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About Beanstock’s World

This is a blog (on which you can participate) about politics for decent people. Are you decent? Then sign up for email notifications or RSS feed (right column), comment on posts, or even submit your own posts in the CONTACT section.

This site started, and to some degree still is, as my (Dirk Droll’s a.k.a. Beanstock’s) personal little blog where I test write posts which I may later rework and tailor for other outlets. Here I am not particularly limited to specific needs of other sites like upper word limits or a narrow theme. The themes of my articles were originally varied, but became mostly political during 2016’s toxic election campaign. Here I also post things I might never post anywhere else. Beanstock’s World on WordPress.com is my latest in a chain of sites and blogs. I would like this one to stick around and gain participating members.

So, if you didn’t notice, yet:  You can contribute, too. Just contact me. BW works as a site of information and public discussion not possible in the corporate media. Blog posts can be longer, have pictures and videos, and stick around longer than Facebook posts, by the way. 😉



About Dirk Droll (a.k.a. Dik Bay or Beanstock)

Misanthropic philanthropist, pragmatic idealist, creative analyst, serious humorist, thoughtful human, decent man… Both fictional character and author of the same. Who is real?

I am a passionate writer who has for some years blogged (and written on forums) under a number of names. When blogging for clients (which has happened), my specialty tends to be persuasive and argumentative writing. Lately, political blogging has entered the picture, delivering news, analyses, op-eds, and motivational speeches. My main themes are corruption in politics and business; economic equality and a fair, prosperous society; election justice; a vision for bright and shared future, and possibly democratic education; respectively anything which might lead to a better, more equitable and sustainable world. I work on improving the language and narrative for positive (called by some “progressive”) political change. I fight for the disenfranchised, sometimes using… somewhat harsh words (but not foul language) regarding our abusive rulers, even as I also think hard about a consensual path towards an ideal world. My book manuscripts range from fiction to non-fiction and the serious to the humorous. Recently I decided to develop the Dirk Droll brand more. I am open for partnering with others, more political work, and for more writing gigs. Just contact me.

This was the serious stuff.

Below, I now just slap on some older musings which will be far too tedious reading for anybody who doesn’t, for some reason, want to know me really well. You have been warned.



About Beanstock

bs_wont_be_stoppedA.k.a. Dik Bay, a.k.a. Dirk Droll, aka some others. Book author and creator of the Beanstock cartoon featuring his cartoonish alter ego: Nosy Beanstock.

To make myself feel better, I like to say I have had a typical writer’s career, which means I have actually had a roller-coaster ride of careers, suffered many devastating setbacks at the hands of short-sighted turf warriors, kleptocratic Wall Street predators, and high-handed bureaucrats, started over from scratch countless times, and have done a little – and sometimes a lot – of everything. Naturally, I am short on time to write, since having to pay my way keeps me trapped in a treadmill of very time consuming contingency jobs and job searches. Yes, I live a contingency life, not a real one. Perhaps you know the feeling. (Psst. The secret word is precariat.)

As for continuing the Beanstock cartoon series…, maybe I will… if some day I have more time again, get properly paid for it, or if someone else does the drawings based on my scripts. On the whole, I much rather write than draw.


More details if – for some reason – you are still reading:   (my, my, you got stamina)

The list of my past and present occupations is long. Read it only if you are a masochist or are looking to hire a polymath: Mostly, I have worked as a biomedical research scientist, one-man tech support department in IT, programmer, software localizer, web developer, software tester, help desk analyst, electronic trading administrator, translator, musician, tutor, substitute teacher, paraeducator, and teacher, while I have also dipped into assembly line work and pizza delivery. For a tiny side income, I even bred tropical fish. Non-commercially, and more in tune with feeling alive, I am an author, cartoonist, philosopher, humanist, international traveler, and – that rarest of animals – a decent human being. In short, I am becoming increasingly unemployable. Oh, and I possess the secret for turning Earth into a paradise. But no employer or media site cares about that, of course… ;-p

About that teacher t.h.i.n.g:  My experience in schools has made me a proponent of “democratic schooling” which every person on earth should embrace since every next generation is minted in school. School should not be a dictatorship creating docile, dumbed down subjects. It should be a place where socially responsible behavior and democracy are learned through living them, augmented with both vocational and academic offerings (not compulsions… offerings!).

The world and me:  I have made other people rich while staying poor myself, and I brim with ideas for a better world. I just don’t (yet?) have a large platform to share them. I might as well ramble away in some obscure blog or piss in the wind. The former is slightly more my style. This way, someone might see a good idea and run with it. At least, I can tell myself that.

Last not least, a little plea:  I dislike being the only one talking. Hence, this blog is open for anyone to comment and contribute. Please do. Don’t be discouraged because I awe you, bore you, or for any other reason. If you have something on your mind, say it!  Use… your… words. If no-one else will read them, I will.

Welcome aboard!



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