So, Who Won the 2016 Election? The Establishment, of Course! – Surprise!

Friends, as I have been busy explaining all year, the “Democratic” and Republican party are like the two arms of the establishment. Both work for the oligarchs (the robber billionaires and their mighty minions, the big banks and corporations), and we should break them both. The “Democratic” Party is a closer goal since Bernie Sanders’ populist upset and a rising Green Party which has gained enough support for us to move it into play (even if this election’s election fraud apparently made a point in reducing its permitted and counted votes to an alleged mere 1% — and, yes, as I have also been trying to explain, the better cheater “wins” our elections until we clean them up).

Anyway, as the news from TYT clearly show, it was – once again – the establishment which won the dog-and-pony show we get every four years. Watch:

As I have proposed in Seven Strategies against the System, we really must tackle our systemic corruption on a broad front.

(Note: if the video to which the above link points gets deleted, you may search for the title: “Trump IMMEDIATELY Backpedals On Wall And More…” and the Internet-TV channel of “The Young Turks”)

Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid! — Sane Progressive: I Won’t Be Responsible for Hillary OR Trump

good to watch – lengthy – sometimes slow – but full of good stuff all the way to the end

We must break away from the abusers: the GOP and DNC

It’s like an abusive marriage where your husband kicks you in your pregnant belly. It’s time for a divorce from the abusive twin-party tyranny.

We do have the power! The establishment spends billions to convince us we don’t. As soon as our perception changes, we are unstoppable. We DON’T need to enslave ourselves to our lords! We’ve got to find the courage of our own convictions.

  • Refuse to be played!
  • You do have power!
  • You do have choice!
  • Vote Truth = Vote Green
  • Vote Justice = Vote Green
  • Vote Decency = Vote Green
  • Vote Sense = Vote Green

(Note: if the video the above link points to gets deleted, you may search for the title: “Sane Progressive Endorsement Jill Stein; I Won’t Be Responsible for Hillary OR Trump”)

We Want to Vote for Someone Who Is Not A Crook – And We Can!


All of us are sick of the rigged system, the corruption in high places, and the two corrupt main party candidates for president. It’s not surprising why: All prosperity flows to the top. Every year things get worse. More and more of us eek our way through life from the cradle to the grave without any hope. And just take a look at those main party candidates: Continue reading