribute power and voice among all the affected people; enemies of democracy, fairness, justice, liberty for all, and shared prosperity have always argued that human nature is evil, that democracy therefore becomes a horrendous “mob rule”, and that the best solution is a wise and benevolent ruling ‘elite’ managing a system that keeps wealth, power, and voice away from the majority of the people lest anybody but members of the ruling class (*cough* *cough* ‘elite’) get a say in anything. I just wonder… if human beings were indeed inherently evil, where would that wise and benevolent ruling class ever come from?   Continue reading “The Pro and Con Arguments Regarding Democracy”

Money in Politics: The Stake in our Hearts

The enormous corruption at the top of our country which – as “Money in Politics” – drives all our governmental decisions, not only creates a terribly unjust society which kicks equality and liberty to the curb, but it is like a stake in our hearts when it comes to our ability to rise up and set matters right. It is deeply demoralizing, but we must not let the corruption prevail.

Represent.Us came out with a fitting video about this:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may find it on the Represent.Us site or search the Internet for the title: “Unscripted: This is what corruption really costs us”)

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