Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-09-06 (19 videos)

(incl. the People’s Convention)

If you lack time to discover many top level meaningful videos about major events, problems, and solutions, here is a weekly share for you to check and share onward. Major one: the People’s Convention! (but many other insightful ones, as well)

Stars & channels: Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Chris Hedges, Ron Placone, Niko House, Scott Santens, Jesse Ventura, Jimmy Dore, Tim Black, Medea Benjamin (from Code Pink), Nick Brana, Marianne Williamson, Cornell West, and Nina Turner (and more) during the People’s Convention; plus Shadow Check with Steve Scott, Ralph Nader Radio Hour, Jesse Ventura, The Jimmy Dore Show, The Real News Network, John Pilger, Yanis Varoufakis, Richard Wolff talking with Chris Hedges (Democracy At Work), Harriet Fraad, Movement for a People’s Party, …


  1. The People’s Convention
  2. Whatever Happened To The Idea Of The Common Good?
  3. A Different Way to Handle COVID-19
  4. Jesse Ventura on Corruption, Globalism, Present, Future & Nuclear Power
  5. The Purpose of Fascism
  6. Economics: Gold Investment Only Good For Experts
  7. Jimmy Dore Slamming the DNC
  8. Social-Media & Google Protected Ruling Class
  9. Worker-Based (Democratized) Economic System
  10. The Oh-So Deserving Rich Funded by Our Taxes
  11. Problematic Policing (set up to enforce inequality rather than protect people)
  12. Trump Openly Planning Election Invalidity
  13. Some Insights from Britain on Neoliberal Oligarchy (of Psychopaths)
  14. Angrynomics (Mark Blyth addressing the corruption and world-wide fury)
  15. The Julian Assange SHAM Trial and Corrupt R&D-Party Alliance
  16. Financial Capitalism’s Monopolized Oligarchy’s Shackles on Life
  17. Economic Update: Predatory Global Capitalism and America Getting Raided
  18. Mindset: Why do 38% of Americans support Donald Trump? (Part 2)
  19. This Week’s People Party’s National Call (building more hubs)

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1. The People’s Convention

Rise up America against the global oligarchy, against today’s utterly cruel King George served gleefully by both the Republican and “Democratic” Party!

The Peoples Convention 2020 ~ Movement for a People’s Party (Aug 30, 2020)

Presented Albert Einstein quote: The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing. (I would add “about it” because of authoritarian slave-minds who think that engaging in politics is “doing nothing” a.k.a. wasting your time. They totally overlook that cases of the government serving its people were ALWAYS achieved through politics pushed by the people. Without that there would be no Social Security, no Unemployment Insurance, and many more often critically needful things. If one refrains from participating in pushing for such things, one does indeed become an accomplice of the evil that ruins so many of our lives.) — Actually, according to brainyquote.com, Einstein really said: “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” (I always considered him intelligent. So, that fits.)

I especially loved the speech by Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap and right after that Chris Hedges’ speech (and then Lauren Ashcraft!

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Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-11-30 (20 videos)

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. This week’s wakeful video collection starts with impressive songs dedicated to Bernie (revealing a grassroots movement) and ends with a song joining the white and brown people otherwise pitted against each other by the ruling top. In between there are amazing system analyzing and tactics exposing videos (covering both the U.S. and Latin America) such as one that exposes the deadly alliance between the oligarchs and religiously mind-warped people at the bottom, these top and bottom groups joined together to exalt themselves at an awfully utter expense to nations’ peoples humanity’s future. Also new insights on recent events and presidential candidates. And, of course, some stuff to read, too.

Stars and channels: musicians, Chris Hedges, Abby Martin (Empire Files), Krystal Ball (The Hill), The Grayzone, Michael Brooks, Kyle Kulinski (Secular Talk), Jamarl Thomas (revealing why many elderly Blacks support Biden), Democracy Now!, The Real News Network, Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK, Inti Illimani and Quilapayun…


  1. Bernie Songs ***
  2. The Deadly Alliance ***
  3. Hedge Funds Betting on the Coming Recession, Undermined Unions vs Strikes, … **
  4. Why Some of the Establishment Opposes its Own Member (Trump)
  5. Corruptician Crookery
  6. Candidates (Fake Progressive Warren, Tulsi vs Harris, Biden, Trump)
  7. Murderous Presidents in Power
  8. Mindset **
  9. Bolivian Coup: Visiting Bolivia to Find Out
  10. Brazil Update
  11. When White & Brown Join

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European Thoughts Fitting our Fourth of July


Independence Day is a special holiday held high and celebrated in different corners of society. For some it is just a brief relief from a never-ending money-earning drudgery. For others it is the holiday of their nationalist notions easily linked to fascist white supremacist ideas stuck into their heads from the top by the rich ruling class and their demagogic minions in politics and the mass media to divert (with xenophobia and hate speeches) their justified anger away from the true culprits and causes of their mutilated lives, thus turning them into a duped army of violent right-wingers and idiot voters. For others, like myself, it is an annual reminder of the great ideals of some of our heroic founding fathers whose liberating ideas spread around the world causing awe and love and hope, and even change — change from monarchies and dictatorships to democracies or even attempts at socialist economies (a natural consequence of the life, liberty, and happiness for all concept).   Continue reading “European Thoughts Fitting our Fourth of July”

Political Awakening Video Weekend 01-27-2019 (17 videos)

Stars: David Doel (The Rational National), Richard Wolff (Democracy At Work), Bob Hennelly, Thom Hartmann, Dahl Jamail, Ralph Nader, Josh Fox, Bruce Fein, Laura Flanders, Nomi Prins, Niko House, AOC, Cenk Uygur, Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett, Jimmy Dore, Ben Norton, Abby Martin, Greg Wilpert, Paul Jay, Brigida Santos, Jamarl Thomas, Bernie Sanders…


  1. AOC: Wow, a Congress Person Exposes our National Immorality
  2. Even Elder White Americans Waking Up to our National Immorality
  3. MLK’s Secret
  4. Economy: Public Spending
  5. Climate etc. Crisis: Getting Mentally Ready
  6. Climate & Toxic Water: Fracking Out (also: Presidential Wars)
  7. Banking Conversation
  8. Niko House on AOC
  9. AOC’s Marginal Tax Proposal
  10. The Billionaire’s Bana Republic: U.S.A.
  11. The Meritocracy Falsehood
  12. Medicare for All – Getting Watered Down?
  13. World: Venezuela
  14. Upcoming Candidates, Anti-Corruption & Election Integrity Moves
  15. Political World Built on Bernie


I. AOC: Wow, a Congress Person Exposes our National Immorality

… and a great speech by a Canadian pointing out what should be obvious to everyone but some of us are still blind to:

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for David Doel (The Rational National) and the title: “AOC: A World With Billionaires Is Immoral”)

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Political Awakening Video Weekend 12-30-2018 (15 videos)

This last video weekend compilation of 2018 has some really jaw-dropping stuff like a recovering former capitalist describing the warped mentality that shackles the capitalist class (and the rest of us) and that used to be his mindset until his business dissolved and he became a human being. He describes how our system brings the worst out in people. Another pearl: the flaw in the American spirit. More stuff: the 7th week of the Yellow Vests, and a lot more. Do take a look.


  1. Capitalism: Confessions of a Recovering Capitalist, etc.
  2. Socialism: Was Jesus a Socialist?
  3. Fascism: Racism & Division from the Top
  4. Economics: The Need for a More Humane Economic System
  5. World Politics: Venezuela, Yellow Vests
  6. The American Spirit
  7. Propaganda: Funny Polling
  8. 2018 Review

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Political Awakening Video Weekend 12-23-2018 (17 videos)

Another great video weekend for those who can find time in this busy holiday season. More great facts and insight on the Yellow West Movement, public mind manipulation, the core nature and effects of capitalism, and so on.


  1. Yellow Vests News
  2. War, Morals, & Veterans for Peace
  3. Hypernormalization
  4. Election Meddling
  5. Refugees: Fleeing U.S. Dirty Wars in Central America
  6. Filling the Swamp (Mnuchin)
  7. Cool Conversation (Paul Jay, RoseAnn De Moro, John Cusack, and Bob Pollin)
  8. The Young Climate Activists
  9. Ancient Capitalism & Debt Forgiveness
  10. Economic Update (American Worker Co-Op etc.)
  11. Real vs False Socialism
  12. A Rare Celebrity
  13. The Russiagate Hype
  14. Popularity of the Green New Deal
  15. Why We Work so Hard Under Capitalism
  16. Capitalism, the Scam

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Political Awakening Video Weekend 11-30-2018 (16 videos)

Another video compilation to enrich our weekend with insights in our troubles and clues for change. Once again, your weekend can be wisely spent learning a lot.

Themes (many have several videos):

  1. Economy & History & Violence (System Analysis)
  2. Global & U.S. Oligarchy
  3. “Democratic” Party Games
  4. Immigration & Refugees
  5. World Politics (Venezuela)
  6. Protesting for Change

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Political Awakening Video Weekend 08-26-2018 (11 videos)

Once again a lively and very informative mix of videos to grow our political awakening, awareness, and ideas. Stars: Ralph Nader, Mike Figueredo, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Jimmy Dore, Richard Wolff, Chris Hedges, Nomi Prins, Ana Kasparian, The Rational National, Emma Vigeland, and our future president Nick Braña (in order of appearance). Topics:

  1. System Analysis
  2. How to Pay for a Good Country
  3. Systemic Inequality through Exploitation
  4. Our D-R Ping-Pong-Politics
  5. The Banksters’ World
  6. Fascist-Style Opinion Suppression (in the U.S.!)
  7. Our Culture’s Distorted Mentality
  8. Exiling Dissident Americans
  9. Federal Jobs Guarantee Explained
  10. People’s Party

Sorry for being late (Sunday). I mentioned my forced lack of time in my Friday post titled “We Need a Considerate Compassionate Culture”.   Continue reading “Political Awakening Video Weekend 08-26-2018 (11 videos)”

Great Conversation between Chris Hedges and Richard Wolff (7/7/2018)

Economist Richard Wolff discusses the coming economic collapse with Chris Hedges. They touch upon both past & present of the top destroying everything and the people fighting for life. This came out too late to make it into my weekend video compilation. But now here it is:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “The Coming Collapse of the American Economic System with Richard Wolff”)


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Video Weekend 01-20-2018 (5 Videos & Commentaries)

… in 4 categories:

  1. The Money Monsters (hedge fund politics and more)
  2. Russia, Russia, Russia! (instilling some reality)
  3. Celebrity Politics (lets take off the blinders)
  4. Moving Forward (good strategy wins)


I. The Money Monsters

Money “Making” Money (in reality siphoning it away from those who earn it). The super-rich taking from the rich and turning our government into their puppet. A little explanation of index funds and the hedge fund scam, plus an additional little insight into the current tax “reform” gift to the rich:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Warren Buffett Wins $1 Million Bet That Hedge Funds Are a Rip-Off “)


How the Predatory Capitalists Crashed the World Economy. What’s sadly funny is that the makers of this documentary in 2011 still thought the mortgage banksters and Wall Street predators who with their self-enriching criminal gambles crashed the world economy and robbed millions of working people of their homes, jobs, and careers – in other words their chance at a tolerable life – were about to be held accountable:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “The men who crashed the world“)


II. Russia, Russia, Russia!

Some real info about Russia:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “American Journalist In Russia Tells Truth About RT“)

Note: 21:22 min in, a great point is made. Namely, if the Russian political elite had really wanted to boost Trump’s candidacy in 2016, all they would have had to do is publicize what they know about the Clinton’s uranium deal with them. No need for them to hack into the DNC’s emails to commit the oh so horrible “election hacking” of revealing important truths to the public. That was clearly done by others. Plus, the Russian political elite doesn’t care who’s in office in the U.S. because it won’t make a difference since ALL U.S. governments, R or D, have been hostile to them.


III. Celebrity Politics

For most people, politics has always been about particular personalities in politics. Not for me. I prefer to look at the big picture, find the faults, and design strategies to fix them. However, sometimes it is useful to review what the corporate politicians do to us and remove their false halos:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Obama Chose Wall St. Over Main St. – Thomas Frank on RAI (8/9) “)

Thomas Frank is someone with whom I don’t agree under the bottom line. He stays faithful to the treacherous “Democratic” Party, and he even endorsed Hillary if I recall correctly, an attitude which in my opinion misses the point that we will only go further down the drain if ALL the main parties (currently two) keep betraying the people, our country, and world to the robber billionaires because they can keep doing so as long as we keep playing into their hands.

It’s not some kind of impractical “purity” stance by me, when I insist we must create a new major party (or coalition of parties) to represent us. Rather, it’s an external pressure strategy combined with a fallback strategy. And it is also the simple reality on the ground, meaning it’s happenng and won’t just go away.

This strategy is not really in conflict with attempts to take over this duopoly party by flooding the base, either. In my opinion, it is a mistake to learn nothing from the past and continue to let any of the current two major parties get away with endless corruption and treason just because of many long years of habitual allegiance and unjustified trust in them. The time for such naiveté is over!

We are too close to the cliff now, to let corrupted politicians push us ever closer to it or – as has become ever more common in this century – sell us out at a rate that can only be described as a frantic fire-sale. We can’t expect different results by doing the same thing. We can’t expect the crooks in politics to go away if we give a pass to those crooks who rule a party we think we can take over. Taking over a party must include outing the crooks in it. And historically, it has always required massive pressure from outside the party, as well. Study up on what pressured FDR into going for the New Deal. Established political parties don’t change when the crooks running them feel assured that voters have nowhere else to go. Hillary and her machine were a blatant example of that attitude, as are Tom Perez and the lingering corporatist elite in the “Democratic” Party. They want their corporate money and figure we are helpless. Let’s prove them wrong!


IV. Moving Forward

Thoughts about breaking the corrupt party duopoly:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “People’s Party Founder Nick Brana, Live! Paradise Or Oblivion!?”)

Great points:

  1. 57:15 min: “What’s the U.S. mission statement? ”
  2. 1:43:38: “People get so normalized into the way the world is that they have a hard time seeing what it could be. In a weird way, they believe that society is organized in a natural way. They believe that the way we are organized is the natural way to organize. … No, these were policy choices that people made to advantage themselves while disadvantaging others. And all these policy choices can be changed. ”

Election Integrity:

I really do wonder why so many Americans seem to be so sold on electronic voting or electronic vote counts, and that in the face of massive election fraud in our country, a good deal of which made possible because of our electronic voting and vote counting. In other countries, much greater election integrity exists because they count votes by hand at the polling stations in the public and with opposing party members double-checking (recounting) each others’ counts. Simple and solid. The only chance of tampering exists up-chain in the count reporting. As long as that is handled in a transparent way, there can be no tampering with the cast votes.

So, why does Nick Brana seem to like block chain voting which is toted as a means of more tamper-proof electronic voting? Maybe because the American public isn’t yet ready to ban electronic voting and vote counting like, for example, Europe has done? Maybe he is looking forward to greater citizen participation in decision making by letting us all vote on issues rather than leaving them to corruptible delegates? The latter is something I toy with. I just don’t yet know if it can be done in ways that (A) eliminate tampering and (B) maintain voter anonymity. It’s another thing to research in the future. One question in my mind: can block chain voting really be transparent?


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