Great Lee Camp Interview of the Author of “Creating Freedom”

There is a new book out which does a good job explaining our horrendous income and wealth inequality and their impact on our freedom. Lee Camp interviewed the author. It’s a really good interview:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “[59] Raoul Martinez On Why Our Society Is Constructed Completely Wrong”)

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Tales of How Badly Our Systemic Corruption Hurts Countless Americans

I keep writing about the systemic corruption in our politics and economics, trying to open people’s eyes on the sources and extent of our troubles and what we can do to repair it all. Yesterday’s article was a deeply personal account. But there are sad stories of so many people these days. Represent.Us, which bravely fights for anti-corruption laws, has created a website I want to share with you, a site where “ordinary,” “regular” (do you like any of those words?) Americans – in other words, those of us who were not born rich and empowered to lord it over the rest of us by dint of their privileged birth (or, in rare cases, by having walked over corpses to get rich and feel themselves entitled to ravage our lives), share their stories.

You can read many stories there and share your own story if you wish. It makes for a great account of how things are going nowadays in our United States of a once proud America. Here is the link:

We Demand Better – Stories of Corruption in America

Note: If you haven’t been following this blog and want a quick catch-up on why things are so bad for many of us, this short article and 8-minute video could be a good place to start.

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Short Video: Should Bernie Sanders stay in the Democratic Party? – Great Answer!

The only thing I can add to that is that people who stubbornly insist that there is only one way to fight the system, and the other ways draw supporters away from them, should consider sticking to unity among all of us who want a better future, and decide to work with everybody, not divide us into splinter groups by regarding multiple battlefronts against the establishment as competition. Richard Wolff, as so often, is right on the money: the battlefronts keep shifting, and what is the right move today won’t likely be the right move tomorrow. We must stay flexible in our methods, but uncompromising in our ultimate goals.

Watch this great, succinct, video giving Richard Wolff’s great answer:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Richard D. Wolff – Should Bernie Sanders stay in the Democratic Party?”)

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Gaslighting and Miscasting Fighters for the Cause as Clintonites


Posts about the DNC lawsuit[1][2] and the current efforts to create a People’s Party have been getting me polemic reactions of this sort: “Another Clintonite is trying to get Berners to leave the Democratic Party so the Clintonite neoliberals can continue to control it? What a shock!”

Here is my reply, which any of you may borrow who are similarly besmirched with (insincere?), illogical, and downright insulting accusations of your alleged insincerity. Continue reading

We Better Don’t Overlook the Fundamental Enemy of Democracy and Justice

Richard Wolff compresses it into nine minutes (and I into a short written paragraph following the video):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Richard Wolff: Why Efforts To End Inequality Will Fail”) Continue reading

Lawsuit Against a Vile Corporation which Killed Our Democracy

Two private corporations, whose operatives are not elected by us, control our federal, state, and local elections. They cheat us. They prevent us from having a democracy! And now, that one of them is hit with a lawsuit for its cheating, the corporate media (who take part in the cheating) don’t even tell us about it. Soon they may, but they will belittle it or defend the undermining of democracy (or our democratic republic, if you want to split hairs) that our founders risked their lives for and that we have always been told we had. Continue reading

Amazing Speech about our Economic and Political Mess (and How to Fix it)

Here is the most amazing speech exposing the root of and cure for all our man-made problems in politics and the economy. Inequality, crushing debt, money in politics, devastating decisions — all derive from this root cause and can be fixed as described. This is the education of a lifetime for you or any confused people you know. The video is a must-see for every responsible person. Therefore I will point to it repeatedly, so you don’t miss it:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Economist Richard Wolff speaks about capitalism, socialism & democracy, proposing a new way forward”) Continue reading

The Must-See Video of Your Life: Now You Will Know What’s Wrong in the U.S. and How to Fix It

Of all the politically relevant videos I have watched, this must be the best. If you don’t yet understand the root of all our problems, after this video you will, and you will have a powerful weapon in your arsenal to bring others into the light. This is the education of a lifetime. What better time than a bit of Sunday to invest one hour of your time to get the education of a lifetime?

In this video, Richard Wolff, whose information-packed eight minutes I shared with you yesterday, gives a clear and cogent critique of our awful current system and a clear cogent alternative. To summarize, currently, we leave the power of decision-making to a handful of self-serving people in the private sector who then throw us under the bus. The solution: make the economic system as democratic as we would like our political system to be. This will end the plutocracy and its constant gnawing on whatever democratic political institutions and justice-minded laws we erect.

What I have just described would be sufficient reason to mark this video as a must-see. But there is a lot more, too much to summarize briefly. You really are best off to watch the video (or listen to it) yourself:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Economist Richard Wolff speaks about capitalism, socialism & democracy, proposing a new way forward”)

If you don’t have the time to watch this hugely informative speech by seasoned economist Richard Wolff right now, then do spend a minute reading my below commentary: Continue reading

The Fight for our Healthcare May be a Long Game — Join it Anyway!


Your definition of long matters in this. To wit:

  1. As they proved again yesterday, the corrupt crooks which crowd Congress will not relent on their unending schemes to squeeze ever more wealth from us – the people – for themselves and their corporate friends — until we replace them. Replacing them won’t happen overnight. (But we better strain for it!)
  2. We not only need to try and stop every latest screw the corporate politicians turn (like Trumpcare 2.0 right now), but we must make Medicare for All a reality to join all our peer nations in complete healthcare coverage, not just healthcare for some, as we have been having the whole time in our (in this respect) backward country.

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Breaking: The Vote on Trumpcare 2.0 — 24 Million Lose Their Healtcare; No More Pre-Existing Protection; 13,500+ Dead By Next Year — Your Way to Fight Back

… and anybody with serious conditions moved into state-run special high-risk pools which assuredly will be underfunded and too expensive to join as in prior such experiments. If you have been reading this blog, you know all about that. It will also allow insurance plans to increase costs by as much as 500 percent for Americans ages 50 to 64. And it may not stop there – some provisions of the new proposal allow states to set the age ratio (the percentage insurers can increase costs based on a patient’s age) as high as they like, thereby letting insurers in those states charge an unlimited “age tax” on older Americans. Continue reading