Wakeful Video Weekend 2022-01-29 (12 neat videos plus useful comments)

Request: Please share with others. I, for example, can no longer share on Facebook, having been locked out of my account.

Summary: lots of good videos found this week. (more than sensible to post in a single weekend) Notable top issue: whiteness racism run for corporatism and the cruel rule by the money lords that tortures ALL people. Further ways of warping our minds to chain us. Things getting made worse and how we the people must fight back. Also, the oligarchy’s abuse of COVID-19 and updates about it (COVID becoming weak).

Stars and channels: The Real News Network, Richard Wolff (Democracy At Work), Chris Hedges & Kshama Sawant (Bad Faith), NonCompete, Democracy Now!, Breaking Points, MSNBC (yes, a surprise!), John Campbell, Robert Clancy, The Atlantis Report, The Jimmy Dore Show with Max Blumenthal


  1. Real American Culture & History (non-immigrant, colonialist, imperialist, capitalist) **
  2. Economic Update: Scapegoating Immigrants, Chaotic vs Organized Lockdown… **
  3. “Whiteness”
  4. Left Organization Actively Hindered
  5. Source of Troubles: Billionaires
  6. Housing: The Money Lords Mafia Making us All their Tenants
  7. People Power Build Goes Beyond Election Cycles
  8. COVID: High Immunity after Survived Infection
  9. COVID: Vaccine Types (Slowly Made Bad Ones Promoted)
  10. The Demolition of our Socioeconomic Systems
  11. Anti-Mandate Rally & Great Anti-Corporatism Speech
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