Truthful News Weekend 2022-10-14 – Main Topic: Medicare (8 videos)

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Summary: Big issues of Medicare being corrupted and healthcare denied for Americans get today presented in a lovely short video and very impressive written comments given to it. Yes, quite a bit of reading here for you today on this! Also: exposures of slavish economy and politics. Several GREAT videos!

Remember, the stars are my grading: *** = super good (a must), ** = very good, * = better than average here.

Stars and channels: News2Share (Chris Hedges), The Jimmy Dore Show (with Fiorella Isabel and Craig Pasta Jardula), Democracy Now! (with Wendell Potter), Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff), Heartland Media of Chicago & the Live from the Heartland Radio Show (Brian Mier), Niko House & The MCSC Network, Second Thought


  1. Slavery State ***
  2. Great Brazil-USA Comparison **
  3. The Medicare Advantage Fraud ***
  4. Deaths from Socialism or Capitalism? *
  5. World/War: Ukraine Update
  6. World: More Insights on Brazil
  7. Julian Assange Exposed War-Crimes and Never Raped
  8. Nazis were NOT Socialists – They Were the Opposite
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Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-04-26 (23 videos)

Best weekly news updates and discussions and a smashing viral video. Main issues: Coronavirus abuse by the oligarchy and how to fight back. (incl. much better measures in other countries, right-wing deceptions and neoliberal pseudo-left-wing deceptions in ours, and Movement for a People’s Party)

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Stars and channels: Vic Dibitetto & Kyle Kulinski (Secular Talk), Chris Hedges, AJ+, The Rational National, Francesca Fiorentini (Newsbroke), LastWeekTonight, RichardDWolff, The Humanist Report, RepresentUs, Robert Reich, Jimmy Dore, Michael Brooks, Nick Brana (Movement for a People’s Party), and more…


  1. Fire Breathing Intro (Viral Video)
  2. Corona Crisis: Unlivable America
  3. Longterm Coronavirus: Need for Substantial System Change
  4. The Many Deceptions and Frauds During This Crisis **
  5. Right-Wing Deception (using Corrupt Mass Media & Easily Manipulated Bottom Tyrants)
  6. “Democratic” & Rep Party Corruptly Allied
  7. Anticorruption Act Clip
  8. Politician’s Economic Incompetence
  9. CCCW: Coronavirus Crony-Capitalist Welfare
  10. Twin-Party Corruption: D-Party’s Polosi
  11. Another Trick to Make the Rich Richer
  12. Cool Interview of Chris Hedges by Jimmy Dore (Journalism NOT by Crackpots)
  13. Intellectual Discussion About Moving Forward
  14. Movement for a People’s Party’s National Call 04/23/2020

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