We Are So Out-Donated on Political Campaigns, We Are Letting Our Information Sources Die

Truthout, which for the longest time has been providing trustworthy and critical news coverage unlike all those mainstream media — the same Truthout about whose hair-raising revelations I have often reported here — just gave out a final desperate yell for financial help. For years, Truthout has always survived on reader donations (like I would like to do, too). In their current fund drive, they have whittled down the missing donations amount to about $10,000. However, after all our donating to Bernie Sanders and other anti-corporate candidates and campaigns, we seem to be reaching our limit. Truthout writes:  Continue reading “We Are So Out-Donated on Political Campaigns, We Are Letting Our Information Sources Die”

Progressive In-Fighting Boiling Down (Hopefully): Jordan Chariton and Tim Black Make Up

I’d been suggesting and hoping for Jordan Chariton to apologize for when he blew a fuse and accused other independent journalists for being hucksters and enemies of positive change (I hope I don’t mix something in here that came from other places), and recently he did (sort of), namely to Tim Black. I wish he would have gone a little further and to everyone else and criticized himself for fueling in-fighting among people who should stick together in our necessary fight against the establishment and for a better future. Anyway, here is the video (perhaps it took the spirit shared by many visitors to the People’s Summit to prompt this):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Tim Black and Jordan Clear The Air”)

Cool! Now let’s get back to the real fight! 🙂

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