Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-02-09 (19 videos)

Lots of stuff on political and economic corruption and how to deal with it. Also candidates (slimy B.G. and great B.S.), the messy welfare state, world news, and more. Most of the Iowagate (Iowa Circus etc.) stuff is published in the dedicated preceding article also linked from here.

Stars & Channels: Bernie Sanders, CODEPINK, Double Down News, Harvard for Bernie, JRE Clips, Kim Iversen, Majority Report, On Contact (Chris Hedges & Richard Wolff), Redacted Tonight, Secular Talk, The Grayzone, The Jimmy Dore Show, thejuicemedia, and more…


  1. Money in Politics Becoming Obscene
  2. Capitalism: The Planet’s Cancer
  3. Socialism the Product (or Shadow) of Capitalism
  4. Odd Event (maybe entertaining?): ‘Bernie Broads’ at Harvard 😉
  5. How to Clean Up the Messy Welfare State (Audio)
  6. Free Press & Wikileaks: Is Julian Assange Not a Journalist?
  7. World News (Venezuela, Bolivia, War on Diplomacy)
  8. Great Speech on our Corrupt Political System (Kim Iversen)
  9. Candidates: Butigigigi (a “sweet talker”)
  10. Bernie (Scared of Bernie, Joe Rogan “Scandal”)
  11. The Jimmy Dore Show
  12. Humor (Government Ad: Perfected Mass Surveillance)


1. Money in Politics Becoming Obscene

Billionaires Spend Nearly Half A BILLION In Self Campaign Funding ~ Secular Talk

Continue reading “Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-02-09 (19 videos)”

What’s with the Anti-Welfare Argument: “I can spend my money better than the government”?

Well, sure. If you’re rich you can spend the money that fell into your lap better on YOURSELF than the government would after taxing some of it back from you. Duh!

How does that disqualify taxes or government spending on the poor, though?   Continue reading “What’s with the Anti-Welfare Argument: “I can spend my money better than the government”?”

Society Punishes the Poor for Being Poor

I avoid ever referencing a Quora post because of Quora’s censorship against non-privileged people, but today I came across a post that I feel really needs to be shared around. It illustrates the deep immorality in our me-me-me society, and also the reason for why I object to leaving socio-economic justice in the hands of gatekeepers, a chief reason of why I want a universal basic income for all, so that injustices like those described in this post can be stopped in their tracks.  Continue reading “Society Punishes the Poor for Being Poor”

Canada’s Basic Income Pilot – Promoted by a Conservative!

One can tell the time has come for a Universal Basic Income, which I prefer to call a National Citizen Dividend or Shared National Ownership Dividend (SNOD?), when people from all parts of the political spectrum agree on the necessity and potential for such a solution. A solution to the misery created by large sections of the citizenry being pushed into poverty by micro-employment, insufficient wages and benefit cuts, soaring medical and housing costs, or when they are even entirely ejected from the workforce by our inequality machine of a modern economy that offshores jobs or replaces us with machines and focuses exclusively on profit (for the already well-to-do and rich) while dismissing all human values and ethical concerns.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot”)

Now, I know a UBI by itself is not enough and that there exist other important fixes, some even better, and many of them best applied in combination, including a really amazing one that I already wrote an article about whose publication I have, however, been postponing since I can write and publish only so much all by myself and without getting paid for it. So please be patient (or help). Just so you know, I have started to write a visionary book on the whole big picture. If you can promote this site, get me paid writing gigs, connect me with influencers or a like-minded community, or help financing my book, please do. Following this blog is good a first step.


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