Truthful News Weekend 2022-12-10 – Great Insights (16 videos)

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Summary: Useful insights on empire, revolution, and Marx, plus our American People’s Party! Also a painful Wednesday in Peru and Germany (right-wing coup success and attempt).

Stars and channels: Chris Hedges Fan, Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff), Graham Elwood, Caleb Maupin (with Nick Brana), New Economic Thinking, The Jimmy Dore Show, The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (with Julia Black), DW News, Democracy Now! (Amy Goodman with Javier Puente), FRANCE 24 English


  1. Empire Decline and Revolution Tips ***
  2. Economic Update: Capitalism’s Constant Instability **
  3. So Many of us Too Stressed To Function ***
  4. What Karl Marx Was *
  5. Nick Brana Interview (of the punched out(?) People’s Party) ***
  6. Austerity Analyst Saying it was Invented to Control us More Strongly
  7. China Protests Update (corrections)
  8. Case of People-Tracking in California
  9. Insanities of ‘Elites’
  10. Strange Change (in mass media dealing with Assange)
  11. World: Right-Wing Corporatist Coup in Peru (again!)
  12. World: Fascist Coup Attempt in Germany Caught this Wednesday
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