Political Awakening Video Weekend 07-28-2018 (16 videos)

In this weekend’s video compilation, stars like Claudia Stauber, active berners, Brian Becke (awesome!), Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Jimmy Dore, Brigida Santos, Mike Figueredo, Thom Hartmann, Jason Stanley (very informative!), The Rational National, Tim Canova, Melissa Schwartz (from DemocracyCounts), Kaniela ‍‍‍Saito Ing (from Hawaii), Sharmini Peries, Jen Senko (“The Brainwashing of my Dad”), Richard Hobbs, and America’s rising hero Nick Braña shine bright lights on the people’s awakening; the reality of Russia, the Middel East, our government budget, our (nonexistent) democracy, capitalism and socialism; on fascism, capitalism-neoliberalism; establishment lies & corruption; U.S. genocide and mass migrations; rigged U.S. elections; the public brainwash; and successes in political revolution.   Continue reading “Political Awakening Video Weekend 07-28-2018 (16 videos)”

QuickyPinion: “Conservatives” aren’t Conservative

By definition, true conservatives would uphold the principles of our nation’s founders. Republican puppeteers and their puppets, however, have taken over the “conservative” brand and stood it on its head. Instead of defending our founding principles, they defend capitalism and corporations which have undone our founder’s goals and their seeds of democracy. They slander and smear socialism which actually reflects our founders’ ideas of equality, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; the general welfare; and so forth. Their religious cultist wing has even twisted the Christian love-thy-neighbour-as-thyself principle into hate-preaching against minorities and justifying corporate rule by divine right. Just as the “liberals” have been taken over by neoliberals (A.K.A. money-aristocracy-serving corporatists), “conservatives” have been taken over by neocons (A.K.A. money-aristocracy-serving corporatists).

This is what happens when people identify themselves with labels and parties and let scheming goons redefine their labels right under their noses and then wash their brains to fit the altered label.

By the way, if you missed yesterday’s well-crafted article because of it’s odd headline, you should give it a try. It delves into the creed that makes our country rotten to the core.


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The Feel-Good Politics Trap


The previous piece exposed the use of language manipulation to pull people into political movements and parties which do them a disservice. I pointed to the historic fact that the aim and task of right-wing parties has always been to befuddle large segments of the population into acting against their own interests by baiting them with follies like nationalism, racism, or religion — all ways to give the gullible a sense of being special and belonging to a superior social group. I concluded that this is feel-good politics instead of make-good politics and usually at other groups’ expense.

Today I will briefly elaborate on the scam of feel-good politics and also point out that it is no longer limited to only the right wing whose sole purpose it has always been to make the most gullible portion of the people side with its oligarchy.  Continue reading “The Feel-Good Politics Trap”

Fascism, the Enemy of Democracy and Body Guard of Capitalism

This week is going to be loaded with highly informative, eye-opening presentations on the mess of our economy and ways to fix it. Please share them far and wide. Today begins with a thorough 30 minute review of fascist history showing many, many worrisome parallels to today. This lecture is likely to open your eyes on many issues. (If you prefer to read the script over listening to the lecture, you can do that here)

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Real History: Free Market Fascism”)

Terms like fascism, capitalism, and socialism – and their relations to democracy – have been so tremendously warped, overused, and intentionally turned upside down in demagogic efforts to confuse the public, that it has become dangerous to use them in conversation as they tend to make people misunderstand and demonize each other, killing all meaningful conversation before it has had a chance to touch upon anything of substance.  Continue reading “Fascism, the Enemy of Democracy and Body Guard of Capitalism”