Political Awakening Video Weekend 08-12-2018 (17 videos)

Read the brief descriptions and pick the videos to watch and make your ears flutter. Political awakening and education of the first tier. Share widely and subscribe to notifications, so you don’t miss future ones.

Stars: Paul Jay, Cornel West, Richard Wolff, Harriet Fraad, Chris Hedges, Nick Braña, Abby Martin, Brian Becker, Jimmy Dore & Co, Thom Hartmann, Debbie Lusignan, Ron Placone, Kyle Kulinski (“Secular Talk”), Marc Steiner, Bill Black, Mike Papantonio (“America’s Lawyer”), Jamarl Thomas, and more.

Topics range from corruption through our thieving economy and rigged politics, actual (not fake) election fraud, fake news (Putin/Russia), a cure for both Trump Derangement Syndrome and Trump Denial Sundrome, as well as successful soundbite debating, to deep thoughts on what it means to be human, political humor, and the dawn of the People’s Party.

At the very least, don’t miss the final three: Cornel West’s profound speech, Jimmy Dore & Co’s humorous stage performance, and a conversation between none other than truth teller Chris Hedges and (future president) Nick Braña! 🙂

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Fascism, the Enemy of Democracy and Body Guard of Capitalism

This week is going to be loaded with highly informative, eye-opening presentations on the mess of our economy and ways to fix it. Please share them far and wide. Today begins with a thorough 30 minute review of fascist history showing many, many worrisome parallels to today. This lecture is likely to open your eyes on many issues. (If you prefer to read the script over listening to the lecture, you can do that here)

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Real History: Free Market Fascism”)

Terms like fascism, capitalism, and socialism – and their relations to democracy – have been so tremendously warped, overused, and intentionally turned upside down in demagogic efforts to confuse the public, that it has become dangerous to use them in conversation as they tend to make people misunderstand and demonize each other, killing all meaningful conversation before it has had a chance to touch upon anything of substance.  Continue reading “Fascism, the Enemy of Democracy and Body Guard of Capitalism”