Chris Hedges: The Time for Compromise and Reform is Over — We Have Been Lied To, Manipulated, Used, Abused, and Oppressed Enough (Video)

Former war correspondent and unbending alternative voice speaking truth to power, Chris Hedges, spoke at a rally for the likewise staunch people’s representative Kshama Sawant: The time has come to end the forces of death and stand up for the forces of life. We must rebel, not for what we may or may not eventually achieve but for who it allows us to become. This is the fight of our lives. The last fight. If we lose this one, we lose everything:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Kshama’s Rally Chris Hedges”)

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America Moving in on the Crooks: Primaring Corrupt Politicians

Young Americans who won’t take it anymore… Now, while I like the prospect of a new party to crush the corrupted Dems and bounce the even longer corrupted GOP, and while I have my doubts about the long-term success of “Democratic” Party take-over and the ability of outfits like the Justice Democrats to resist the temptations from the establishment, this young new politician still represents to me the rise of Young America which wants a future that is bright, not dark:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Progressive Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Is Primarying Corporate Democrat In New York”)

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The National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare Continues to Fight Trumpcare

The Congressional Budget Office has finally caught up with estimating the damages of the Trumpcare 2.0 bill rammed through the House of Representatives and waiting for Senate approval: 23 million will lose health coverage. The bill will also cut $834 billion from Medicaid, which will threaten access to long-term care benefits, hike premiums for older Americans by as much as five times, and all that while giving the wealthiest Americans the lion’s share of a lavish $663 billion tax break for the wealthy!  Continue reading

Breaking: The Vote on Trumpcare 2.0 — 24 Million Lose Their Healtcare; No More Pre-Existing Protection; 13,500+ Dead By Next Year — Your Way to Fight Back

… and anybody with serious conditions moved into state-run special high-risk pools which assuredly will be underfunded and too expensive to join as in prior such experiments. If you have been reading this blog, you know all about that. It will also allow insurance plans to increase costs by as much as 500 percent for Americans ages 50 to 64. And it may not stop there – some provisions of the new proposal allow states to set the age ratio (the percentage insurers can increase costs based on a patient’s age) as high as they like, thereby letting insurers in those states charge an unlimited “age tax” on older Americans. Continue reading

At Last You Can Help Get This Word Out

Hello friends, I am announcing a new weapon, for you personally, in our media war against the establishment and for a better future:

Every single day, corruption affects all of us in America. Our dreams are crushed, our lives are the lives of serfs, our very health a kind of lottery. We are sicker, poorer, and even dying because of our establishment’s callous and cruel corruption. And, sadly, most of us still don’t see the ways our corrupt political and economic system is hurting us, or how we can overcome the establishment and build a better country. Instead, they are befuddled by the mainstream media and caught in a pointless competition or even gamesmanship between two major parties, both of which serve the establishment, not us. Continue reading

Fighting Back: Trumpcare 2.0 about to kill even more Americans as Trumpcare 1.0 – Sign the Petition against it!

… and keep pushing Medicare for All!

Remember me calculating very conservatively that by next year alone 13,000 people would die from Trumpcare? Remember me warning you that Trumpcare 2.0 was on the horizon, adding to the above death toll the abolition of the pre-existing conditions protection we have finally enjoyed for the last few years, thereby making us all vulnerable to the heist of paying for insurance all our lives and being barred from receiving healthcare benefits as soon as we really need them?

Well, the move against us is being made now, and here is a petition to voice our protest: Continue reading

Alarm: The Oligarchy is Coming for Net Neutrality and thus Our Alternative Media and Public Discourse — Fight Back Now!

Demand Progress has raised the alarm and asks us to fight back: Trump’s gang is about to pull the rug out from under the media war that we, the people, must fight to save our country from the ravages of corporatism. By killing net neutrality, the oligarchy will be able to prevent our access to outlets of real news, sharp analyses, true narratives, and bold visions we can fight for, outlets like the one you are reading in right now. Continue reading

Is the Time Ripe for a New Party?


To answer this question, two contributing questions must be answered: Is a new party necessary, and is it possible? These answers are straightforward:

  1. Most of us will agree that change is necessary. So, if the political monopoly formed by our twin party tyranny is beyond reform, then a new party is necessary.
  2. New parties started from scratch have never yet grown powerful after the first parties in our nation formed and thereafter blocked all new ones; but new parties arising from the break-up of failing major parties have succeeded! So, at least when this condition is met, it actually is possible.

So, how does the land currently lay? Continue reading

Are you ready for the New New Deal?

Once the “Democratic Party” gave us the New Deal which vastly improved American lives by giving us a social safety net, the kind of mutual help system that rescues those who weren’t lucky enough to be born rich, weren’t lucky or ruthless enough to get rich in life, and who are not blessed with a caring and sufficiently prosperous family that can help during hard times or in old age. It is a brilliant invention — basically a modern re-invention of the tribal practice of our ancestors, when sharing and helping one another was normal and kept our species alive. Continue reading

Let’s Not Forget: Trump’s Budget Still Looms

Over our fight for decent healthcare, we mustn’t overlook the fact that the conversion of our country into a modern feudal state is still continuing — on many fronts and at a breakneck speed. Continue reading