Fighting Back: Trumpcare 2.0 about to kill even more Americans as Trumpcare 1.0 – Sign the Petition against it!

… and keep pushing Medicare for All!

Remember me calculating very conservatively that by next year alone 13,000 people would die from Trumpcare? Remember me warning you that Trumpcare 2.0 was on the horizon, adding to the above death toll the abolition of the pre-existing conditions protection we have finally enjoyed for the last few years, thereby making us all vulnerable to the heist of paying for insurance all our lives and being barred from receiving healthcare benefits as soon as we really need them?

Well, the move against us is being made now, and here is a petition to voice our protest: Continue reading

Alarm: The Oligarchy is Coming for Net Neutrality and thus Our Alternative Media and Public Discourse — Fight Back Now!

Demand Progress has raised the alarm and asks us to fight back: Trump’s gang is about to pull the rug out from under the media war that we, the people, must fight to save our country from the ravages of corporatism. By killing net neutrality, the oligarchy will be able to prevent our access to outlets of real news, sharp analyses, true narratives, and bold visions we can fight for, outlets like the one you are reading in right now. Continue reading

Is the Time Ripe for a New Party?


To answer this question, two contributing questions must be answered: Is a new party necessary, and is it possible? These answers are straightforward:

  1. Most of us will agree that change is necessary. So, if the political monopoly formed by our twin party tyranny is beyond reform, then a new party is necessary.
  2. New parties started from scratch have never yet grown powerful after the first parties in our nation formed and thereafter blocked all new ones; but new parties arising from the break-up of failing major parties have succeeded! So, at least when this condition is met, it actually is possible.

So, how does the land currently lay? Continue reading

Are you ready for the New New Deal?

Once the “Democratic Party” gave us the New Deal which vastly improved American lives by giving us a social safety net, the kind of mutual help system that rescues those who weren’t lucky enough to be born rich, weren’t lucky or ruthless enough to get rich in life, and who are not blessed with a caring and sufficiently prosperous family that can help during hard times or in old age. It is a brilliant invention — basically a modern re-invention of the tribal practice of our ancestors, when sharing and helping one another was normal and kept our species alive. Continue reading

Highly Informative Interview about the New Party Movement

I have written about the exciting Draft Bernie for a People’s Party movement before, a slick approach to use Bernie Sanders’ enormous political capital to catalyze the creation of a new major party the same way our current major parties were created from the ashes of former major parties which had betrayed their constituencies. Here is an interesting and very recent interview. It may seem long, but I couldn’t stop listening:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Nick Brana joins Real Progressives: the REAL purpose of Draft Bernie for a People’s Party”)

United Airlines: The Ugly Face of a Corporate Class Society (PS)

You surely have seen the footage that went viral recently of United Airlines staff – or airport security or airport police (seems to have been a mix) – forcibly removing a peaceful passenger from his seat and dragging him off the airplane and brutalizing him in the process… As usual, our establishment journalists completely skirt some of the more important aspects of the incident… Read my full article here…


Three Punches for the People: #3 Third or New Parties

(Note: If you have already read my long essay State of the Revolution, you will find this piece largely redundant. This piece presents a certain portion of the former article for the logistic reasons of focused reading and a focused reference I and others can link to from other articles.)

Part one dealt with flooding the system with good people displacing the corrupt ones. Part two dealt with direct action. Part three deals with: Continue reading