Wakeful Video Weekend 2022-02-12 (13 videos)

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Summary: The majority of this weekend’s videos deal with COVID from numerous angles (esp. abuse of it and how to deal with it). Plenty of share-worthy videos this week, too many for a single weekend IMHO; so some saved away for later publishing. Let me know if you want more on a single weekend. Also: some economy issues.

Stars & channels: The Jimmy Dore Show, DW News, KMBC 9, Friendly Neighborhood Immunologist, John Campbell, Christy Risinger (MD), KPRC 2 Click2Houston, KHOU 11, Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Thom Hartmann Program (with Richard Wolff), Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar, act.tv (with JamesFromTheInternet)


  1. E & D Party Denying Us Guaranteed Healthcare
  2. World: Rapid Economy Crash in a Country (Turky, inflation officially at 36%)
  3. COVID: A Safer U.S. COVID Vaccine Available in 170 Countries Now
  4. COVID: Heart Disease Risk from the Forced COVID Vaccines
  5. COVID (and other infections): Vitamins, Minerals, and Hormones to Use
  6. COVID: A Doctor Kicked out of Clinic For Dealing Reasonably with COVID
  7. COVID: Soap and Rubbing Alcohol can Kill the COVID Virus
  8. Inflation Handling
  9. More Billionaire Mess: Historic Bridge DISASSEMBLED For Jeff Bezos
  10. Why our Roads And Bridges Never Get Fixed
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Wakeful Video Weekend 2021-07-04 (17 videos)

Summary: truths and ideas to share on the 4th of July (and later). 😉

Stars and channels: Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff), Second Thought, Secular Talk, The Jimmy Dore Show, J.J. McCullough, Roger Ray on CCCSpringfield, act.tv, Chris Hedges interviewing Nina Burleigh (On Contact), Russell Brand, The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, The Real News Network


  1. Capitalism vs. Socialism among the Founding Fathers (a good one for the coming 4th of July) ***
  2. Capitalism = Technologically Advanced Feudalism **
  3. Shifting from Violence and Oppression Abroad to Decency, Compassion, and Health at Home **
  4. Non-Americans Respond In HORROR To US Healthcare System
  5. Empire: The U.S.A. Empire Base Standing so Alone
  6. Republican Evangelical “Christians”
  7. Amazing Talk on UBI and a Better U.S.A. and World ***
  8. True Democracy Would Not Only be in Politics
  9. Healthcare: The Odd Treatment of the Pandemic
  10. Our Deluded and Deluding Media and Political Parties
  11. Is Jeff Bezos a Child?
  12. Basic Public Services vs Being On One’s Own
  13. Former Cop Became a Cop Watcher
  14. News: More Lies That Were Handed to Frame Julian Assange
  15. Our System: Talking the Talk vs Walking the Walk
  16. Striking for a Proper Life – Room for Life
  17. Rest in Peace our Fellow Mike Gravel

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