Fidel Castro Obituary – An Opposing Viewpoint

Report: Despite US Propaganda, Fidel Castro Beloved Worldwide

(Note: if the video to which this article links gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Despite US Propaganda, Fidel Castro Beloved Worldwide”)

This week, we have seen despicable footage of people celebrating the death of another human being. Personally, I find death from “old age” after a few decades on Earth – which is barely enough for most people to even grow up – a great tragedy built into the human condition and something we should perhaps do something about instead of constantly fighting among ourselves. To celebrate someone’s death, I must be certain he or she was a mass murderer, torturer, or such. I cannot establish this state of affairs for Castro. Continue reading

A Political Newcomer’s Thank You

The post to which I am linking below is a fine acknowledgment of a true American hero, a politician who has represented us the people during decades of advancing corruption in politics. I only must take exception to its endorsing of the corporate media’s lie that he “lost” his current campaign. Doing so only helps the establishment, even if that help is not intended. Any of us who adopt and echo the media’s newspeak should stop doing so. Continue reading