Consumerism, X-Mess, and a New Items Shop for You


Consumerism is part of the yoke by which we are controlled, enslaved, and distracted from life’s priorities. We should use our holidays more for spending time with friends and family and less on barreling through stores and heaping giant loads of useless junk on everyone. That’s why I shared a critical consumerism documentary in last week’s Video Weekend.

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Donna Brazile’s Revelations explained in a Meme

Donna Brazile’s attempt to paint the DNC as an innocent victim and thus calm the millions of Americans who are outraged over the “Democratic” rigging of the 2016 primaries doesn’t seem to have worked as planned. So now there is a lot of backpedaling and denying of reality all over again. I wonder if “DNC” really stands for Denying the truth about Neoliberal Corporatism?

Here is a graphic meme everybody may use and share free of royalties (like others I have shared [1][2][3]a link back to here would be nice but isn’t a must):



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