Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-05-03 (17 videos)

Remember that Internet algorithms keep you from coming across good stuff. That’s why I share these links I manage to capture each week. You can get good weekly hints and safe some of your valuable time by subscribing (for free of course) and help others as well by sharing these posts with them. Main issues in this collection: the corona crisis, our corrupted political system, and how to fight for our rights, needs, and necessary change.

Stars and channels: Jimmy Dore, Nick Brana, Chris Hedges, Dylan Ratigan, Danny Haiphong, Richard Wolff, Graham Elwood, NonCompete, Nomiki Konst, The Michael Brooks Show, The Rational National, and more…


  1. Biden Candidacy Such a Sad Joke
  2. Bernie Officially Kicked by the “D” Party
  3. Insufficient Champion
  4. Bipartisan Betrayal
  5. Housing Crisis <– Foreclosures & Rent Gouging More Profitable than Mortgage Lending
  6. Chris Hedges on Journalism, Media, & Party Politics
  7. Progressive Campaigns Not Yet Clean (& “D” Party Uncleanable)
  8. Unemployment, Crises, Precarious Lives & Inefficiency from Capitalism
  9. Opportunity if Jesse Ventura Runs as Candidate
  10. Bernie’s Shortcomings
  11. Careerists vs Real Champions
  12. How to Unite When so Split
  13. Solidarity over Isms
  14. Stats & News: The Current Gouging of the American People
  15. Music: Piel Morena

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Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-12-29 (21 videos)

Main issues treated by this week’s video collection: the cheating and rule of the rich, and the many angles of our immigrant nation.

Stars & Channels: Double Down News, Richard Wolff, Lewis Black, The Laura Flanders Show, VICE News, BuzzFeedVideo, NowThis News, As/Is, Ralph Nader & Harvey Wasserman, The Real News Network, Academy of Ideas, and several more…


  1. Fighting the Oligarchy ***
  2. Great Wolff Speech from 2013 ***
  3. Corporate Tax Cheats – How & How Much (prime example: Amazon)
  4. The Rich Doubling their Wealth while we Struggle to Live
  5. U.S. (Anti?)-Immigrant Nation
  6. The Buyers’ Labor Market
  7. Empire: The Afghanistan Scam
  8. U.S. History: Especially Election Fraud & Green vs Nuclear Power
  9. News: The Real Reason for R&D Sanctioning Against a Russian-EU Gas Deal
  10. Public Brainwash: The People Played by Schools & Media
  11. Music: Let’s Recall our Immigrant Ancestry – Immigrants are Human Beings
  12. Music: Colorful America (Star Spangled Banner)
  13. Humor: Lewis Black on 2019

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Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-11-30 (20 videos)

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. This week’s wakeful video collection starts with impressive songs dedicated to Bernie (revealing a grassroots movement) and ends with a song joining the white and brown people otherwise pitted against each other by the ruling top. In between there are amazing system analyzing and tactics exposing videos (covering both the U.S. and Latin America) such as one that exposes the deadly alliance between the oligarchs and religiously mind-warped people at the bottom, these top and bottom groups joined together to exalt themselves at an awfully utter expense to nations’ peoples humanity’s future. Also new insights on recent events and presidential candidates. And, of course, some stuff to read, too.

Stars and channels: musicians, Chris Hedges, Abby Martin (Empire Files), Krystal Ball (The Hill), The Grayzone, Michael Brooks, Kyle Kulinski (Secular Talk), Jamarl Thomas (revealing why many elderly Blacks support Biden), Democracy Now!, The Real News Network, Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK, Inti Illimani and Quilapayun…


  1. Bernie Songs ***
  2. The Deadly Alliance ***
  3. Hedge Funds Betting on the Coming Recession, Undermined Unions vs Strikes, … **
  4. Why Some of the Establishment Opposes its Own Member (Trump)
  5. Corruptician Crookery
  6. Candidates (Fake Progressive Warren, Tulsi vs Harris, Biden, Trump)
  7. Murderous Presidents in Power
  8. Mindset **
  9. Bolivian Coup: Visiting Bolivia to Find Out
  10. Brazil Update
  11. When White & Brown Join

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Video Weekend 02-04-2018 (10 videos)

This weekend video compilation spans a bow from a look at the mentality of the rich, through system analysis and news, to principles for a good world, and even some music. Sorry for being so late. I have been very sick. But hopefully, the idea of better late then never still applies.

  1. Justification of Inequality at the Top (interviewing the rich)
  2. Some System Analysis (Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky…)
  3. The Jimmy Dore Show (Commented News)
  4. Homage to Immigration (achievements and… music)


I. Justification of Inequality at the Top

In case I soon start my mini-series on the mindset and lifestyles of the rich (important because they determine how most of our resources are spent), here is an interesting piece on interviews held with rich people and their self-perceived morality:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Does Being Rich Change Your BRAIN?! “)


II. Some System Analysis

Long interview of Noam Chomsky by Chris Hedges telling about the advent of wage slavery among other things:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Chris Hedges (Jan 31, 2018) – interviews Noam Chomsky, The Best Speech Of All Time “)


Mental awakening beginning to happen in liberal communities:

The revelations of this investigative reporter on our current kakistocracy (government by the worst) are in themselves worth hearing about, but I was also intrigued by the verbal arm wrestling in the Q&A section (the last third of the video), as it indicates an awakening among the traditionally self-satisfied liberal Dems that has made them drink the “Democratic” Party’s Kool-Aid as eagerly as the Republican constituency has been drinking theirs.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “David Cay Johnston, “It’s Even Worse Than You Think”“)


The constantly overlooked but very important gentry in our plutocracy:

Thinking about the issues presented shines a light on the fact that the nature of our inequality and the suffering it causes for so many is systemic, making it necessary for us to analyze the flaws of our system and fix the system to be good for everybody. Having built less wealth and income inequality built into our system, would do wonders:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “How the upper middle class keeps everyone else out “)

Good point: Upward mobility is one side of a coin the other of which is downward mobility. The elitists’ mantra that all we need is more upward mobility opportunities has always been flat-out wrong (to the point of making me suspect flat-out lying). You don’t help a huge section of underpaid people by giving them a better chance at rising into the privileged layers of our societal pyramid because it will force the same number of people down from those privileged layers. The true fix is to make all layers good to live in.

Along these lines goes the next video:

A Just Society:

Too bad this video has a loop problem at 12:08 min in, but the stated principles should be taken to heart by all of us:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Nick Brana On Our Potential As a Society With Jamarl Thomas Part 3 “)

To dig deeper into the woman tossed from a hospital in a gown, check out last week’s Video Weekend, where the multi-layered systemic forces coming into play in such cases are revealed.


III. The Jimmy Dore Show (Commented News)

We may be winning Net Neutrality faster than expected:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Bombshell: Montana Implements Net Neutrality – Cable Companies Are Scared “)

Dems, the enablers:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Democrats DOUBLE CAVE On DACA! Trump Mocks Them “)

Dems standing up for their wealthy donors against the people:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Democrat Stuns CNN Host With Her Stupidity”)


And since we have once again come across the topic of mistreatment of immigrants and those with human ties to them, here is an homage to them:


IV. Homage to Immigration

The benefits America has had from immigration have always been huge. Irish built our canals. Chinese built our railroads. Germans, Poles, and Italians built and worked many of our factories. But there are more benefits than the massive labor and the young, healthy hands that the rest of us need when we age. There is also the cultural enrichment, whether it be in cuisine, music, or all the other arts (the man seen by many as the Father of Science Fiction was a an immigrant from Luxembourg).

Also not to overlook: many immigrants have seen the horrors of tyrannies and bring their own experiences with political struggles. They value a just society. The very man who took full advantage of people’s power to lead the movement for consumer protections that we benefit from every day, and who in his day became a widely celebrated American hero (now heavily smeared as a vote spoiler by our establishment) was the child of immigrants, from the MIDDLE EAST, at that! Under our current administration his parents might never have been let in; or if he had been born a little earlier he might have been deported as a Dreamer if his parents didn’t do all the paperwork correctly. That’s how fickle our immigration laws have become. The man I mentioned is Ralph Nader, by the way.

But now a look at the political culture of Hispanic America:

The revolutionary hymn from Chile (not of the war of independence from Spain which only freed the Chilean oligarchs) but in the middle of the last century when people’s movements for a good life for all swept across the globe only to be mollified with concessions (and later betrayed) here in the U.S. and Europe, and violently crushed elsewhere (which much help from the U.S. – for shame!). If you don’t understand Spanish, just enjoy the music:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “QuilapayĂşn (con Victor Jara) – Plegaria a un labrador”)

Victor Jara was the Chilean combination of the likes of Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger, inspiring and adulated during Chile’s people’s movement. After the U.S.-directed military coup of Pinochet he was dragged from stage and tortured to death. The likewise politically “tarnished” band Quiliapayun which Jara smuggled on stage against the organizers’ will so they could accompany him on this song’s debut, later had to live and work in exile, like other famous Chilean bands as well.

The song is a derivative (or, in the eyes of some, a parody) of the Lord’s Prayer, asking that God finally fulfill his will here on Earth, save the people from their oppressors, and give the people the strength they need for their fight.

Back in those days, the U.S. had its own folk music revival with political activism. Rather than cultivating a mindset of circling the wagons, pull up ladders after us, and excluding fellow members of society’s economic bottom, the idea of solidarity and strength derived from joining forces had not yet been lost. So, Pete Seeger made it a point to adopt Cuba’s revolutionary song and sing it in Spanish(!):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Guantanamera – sings young Pete Seeger “)

How far have we sunk since then, letting our brains be washed by the corporate mass media working for the oligarchy. And, by the way, when you realize how much Central and South American people have suffered from our Deep State’s imposing one cruel military dictatorship after another on them, as we – the American people slept through it all with our heads in the sand and lapping up cold-war propaganda – where exactly is our moral standing denying any of them entry? … Just something to mull over, all right?

It is also sad to note how our protest songs have deteriorated and become co-opted by now. Hip-hop and rap not only are musical abominations because melody-free recital simply isn’t music, but while they started out with some degree of social protest, now all we hear is materialist “gangsta” rap that actually endorses a social system driven by unscrupulous greed and commercialism, but the recent shift of some protest-type pop-music towards outing sexual abuse is just all too convenient in its timing when the establishment currently wants very badly to distract us from its class war on us. Forget about money in politics and rigged primaries. Forget about us still not having universal healthcare or an economy that works for all of us. Instead let’s have white nativists fight immigrants and women fight men, while the establishment crooks laugh on their way to the bank. Divide and conquer, an old game not to fall for anymore. Guess what? If we had a socially responsible society, such as people like me are fighting for, we could do a lot more to prevent and treat sexual abuse. When looking at the larger picture, the current Me-Too “Movement” is just another astroturfing used by the establishment to divide us, just like the Tea Party “Movement” was.

Let’s fight such ills without letting the establishment use those fights to distract us from the larger fight: the fight for a socially responsible society of a sustainable good life for all!


Maybe I wrote too much. Too many words. I am still very sick. I just hope I managed to stay coherent. I may take a break tomorrow…


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