President, My President, Drain the Swamp! — With an Executive Order!

Represent.Us, which fights for anti-political-corruption laws and recently added a tactic for overcoming our “lesser” choice voting system, just came up with another grand idea (though it may not amount to more than a grand joke in this case): a petition of Donald Trump to stop political corruption (at least of executive agency appointees and government contractors) via executive order. Continue reading

The Truth about Trump’s Infrastructure Miracle (PS)

It’s pure profit-making for Trump’s plutocrat friends at the taxpayers’ expense. It’s what “small government” by privatization has always meant.

Remember Trump promising to rebuild our country’s infrastructure without making taxpayers pay for it? Some people apparently still believe this fairy tale of a free lunch for taxpayers, and he seems to be keen on making it look as if it will come true.

The trick? Don’t pay for the repairs directly.

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A Rarely Heard Brilliant Voice

I suspect that, as a thin “black” man, he isn’t very attractive to many. In an age when the rich, sexy, and powerful get the most attention, his skin color or ethnicity probably keep many folks from ever listening to him. Furthermore, his English grammar sometimes slips (unfortunately that’s true for many Americans nowadays). And, yet, I find it shocking that he doesn’t have more viewers on Youtube, because – quite frankly – some of the most brilliant political commentaries I have heard are from this man: Jamarl Thomas. Just as I believe that I should have more readers to spread good sense, he should have more viewers — in spades! Continue reading

A Great Discussion (March 7, 2017)

The below video clip is a great discussion to watch. If all of us who are being screwed by our private-greed-system of economy and politics which makes today’s human society so very unhuman (and inhumane) – a society where a tiny few get almost everything, the rest of us having to struggle and run in proverbial treadmills all our lives, and human needs and values falling by the wayside all the time – if all of us would have such discussions, then we would be so much closer to solving all our big problems and make this into a wonderful world. Continue reading

How Real are the Differences touted by our Twin Party Tyranny?

It’s a reality of life: people have differences. However, I find that the differences which divide us politically are essentially artificially overblown natural differences (like race, ethnic, or sexual differences) which the establishment hypes up and uses to manipulate us from above. The Republican and “Democratic” Party and their echo chambers in the corporate media are very good at dividing and manipulating us with these. They group us into opposing camps and train us to bark and snarl at each other, rather than join forces and resolve the concerns we all share. Continue reading

Visit The People’s Platform (USA)

I want to briefly introduce you to a place where you can help hammer out a joint political platform for the American people if such is possible.

The Problem: The “us against them” politics which is currently grouping us into mutually hostile camps like back in 1930s Germany (which ultimately resulted in the power grab of the Nazis, World War II, and the Holocaust) only serves our oligarchs and endangers us in many ways. We need to move away from “left” versus “right” and “socially inclusive” versus “socially selfish” to “all of us against the establishment.” Continue reading