Amazing Speech about our Economic and Political Mess (and How to Fix it)

Here is the most amazing speech exposing the root of and cure for all our man-made problems in politics and the economy. Inequality, crushing debt, money in politics, devastating decisions — all derive from this root cause and can be fixed as described. This is the education of a lifetime for you or any confused people you know. The video is a must-see for every responsible person. Therefore I will point to it repeatedly, so you don’t miss it:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Economist Richard Wolff speaks about capitalism, socialism & democracy, proposing a new way forward”) Continue reading

The Must-See Video of Your Life: Now You Will Know What’s Wrong in the U.S. and How to Fix It

Of all the politically relevant videos I have watched, this must be the best. If you don’t yet understand the root of all our problems, after this video you will, and you will have a powerful weapon in your arsenal to bring others into the light. This is the education of a lifetime. What better time than a bit of Sunday to invest one hour of your time to get the education of a lifetime?

In this video, Richard Wolff, whose information-packed eight minutes I shared with you yesterday, gives a clear and cogent critique of our awful current system and a clear cogent alternative. To summarize, currently, we leave the power of decision-making to a handful of self-serving people in the private sector who then throw us under the bus. The solution: make the economic system as democratic as we would like our political system to be. This will end the plutocracy and its constant gnawing on whatever democratic political institutions and justice-minded laws we erect.

What I have just described would be sufficient reason to mark this video as a must-see. But there is a lot more, too much to summarize briefly. You really are best off to watch the video (or listen to it) yourself:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Economist Richard Wolff speaks about capitalism, socialism & democracy, proposing a new way forward”)

If you don’t have the time to watch this hugely informative speech by seasoned economist Richard Wolff right now, then do spend a minute reading my below commentary: Continue reading

Parasite Capitalism: The Economic Model of the 21st Century | Mic

An excellent article giving a quick insight into (one aspect of) the entirely parasitic modern form of financialized and casino capitalism that’s all about playing the markets and our vile banksters leeching off of working people and productive companies until life becomes so expensive we can’t afford it anymore.

In this article, you will also become a bit more familiar with Trump’s good friend, Goldman Sachs (from which so many of his appointees come).

Here is the link: Parasite Capitalism: The Economic Model of the 21st Century



The True Job Creators Are Not Who You May Think

Finally, an honestly speaking capitalist tells it like it is: CEOs and business owners only hire people when the demand for their goods or services rises to make hiring more staff necessary. And from whom comes the demand? From you and me, when (or if!) we can afford to buy. And for this we need a fair economy with fair pay, fair taxes, and good income security. Continue reading

DAPL Pipeline Being Brutally Pushed through Native American Land and Water Supply because a White Town Didn’T Want it to Threaten ITS Water Supply

If you have learned to overcome the corporate media blackout on the real news, you are probably aware of the brutality by police and private “security” firms used to force a totally unnecessary pipeline through Native American land and the thousands of volunteers trying to stop it.
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The System Rotting from Within (PS)

Financialization is a scheme of legalized robbery.


So, it is not surprising that the quality of our lives has gone down via sinking income and rising living costs for all these decades while our smarmy politicians tell us through their lying teeth that our economy keeps growing.”

For many of us, the water is up to our necks, and the same is true for the communities, plants, and animals we need to survive. Even our climate is toppling over. How much longer will we tolerate this system of death?”

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Michael Hudson Explains: We Have Been Conquered

This excellent interview explains why our living costs keep rising without us getting any more for all the extra expense. It explains how all wealth keeps being transferred to the top; how we get poorer in a booming economy and booming stock market; how corporate raiding creates unemployment and makes those of us who still have jobs work ever harder; and what the unholy alliance (or rather abusive relationship) between Big Money and government has to do with it all.

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Who Owns the Land of the Pipeline

Short answer: The Sious Nation

Source, as well as a deliberation on the complexities:

(Note: if the video to which this article links gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “The Incredible Story of How Sioux Nation Has Stood Strong Through Time”)

Funny: Why Do We Call It Black Friday?

The term was originally used to label Fridays when historic calamities occurred, such as the market crashes of 1869 and 1873. In some countries it still is. How, in America, “Black Friday” became to refer to a big shopping day after Thanksgiving makes me chuckle.
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