A Funky Dream (or how the top ‘justifies’ inequality)

Just before awakening the other day, I had an interesting dream. I dreamed that Donald Trump had somehow taken note of me and invited me for a talk with him and one or two others from his circles (probably, but not necessarily, extended family members).

Later, when they were all gone, I had the opportunity to inspect the little room, which was near the entrance through which I had entered Trump’s palace. In three corners I found small cameras which recorded what people were saying and – through advanced artificial intelligence – created a running commentary about the deeper meanings and motivations of the speakers. I wondered if Donald (as he was typically to be called in these familial environments) was receiving this feed in real time during every conference he held, or if he (or some associates or staff of his) checked them out later.

I also found that there were no locked doors anywhere. Many doors were in fact cracked or wide open. I could (and did) venture into the garden (maybe better called a private park) and various other rooms of the palace to find myself socializing with Trump’s extended (think royal) family and other members of the upper class who were spending their days circling through the grounds of the palace to socialize and hobnob with Trump or one another. I even caught a glimpse of The Donald’s bedroom, which was empty at the time.   Continue reading “A Funky Dream (or how the top ‘justifies’ inequality)”

When the Rigged System Doesn’t Hurt You


I recently read up a little on the actor Ted Danson, whose work (and often snarky roles) I have always liked. Not too surprisingly, I came across a report of his political activism, and – again not too surprisingly – it followed the normal pattern of his generation of celebrities. On one hand, he is an environmentalist, which goes to his credit. On the other hand, though, he is a habitual supporter of the Democratic Party and its corrupt leadership which took over and warped this party — a party which had been a people’s party in his youth, but which has since become a party for the upper 10%, unnoticed by people like himself.  Continue reading “When the Rigged System Doesn’t Hurt You”

The Mentality of our Selfish Politicians and their Crowd

Oh, yes… the mind-warping power of privilege… Once again, a recorded political conversation inspired me to take the conversation further among us. The below interview is quite interesting (despite for, if you ask me, too much apologetics for the Hillary camp from a guy who can’t quite leave his bubble of privilege). What makes it interesting is an insider’s insight into in the layer of society from which our self-serving politicians derive. The most interesting part starts around 15:30 minutes into the clip:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Corporate Democrats Have a Vested Interest in Not Listening to Workers – RAI with Thomas Frank (¼)”)

The a deeper insight into our ruling class that we can draw from this is the following:  Continue reading “The Mentality of our Selfish Politicians and their Crowd”

Funny but true: The Blinders of Privilege (The Jimmy Dore Show)

I have mingled with people from all classes of society, and directly observed the limits of their perception bubbles. With this as my background, I find the instances of blind-spot-hypocrisy in this political ad absolutely spot-on:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Pro Jeremy Corbyn Commercial Makes Right Wingers Cry”)

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Canary in a Coal Mine

A lot of good people don’t like Debbie “the Sane Progressive” Lusignan since she takes no prisoners and yells a lot. Still, while her completely uncompromising stance dismisses even personalities like Bernie Sanders as an establishment sell-out (after originally supporting him before he made some – at least partially questionable – compromising moves), her ability to sniff out flaws and potential problems in political strategies and personalities strikes me as unmatched. And while a canary’s chirping may get on your nerves, that chirping bird is still tremendously valuable, since – if you wait to notice dangerous coal mine gases yourself – it’s usually going to be too late.

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Why We Fight Among Ourselves and Get Candidates like Hillary and Trump (The Long Version)

(Note: The short version will soon appear on Political Storm. Unlike so many blogging sites, my own has no word limit. And, by the way, you are welcome to submit guest blogs if you think they will fit. The latter also goes for Political Storm.)

Let’s imagine this scene: one guy sees nothing but yellow paint before him. He yells, “It’s a yellow ocean!” His brother is standing a few feet back and has a bigger piece of the whole picture. He says, “No, it’s a yellow truck.” Which of the two would you say got it right?

Let’s imagine another scene: in the news, a man is screaming for help to get out of a cesspool. A guy in a private jet comments, “No way! People swim in swimming pools, not cesspools. Why should anyone help you?” Another guy sipping wine on his nice patio, in the back of his nice house, in the suburbs, bought with his well-paying job, agrees, “Yep. That sounds right. A swimming pool, it is! And I didn’t push you in. No need for me to be concerned.” Meanwhile the guy who fell into the cesspool screams, “For the love of God, help me out of here! I’m drowning in all the piss and feces! Please help!

Who would you say got this one right? Continue reading “Why We Fight Among Ourselves and Get Candidates like Hillary and Trump (The Long Version)”