Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-03-15 (13 videos)

Small compilation from this week because my new continued-education course keeps me busy day and night. Still, I did catch a small number of videos worth sharing, and their more narrow focus on the recent main events does well for this week, I believe. These main issues are the Corona Crisis, UBI-people-funding to address it (Thanks, Tulsi!), Bernie’s main flaw in his campaign, how bad Biden really is, and the ELECTION FRAUD that is currently anointing Biden despite of Bernie’s actual landslide win, and the path to a (new i.e. 3rd) People’s Party:

Stars & channels: Tulsi Gabbard, Kim Iversen, Chris Hedges & Lee Camp, The Hill, Nomiki Konst, Jimmy Dore, TED, and thejuicemedia.


  1. Humor (PLUS GOOD TIPS): ‘Honest Government Ad’ on Coronavirus
  2. UBI to Help with Corona Crisis (Kudo Tulsi!)
  3. Bernie Needs to Fix his Campaign
  4. Wallstreet’s Jerk(oh) Biden
  5. Banking, Wall Street, & our Oligarchy
  6. U.S. Election Fraud Rampant to Defeat Bernie
  7. Wasted Gov Budget, Dictator’s Toolkit, and more… (Camp & Dore)
  8. Chelsea Manning & Julian Assange
  9. Why All People Must Have a Voice
  10. Chris Hedges & Lee Camp on These Primaries
  11. How to Successfully build a 3rd Party


1. Humor (PLUS GOOD TIPS): ‘Honest Government Ad’ on Coronavirus

A funny intro on a major not-so-funny topic dealt with in today’s post:

Honest Government Ad | Coronavirus: Flatten The Curve ~ thejuicemedia


2. UBI to Help with Corona Crisis (Kudo Tulsi!)

Cool Tulsi Interview by Jimmy Dore:

Tulsi’s Emergency UBI Plan & More For Coronavirus ~ The Jimmy Dore Show

Below another Tulsi interview plus press release link are available.

Tulsi’s UBI plan for Corona Crisis (The Hill)

EXCLUSIVE: Tulsi Gabbard details UBI plan for crisis ~ The Hill

Press release: https://gabbard.house.gov/news/press-releases/rep-tulsi-gabbard-introduces-resolution-calling-emergency-universal-basic

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Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-02-16 (19 videos)

This weekend’s selection of top recent videos has: an unusual amount of humorous political videos (yeah!), updates on campaigns (incl. rigging) and some impressive candidates’ clips, good insights on inequality by design and how to address it (incl. UBI, maximum income, etc.), some much overlooked truth on Donald Trump, healthcare for all, anti-liberty state laws, neoliberalism, and mentality:

Stars & channels: thejuicemedia (Honest Government Ad), AOC, Killer Mike, Andrew Yang, Secular Talk, Richard Wolff (Democracy At Work), Ralph Nader (with Sam Pizzagati & Steven Shafarman), Tariq Ali, Jimmy Dore, Secular Talk, NowThis News, The Hill, The Real News Network, RE-EDUCATION, Abby Martin (Empire Files), NonCompete, David Foster Wallace, Lewis Black, and more…


  1. Satire: Let the Governments Burn the World
  2. AOC: The Acts that Matter
  3. Is the D Party Left?
  4. Capitalism: Uneven Development ( → Inequality & Turmoils)
  5. Floor and Ceiling of Society
  6. Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Journalism, and Empire
  7. The Iowa Caucus Lottery & “Surge”-Manufactoring Media
  8. Bernie Won Both Iowa & NH (but we need to fight harder)
  9. Andrew Yang’s End of Campaign Speech
  10. Bad Candidates: Wall Street Pete
  11. The Real Trump Never Discussed (Slashing Soc. Sec., Medicare, & Medicaid)
  12. People’s Movement for Change
  13. Healthcare: How Does Germany Beat Us?
  14. Anti-Liberty State Laws
  15. NEOLIBERALISM Summary (incl. the “Third Way”)
  16. Mentality (Primitive vs Grown, Young vs Old)
  17. Humor (Lewis Black & Jimmy Dore)

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Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-09-07 (20 videos)

Several funny but enlightening videos mixed with vital news, rare revelations, and deep insights.

Not to miss: a great conversation of Richard Wolff with Chris Hedges and a heart-wrenching speech on the Assange Case. Oh, and so much more.

Channels: thejuicemedia, ContraPoints, The Jimmy Dore Show, Democracy At Work, John Spritzler, TeleSUR English, Brave New Films, Redacted Tonight, The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, RT America, Cowboy Economist, Empire Files, The Michael Brooks Show, Ralph Nader Radio Hour, redfish, The Grayzone, Rolling Stone


  1. Humor: “Honest” Government Ad
  2. Humor: Capitalism’s Badness
  3. D.C. Shutdown
  4. Paying Taxes for a Bad Government
  5. Identity Politics for the Rich
  6. Our For-Profit Wars
  7. Marketed “Mindfulness”
  8. Our Fake Meritocracy
  9. Humor: Is Socialism Alien?
  10. Socialism (Abby Martin & Richard Wolff)
  11. Not only the Top Fights the Bottom, The Upper Middle Does Too
  12. Media for the People or The Oligarchs?
  13. How do Germans See Today’s Concentration Camps in the U.S.?
  14. Nicaragua: Free Healthcare, Free Education, & a Federal Housing Program
  15. Joe Biden Gave us the Refugee Caravans
  16. Media BS: Interview with Jimmy Dore
  17. Free Press and Tyranny (The Assange Case)


1. Humor: “Honest” Government Ad | We’re F**ked

Honest Government Ad | We’re F**ked

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Political Awakening Video Weekend 12-15-2018 (24 videos)

A bright video weekend, not only enlightening but also unusually hopeful and with humor as well. Find out how to fix the world’s problems instead of letting yourself be dowsed with establishment propaganda or trivial sports you are not participating in, or with insipid factory entertainment. Stars: Ralph Nader, Paul Hawken, Dana Frank, Chris Hedges, RJ Eskow, Stephanie Kelton, Richard Wolff, Roger Waters, Dimitri Lascaris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Yuval Noah Harari, Vladimir Pozner, Yanis Varoufakis, Bernie Sanders, Jimmy Dore, Ron Placone, Stef Zamorano, Thom Hartmann, Graham Elwood (The Political Vigilante), David Doel (The Rational National), Aamer Rahman (a witty comedian), and more. With 24 videos, there is no need to resort to cable TV this weekend. Happy Weekend! 🙂


  1. Climate Change is Reversible! (reason for hope)
  2. Why is there no Left in America?
  3. Fascism (its crimes and source)
  4. Corporate Rule (U.S. lawlessness)
  5. World Politics (Refugees, Russia, …)
  6. Revolution (Yellow Vests, etc.)
  7. Documentaries (consumerism, globalism, the OTHER immigrants, rich causing poor)
  8. DNC Attacks Free Speech
  9. Healthcare Death Panel
  10. Reality (rarely met on the Mass Media)
  11. Funny: Russiagate = $4,700 🙂
  12. The Corporatist State in Broad Daylight
  13. Media War (Facebook to rule the world, controlled media, …)
  14. (Anti)-Doomsday Economics (MMT, Stephanie Kelton…)
  15. Humor: Reverse Racism

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Electoral & Economic Integrity – Not Just Votes & Jobs for All

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for Jimmy Dore and the title: “Fighting Debbie Wasserman Schultz & Election Fraud w/Tim Canova”)

This brief piece joins two major topics together around a neat video shared above.

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Political Awakening Video Weekend 08-05-2018 (14 videos)

In this weekend’s video compilation, Paul Jay, Leo Panitch, Amy Goodman, Thomas Frank, Thom Hartmann, Chris Hedges, Barrett Brown, Stacy Herbert, Max Keiser, Aaron Maté, Stephen Cohen, Richard Wolff, The Rational National, Jimmy Dore and others go into astute System Analysis and discuss topics like Obama & Clinton Crap, the Putin Panic, cruel capitalism, climate change and its denial and anti-science-propaganda, Healthcare for All, the idiocy of the well-to-do, and how we can freak them out (real FUNNY!!!), and the deathblow to investigative journalism. (sorry for the delay, I was sick)   Continue reading “Political Awakening Video Weekend 08-05-2018 (14 videos)”

Video Weekend 03-17-2018 (7 videos)

This weekend’s video compilation focuses on the corruption of our political elite, real election hacking, mentalities that prevent or promote change for the better, and practical strategies for healthcare for all:

  1. Corrupt Congress et al.
  2. Election Integrity
  3. Mentality
  4. Strategy


I. Corrupt Congress et al.

More news on the corrupt political machine of the “Democrats”:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Bernie Warns Dems: Stop Screwing Progressives In Primaries”)

A spicy speech by Mike Figueredo about the latest betrayal in Congress:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Sanders & Warren Call Out Democrats that Voted to Deregulate Wall Street”)

If he could have controlled himself from using the eff word our younger generation seems to be addicted to, his speech would have been absolutely perfect once he got going.

U.S. corruption explained as Un-American:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Jennifer Lawrence Teaches Students How Government Really Works” or perhaps more successfully “jennifer lawrence cleveland heights” )


II. Election Integrity

The upcoming election hacking:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “10 Ways You Know The 2018 Midterms Will Be Rigged”)


III. Mentality

Changing minds change the world:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Knowledge Bomb: Mark Blyth – Repairing The Partisan Divide – ep. 320”)


Understanding voters. Republican voters in this case. Best spots in the video are at 0:38 and 8:00 min in:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Why Do Republican Women Love A Party That Hates Them?”)


IV. Strategy

Figuring out a way forward in health coverage:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Progressive Has Message For Rural Virginia-Justin Santopietro Running For Congress “)

Caveat: this reminds me of past failures of public option approaches where all the patients private insurance don’t want were pooled in the public option overwhelming it financially. That aspect was unfortunately not discussed in this conversation. Still, thinking about the VA, Medicaid-Medicare relationship, federal vs state financing, and so on certainly belongs into a forward strategy.


Ending Note: It takes me at least 100 hours a month to research and write for this site and work on my book. Please widely share links to these articles or help in other ways. Thanks. Only together can we change this messed-up world. 🙂

Video Weekend 9-23-2017 (8 Videos)

Once again, a collection of fine videos to brighten your weekend with enlightenment and fuel for our political revolution:

Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp together. A fine duo. Unfortunately, I felt they had both made the same statements before, and better, when they did them alone and better prepared. Still, I like what comes up 14:20 minutes into this clip (asking why you would donate to the “Democratic Party” when its primaries are rigged by its own admission!). The talk then moves to the topic of our rigged debates keeping out third parties… handcuffing presidential candidates to keep them away from the rigged debates… and record climate events in the past two months. Later Lee Camp, talking about Bannon, reveals how our corporate media lift up right-wingers by allowing only THEM to criticize corruption even though they are part of it):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Jimmy Dore On The Corporate State And The Power Of The Petrodollar “)


Political wrangling surrounding Bernie’s Medicare for All bill:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Some Democrats Are Pretending Bernie’s ‘Medicare for All’ Bill Doesn’t Exist “)


The usual lies about healthcare costs and single-payer:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Aetna CEO is Scared To Death of Single-Payer”)

Debunking one of the biggest lies: No, single-payer coverage such as Medicare for All is not single-provider healthcare, meaning a government-run healthcare, but merely a government-secured payment system. So, you can pick and choose your doctors as before, except this time their will be no question whether or not you can pay. It is simply our government doing its sworn duty to look out for its citizens.



(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Obama Enriches Self With Back Room Oil Deal”)


We have a responsibility not only for ourselves to fix our country:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Propaganda Buries Facts & Manipulates Emotions – Abby Martin with Chris Hedges”)

Various revelations about our country’s dark history. Also: an interesting and creepy revelation from former war correspondent Chris Hedges. He explains how the despotic regime in a foreign country went through the same motions as our southern states with their glorification of the Confederation: basically, when people are getting desperate over their worsening lives, give them a myth to feel good about, the better to control them. In our case, that myth would be the ‘noble heroism’ of our civil war’s slavery defenders, building up a white-against-black and south-against-north mentality that keeps us from uniting against the blood-sucking establishment controlling and exploiting us from above. The more divided we are, the better controlled from the top we are.


An older but very nice conversation:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Cornel West and Richard Wolff talk about Capitalism and White Supremacy”)

How much better off are freed slaves when they become enslaved by a wage slavery system? When one king of a company can hire and fire you, abuse you, rip you off and make you lick his boots – and every alternative job is just as bad – it is anathema to democracy!


Nice historic review of the last century of our economy and politics – the New Deal and its repeal:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Full Show 11/11/15: How Reaganomics Killed America’s Middle Class”)

Conclusion: we can’t keep a golden age after getting it, if we don’t topple the plutocrats who will roll back everything to resume their godlike status among a sea of serfs. The pendulum will always swing back to the dark side if we do nothing to lock it in place.


And not to forget: the environment we depend on. One thing apparently forgotten in this conversation was the great danger that lies in our getting the permafrost soil to melt, releasing huge amounts of methane, which is a far worse greenhouse gas than CO2. Basically, we are terraforming ourselves off this planet:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “After Maria “Obliterates” Puerto Rico, Trump Pushes Dangerous Climate Policy”)


Help us help you! Find out more here! Or snatch scientific literacy from the jaws of public school defeat here!

A Conservative Has Come Around to Support Universal Healthcare

Editor’s Note: As I keep saying, I don’t live in a left-right or conservative-liberal mental cage. In my view, these devisions of the people are cultivated by our oligarchs while, in reality, each and every one of us carries inside a mix of conservative and progressive ideas, “right” and “left” notions, and a zoo of diverse opinions — even more so when we start to think things through. Still, many people do still self-identify as belonging to this camp or that camp, and – by the way they talk – they fit one of the official molds. The author I present today (for the second time) fits the “conservative” (or libertarian?) mold. He admits to have originally sneered at universal health care and greatly favored our “free market” private health insurance system (personally, I wonder what is supposed to be free about private insurers holding our health for ransom). However, he has come around to support government-financed universal healthcare. Below you can discover what made him change his mind. — Dirk Droll

So, here is Jon Saltzman’s most recent argument for universal healthcare, first published yesterday (08-01-2017) on Political Storm and reprinted here with his permission (remember: you, too, can submit an article to this blog) Continue reading “A Conservative Has Come Around to Support Universal Healthcare”