Truthful News Weekend 2022-07-29 (10 videos)

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Summary: The People’s Party coming back (two tactics used against it explained), people uniting, good and evil… / I hope renaming this series of posts from “Wakeful Video Weekend” to “Truthful News Weekend” may be better. Let me know if it’s not.

Stars and channels: Democracy at Work (Richard Wolff, Harriet Fraad), CCCSpringfield (Roger Ray), Russell Brand, After Skool, Jung & Naiv (Oct 23, 2016), People’s Podcast, The Jimmy Dore Show


  1. Time of Change: People Uniting for a Good Life for All ***
  2. The Role of Government in Marxism
  3. Monsters and Saints in Horrible Situations
  4. Russell Brand Criticizing the Elite *
  5. Might We Return into Stone Age?
  6. Interesting 2016 Noam Chomsky Interview about Human Societies *
  7. Pre-Nazi Germany and U.S. Today (scary similarities)
  8. People’s Party Finally Recovering from a Tactic to Discredit It ***
  9. Third Party BANNED From Florida Ballot
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1. Time of Change: People Uniting for a Good Life for All ***

Amazing Time of Change”: The End of the American Century – Capitalism Hits Home ~ Democracy at Work (Harriet Fraad, Jul 22, 2022)

Her longer talk video from which this best part was cropped out: Capitalism Hits Home: United We Win, Divided We Fall (quite good but a bit slow)

2. The Role of Government in Marxism

Ask Prof Wolff: Marx on the Role of the State ~ Democracy at Work (July 22, 2022)

3. Monsters and Saints in Horrible Situations

… and the need to change our horrible country system. Revelations handed by a remarkable Christian pastor (who unlike most IMHO, actually follows the Jesus Christ described in the Bible gospels (namely fighting for social justice)). Not perfect because he sadly seems to blend together ALL Germans as fascists during the fascist tyranny Germany went through from 1933 to 1945; and he is clearly misinformed about the Ukrainian war therefore passing on the mass media propaganda he has swallowed up and believes; but luckily these are tiny pieces in this video. The rest can give us some worthwhile insights and remind us of changes we must fight for.

Angels and Demons (how crisis reveals who we really are) ~ CCCSpringfield (Roger Ray | Jun 26, 2022)

4. Russell Brand Criticizing the Elite *

This Is Going To Push Us OVER THE EDGE ~ Russell Brand (Jun 24, 2022)

5. Might We Return into Stone Age?

… if this begins to look like having happened before?

New Discoveries That Completely Alter Human History – UnchartedX ~ After Skool (Mar 1, 2022)

And here is a link of someone hinting at clues of many mass catastrophies in human existence past that he thinks would have destroyed civilizations:

Part 2 (how it would go if any humans can survive):

Or shouldn’t we cure or civilization from its sufferist oligarchy corruption?

Who Would SURVIVE the Collapse of Civilization? – Graham Hancock ~ After Skool (Oct 26, 2021)

6. Interesting 2016 Noam Chomsky Interview about Human Societies *

… incl. empires, terrorism, mass extinctions, and the grown risk of humanity exterminating itself (despite him – probably because of his old age – having lost the understanding of the need to switch out of the duopoly)

Noam Chomsky: The Alien perspective on humanity – Jung & Naiv: Episode 284 ~ Jung & Naiv (Oct 23, 2016)

7. Pre-Nazi Germany and U.S. Today (scary similarities)

Pre-Nazi Germany and U.S. Today – Capitalism Hits Home ~ Democracy At Work (Harriet Fraad, Jul 8, 2022)

8. People’s Party Finally Recovering from a Tactic to Discredit It ***

I think it takes quite some time to learn how to deal with lots of tactics used by the oligarchy to prevent political people’s parties from coming into existence. The one that has been trying to rise up for us over the last five years or so has had to struggle with this, and the most recent attack hit it so hard that we heard little besides rumors for the last six months. A way too long delay in moving forward. I conclude that this sprouting party still depends too much on a single leading person. It needs to grow to a size where there are too many well known and admired people in it than the oligarchy can wipe off thew table with things like personal accusations being made when possibly accidental or fictional but nevertheless harmful. Let us, the people, not forget that we currently exist in a mafia-like system of greedy money lords and power seekers who we must dethrone and whose corruption of our society we must fix. And another reminder: since mistakes happen sooner or later in any human team, especially when it has to fight so much with sneaky oligarchs, we – the people – must build up people movements that (A) back a people’s party and/or champion candidates in elections, plus (B) are always ready to put pressure on politicians and parties for our sake whenever necessary (thus kicking out corrupt infiltration that can seep into any party sooner or later if not watched and pressured enough from the bottom). Well, I am glad that the current People’s Party may now return into sprouting. But please, faster and broader now, getting more efficient. OK? 😉

Overview of Investigation Findings ~ People’s Podcast | The People’s Party (Jul 25, 2022)

Links to this video:

Oh, wonderful. Not sharable again. Thanks so much YouTube! *grumble* (really done by the “owner”? I doubt it a bit.) Well, let’s see if the link to the YouTube storage still works, here you can browse to:

And if YouTube erases it – or you distrust YouTube by now – you can try this link:

9. People’s Party Currently BANNED From Florida Ballot

Third Party BANNED From Florida Ballot ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Jul 29, 2022)


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Wakeful Video Weekend 2022-06-03 (9 videos)

Request: Please share with others. I, for example, can no longer share on Facebook, having been locked out of my account and search engines like Google hide posts like these.

Summary: Mostly not outstanding ones this time (I was very busy this week). Still a nice focus on how to mentally deal with our problems and improvement.

Stars and channels: Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff & Harriet Fraad), The Jimmy Dore Show (several times with Richard Wolff), Sorelle Amore Finance, CCCSpringfield,


  1. Our Gov Taking Care of Corporate Profits, Not our Babies
  2. Defending Together Against Corrupt Capitalism to Improve Mental Health *
  3. Renewed Marxism Democratizing Workplaces
  4. Oligarchs’ Hate of Unions (Example: Starbucks)
  5. Inflation & Minimum Wage Discussion
  6. Forces to Keep us Poor (incl. also culture and schools) *
  7. Denying Justification of War and Other Evils *

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Wakeful Video Weekend 2022-03-19 (12 videos) – PLUS Insight Writing

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Summary: Major issues this time are our system’s money policy spinning out of control; plus the COVID vaccination, treatment, and immunity updates. Also deep thought writing on our crumbling/corrupt economy.

Stars and channels: acTVism Munich, Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff & David Harvey), Dr. John Campbell, The Jimmy Dore Show (with Aaron Maté), Bridger Pennington, WIRED


  1. Bio-Weapon Making Labs in Ukraine, China, AND U.S.A.?!?
  2. Corrupt Capitalism: Why Corporations Donate To Charities *
  3. Technology Capitalism *
  4. Inflation Trouble from our Money Policy Spinning out of Control **
  5. Marx’s Thoughts on Work Surplus and Healthy Society **
  6. Possibly a Few Decent Politicians in a Foreign Country?
  7. COVID: Vitamin D Helps a Lot
  8. COVID: Ivermectin Helps a Lot
  9. COVID: Natural Immunity Stronger than Vaccs
  10. COVID Vaccines: Pfizer CEO Was SKEPTICAL of mRNA Vaccines
  11. U.S. Petrodollar at Collapse
  12. Short Report on Science of Aging

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Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-09-14 (18 videos)

News, deep insights, and some humor as well. Outstanding videos from this week, some of which you may have missed.

Issues: isms, equality of life, UBI, drone wars, billionaire badness, globalist corporatism, Assange, revolution vs reform, lawlessness, refugees, education, Bernie, and more…

Stars & Channels: Cowboy Economist, John Spritzler, Redacted Tonight, Brave New Films, Jesse Ventura, The Michael Brooks Show, The Humanist Report, Jimmy Dore, Thought Slime, The Real News Network, The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, Chris Hedges (On Contact), Democracy At Work, Newsbroke, TED


  1. Thoughts: Capital-/Social-/Marx-/Cummun-ism with a Satirical Bent
  2. Faux Progressives: Their “Equal Opportunity” Trap
  3. Insights: Rational UBI & Google Censorship
  4. Connection: Student Debt, Drone Wars & Terrorism
  5. News: Predatory Corporations and Globalist Fascism
  6. Thoughts: Going Far Enough
  7. Candidates: Fighting Elitist Politics
  8. Candidates: Conversation with Bernie’s Press Secretary
  9. Media War: Hounding a Political Prisoner
  10. Change: Revolution or Reform & Nice or Edgy
  11. Police: Police Protected from the Law
  12. Refugees: Mass Murder by the Supreme Court
  13. Education: Schools Sort People as Commodities
  14. Empire: The Enemy from Within
  15. Poverty: Housing Gouging (and More)
  16. Billionaires: The Oh So Good Ones Are NOT Good
  17. Christian Fascists: Religious Liberty Warped to Crush Liberty
  18. Strategy: Lighting the Path to a Better World

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Political Awakening Video Weekend 2019-06-09 (20 videos)

Here, once again, a full week’s collection of enlightening videos on Bernie, the need for a mental and political revolution, the theft of the American Dream and our democracy, the corporate faux journalism, plus an absolute must-see: the true story of Julian Assange. Then there is another must-see – if you haven’t already learned this – of how the “Democratic” primaries of 2020 are going to be rigged, and many more top videos. Some of the stars: Bernie Sanders, Chris Hedges, the UN official Nils Melzer, Kim Iversen, Richard Wolff, The Rational National, Paul Jay, Mike Figueredo, Amy Goodman, Jimmy Dore, Kyle Kulinski, Eleanor Goldfield, and special guest Nick Brana, to mention some.


  1. Walmart: Bernie Sanders is the Spark of Our Needed Political Revolution
  2. China and the World Economy
  3. The American Dream For Sale
  4. Economics: (1) Government in the Market, (2) Understanding Marxism
  5. Crowd Boos Corrupticians
  6. Medicare for All vs a Public “Option”
  7. Anti-Immigrant Absurdity
  8. MSM’s Faux Journalists
  9. The True Story of Julian Assange (an Absolute Must-See!)
  10. Meet one of our Brainwashers
  11. Thoughts on Left Movement Building
  12. Bernie: No Middle Ground
  13. The True Nature of the Corporate Parties & the Fight for a People’s Party
  14. Do we Currently Have a Mobster President?
  15. The Repukelian Tax Scam
  16. Humor (and a Bang): Well-Put Brief Commentary on our Military Empire


X. Walmart: Bernie Sanders is the Spark of Our Needed Political Revolution

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for Kim Iversen and the title: “Bernie Sanders Takes on Walmart and Shows Democrats How Its Done”)

These are indeed the kinds of champions we need, representatives, candidates, activists, who put pressure on the oligarchy rather than spending all their time calling for big donations from the donor class (the robber billionaires and their thieving CEOs and “think” tanks and 42,000+ lobbyists).

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Political Awakening Video Weekend 03-24-2019 (19 videos)

Biggest theme this weekend: capitalism, esp. its war on the people, incl. the new “Woke” Capitalists (The Empire Strikes Back). But also insights on our politics’ corruption and a SILVER BULLET for curing us of it. Plus various other topics, including more on AOC, Medicare & Social Security, the Green New Deal, the Silver Spooners, and the ongoing trickery of the “Democratic” Party to defeat Bernie in 2020 and how we may fight back.


  1. The Political Minions of the Oligarchy
  2. “Woke” Capitalists (The Empire Strikes Back)
  3. Stagnant Wages & the End of the Education Moves-You-Up Myth
  4. AOC (Competent & Immune to Establishment Smears)
  5. The War on Medicare & Social Security
  6. A Silver Bullet to Clean up Political Corruption
  7. Our War Economy
  8. World Politics: Venezuela
  9. Marx’s Actual Take on Religion
  10. Capitalism Discussions with Economists
  11. Green New Deal
  12. AOC vs Ivanka: Real People vs Silver Spooners
  13. “D”-Party Trickery revealed by an Insider: Why so many candidates? & Silencing Tulsi to Eliminate Bernie
  14. Mindset for a Good World

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Political Awakening Video Weekend 10-27-2018 (20 videos)

Once again, this weekend, we can do more for our minds than watching boys chase balls.

Stars: Ralph Nader, Michael Lighty, Richard Wolff, Bernie Sanders, Anya Parampil, George Galloway, Naomi Karavani, Lee Camp, Matt Orfalea, Thom Hartmann, Chris Hedges, Jimmy Dore, Niko House, Stef Zamorano, Nellie McKay, Kyle Kulinski, Steve Oh, Tim Canova, David Doel (The Rational National), Taya Graham, Morris Pearl (Patriotic Millionaires), Paul Jay, Ben Nortond.


  1. Healthcare, Corporate, & Political Runaway Corruption & Organizing Against This
  2. Hope: The People’s Movement Surging
  3. Recent Bernie Speech (Pressing Forward)
  4. Economy (Market, Taxes, & ISMs)
  5. Right Wing (Debunking, Shift, & Media)
  6. Culture & Mentality: Life vs Profits
  7. Surprise: The Patriotic Millionaires Group
  8. Empire (U.S.-Saudi Collusion)
  9. Corporations Exceeding Nations
  10. Amazing Progressive Campaign Video
  11. DNC Lawsuit Update
  12. Whistleblowers
  13. Climate Change
  14. Humor: Jimmy Dore Confronting the Treacherous “Dem” Party

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