European Thoughts Fitting our Fourth of July


Independence Day is a special holiday held high and celebrated in different corners of society. For some it is just a brief relief from a never-ending money-earning drudgery. For others it is the holiday of their nationalist notions easily linked to fascist white supremacist ideas stuck into their heads from the top by the rich ruling class and their demagogic minions in politics and the mass media to divert (with xenophobia and hate speeches) their justified anger away from the true culprits and causes of their mutilated lives, thus turning them into a duped army of violent right-wingers and idiot voters. For others, like myself, it is an annual reminder of the great ideals of some of our heroic founding fathers whose liberating ideas spread around the world causing awe and love and hope, and even change — change from monarchies and dictatorships to democracies or even attempts at socialist economies (a natural consequence of the life, liberty, and happiness for all concept).   Continue reading “European Thoughts Fitting our Fourth of July”

A Question: How Shall I continue?


A year-end review of this blog and a question about its future and the realization of our people’s movement for a world worth living in.

With the tradition of New Year Resolutions quickly approaching, I wonder about my part in our moving forward as a movement for a world that ensures lives worth living for all people. Over a year ago, I set myself the task to produce one piece per day for this blog of mine. It is very time consuming, and I don’t have the automatically large audience of media insiders (nor of teens who get millions of followers when tweeting selfies). In fact, I often feel like a preacher in the desert.  Continue reading “A Question: How Shall I continue?”

Very Funny Show to Start this Week With (Mo, 11/27/2017)

Because of the serious matters that need public exposure, many of Jimmy Dore’s videos are very good but not very funny. And, yet, he is a comedian by trade (which gave him an audience to start with when he began political commenting, unlike guys like me who start from zero), and he just released a recording of one of his live shows which made me laugh all the way through. Don’t miss this:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Proof: Democrats Bought & Controlled By Millionaire Donors”)

Jimmy Dore Quote: “The reason why half the country is poor or low-income is because both [major] political parties represent management.”

Jimmy Dore impersonating the neck-and-reckless plutocrat: “This is the world of guys like me making it impossible for other people to do well. … What’s your [effing] problem?”

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