The Difference Between Having a Life and — Not

Yesterday a friend showed me a cartoon which you can eyeball here:

The cartoon featured a little girl covering an ant with sand, watching it dig itself out, covering it with sand again, watching it dig itself out again, covering it with sand again, and so on. She proudly explained her game to her watching dad, who – mentally putting himself in the place of the ant and probably speaking for the cartoonist – thought to himself: “I’ve had days like that.”

My instant reaction was: I have had a life like that. Continue reading “The Difference Between Having a Life and — Not”

At Last You Can Help Get This Word Out

Hello friends, I am announcing a new weapon, for you personally, in our media war against the establishment and for a better future:

Every single day, corruption affects all of us in America. Our dreams are crushed, our lives are the lives of serfs, our very health a kind of lottery. We are sicker, poorer, and even dying because of our establishment’s callous and cruel corruption. And, sadly, most of us still don’t see the ways our corrupt political and economic system is hurting us, or how we can overcome the establishment and build a better country. Instead, they are befuddled by the mainstream media and caught in a pointless competition or even gamesmanship between two major parties, both of which serve the establishment, not us. Continue reading “At Last You Can Help Get This Word Out”