Truthful News Weekend 2023-01-14 – (15 videos)

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Summary: Again not a week of many great videos. Remember that stars (*) on the titles I give present how good I find the videos. (*** best, ** good, * better than non-starred ones). The many non-starred ones that I finally shared can hint at my long search this week. If you have little time stick with the starred ones. Main issues: the corrupt systems and messed up mentalities.

Stars and channels: People’s Podcast (Garland Nixon, Nick Brana, Jimmy Dore), Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff), Second Thought (JT Chapman), New Economic Thinking, The Jimmy Dore Show (with Aaron Maté), CODEPINK, DW News, WION


  1. America the “Shining City on the Hill”? **
  2. Capitalism’s Faulty Mindset **
  3. Union Improvements from Co-Ops
  4. The Lack of Protection in Capitalism-Supporting “Social Democracy” ***
  5. Rat Race Comparison Between USA and Germany
  6. Our Capitalist Meritocracy Breeds Greed and Carelessness
  7. The Ukraine War-Game Accelerating but also Exposing the Global Empire Wrestles
  8. Huge Overpay of CEOs (Super-Huge in the U.S.)
  9. People’s Party: Nick Brana with Jimmy Dore Talk
  10. Rich Money Lords Desiring More Poverty Among Us
  11. Maybe Finally a Check on Some Deep State?
  12. Brazil: Fascist Coup Attempt
  13. Ukraine: Nice Peace Request from CODEPINK **
  14. Space Exploration Growing Again
  15. Kindness Reminder: Turtle Help
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Wakeful Video Weekend 2021-05-23 (15 videos)

Summary: Many excellent reports and interviews/discussions this week! 🙂

Stars & channels: Richard Wolff from Democracy At Work, The Jimmy Dore Show (with a Norman Finkelstein clip), Glenn Greenwald interviewed by Chris Hedges in On Contact, The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, The World According to Jesse, The Real News Network, The Rational National, Second Thought, Our Changing Climate, Secular Talk, …


  1. Organizing People Power – Cool! Don’t Miss This!
  2. The Fake Claims of Capitalism Goodness (like Poverty Reduction)
  3. Are Rural Areas Naturally Right-Wing?
  4. The Morale of Israel & Palestine
  5. Brilliant Democracy & Fascist Dictatorship Insights from Brazil
  6. Capitalism: Winners and Loosers Setup (and lack of organization among us victims)
  7. Systemically Crazy Countries (both Israel and the U.S.)
  8. Worker Co-Ops Network = Workplaces with Solidarity
  9. Our Injustice System
  10. Our Horrible Money Aristocrats Bleeding us Dry – Example: Pharma
  11. Old Good Times vs Today’s Profit Greed of Capital Lords
  12. Antidemocratic Anti-World Billionairism
  13. Public Feelings about Tax (incl. Wish for Taxing the Rich)

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Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-10-13 (24 videos)

Such cool videos picked up this week! These weekly compilations are really worth sharing. So much wrong today. And so much improvement we can make happen. — Unfortunately, the 31 videos I picked out this week are just too many. I have postponed some for next week. Don’t miss them! 😉

Stars & channels: Bernie Sanders, The Humanist Report, John Spritzler, Be Inspired, TeleSUR, The Real News Network, Richard Wolff, Jimmy Dore, The Zero Hour, Michael Brooks, Ralph Nader, The Hill, LastWeekTonight, Democracy Now!, Redacted Tonight, The Hill, ItHadToBeSaid, and more…


  1. Bernie (The Role in Life, Money out of Politics, MSM)
  2. Wage Slavery & The High Cost of Bad Leadership
  3. Our Manufactured E-Lives: Owned by Commercialism & “Smart” Phones
  4. Our Junk Economy: Wealth Accumulation by Dispossession
  5. Addressing Disparity with More of the Same
  6. No Left & Right: The ‘Elites’ Stick Together
  7. Inequality System (CEO Kings, Global World Oppression)
  8. Deified Greed
  9. Trumpoholics (Impeachable Offenses, Can his Impeachment Succeed?)
  10. Climate Crisis (Humor, Politics, XR Movement)
  11. World: Revolutionary Haiti, Uprising Ecuador
  12. Media: Real News Instead of Blabbermouths
  13. Why Russiahhh?!? (ahead of all other possible smears & excuses)
  14. Today’s American Depravity
  15. School as Prison & Boot Camp: Our Manipulation Starts in the Schools

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