Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-08-29 (19 videos)

If you lack time to discover many top level meaningful videos covering critical events, problems, and solutions, here is a weekly share for you to check and share onward. Earlier this weekend so as not to conflict with the People’s Convention tomorrow!

Stars and channels: Democracy At Work, Graham Elwood, The Jimmy Dore Show , Jean Guerrero & Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!), The Convo Couch, DiEM25, The Hill, The Real News Network, he Rational National, The Humanist Report, Jon Norwood, Amanpour and Company, etc. and the Movement for a People’s Party


  1. Sharp Progressive Conversation about the “Democratic” Party
  2. News: Mail-In Votes, Voter Roll Purges, …
  3. Economic Update: China: Capitalist, Socialist, Communist or What?
  4. Another Insightful Progressive Conversation
  5. Could The ‘Draft Jesse Ventura’ Campaign Actually Succeed?
  6. Coronavirus News: Imperfect but Possibly Sufficient Immunity
  7. Perfect Points Made by Ice Cube
  8. Our Elections are a Casino Stock Market on Wall Street
  9. Psychological Warfare
  10. Sharp Smart Critique of the DNC & Bernie
  11. Yanis Varoufakis: Capitalism & Crisis (and how to socialize the capital)
  12. News: Rising Unemployment, Billionaire Wealth Doubled, Guillotine for Jeff Bezos
  13. News: Police & Vigilantes Slaughtering Americans
  14. What Many Police Forces are About (Oppressing America)
  15. News: NBA Players Strike Over Injustice, Others Too
  16. Repeat of the 2016 Presidential Election (Bad Biden Doing Even Worse than $Shillary)
  17. Humor and Truth: John Cleese on Extremism
  18. Reconsidering America
  19. Latest People’s Party National Call

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Mentally Corrupting Police Culture

Here is a link to an interesting article from a former police officer describing the corrupting culture of this profession:

Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop – Officer A. Cab – Medium

In this piece a former police officer describes the evil police culture that makes police officers behave evilly; having been psychologically convinced that the entire rest of mankind are their immoral, trashy, murderous enemies best to be killed and asked questions later; and he argues for police abolition. Here are some quotes of his article that I recommend to read:

I was a police officer for nearly ten years and I was a bastard. We all were. ”

This essay has been kicking around in my head for years now and I’ve never felt confident enough to write it. It’s a time in my life I’m ashamed of. It’s a time that I hurt people and, through inaction, allowed others to be hurt. It’s a time that I acted as a violent agent of capitalism and white supremacy. Under the guise of public safety, I personally ruined people’s lives but in so doing, made the public no safer… so did the family members and close friends of mine who also bore the badge alongside me. But enough is enough. … ”

Capitalism requires a permanent underclass to exploit for cheap labor and it requires the cops to bring that underclass to heel. ”

This is where we have to have the courage to ask: why do people rob? Why do they join gangs? Why do they get addicted to drugs or sell them? It’s not because they are inherently evil. I submit to you that these are the results of living in a capitalist system that grinds people down and denies them housing, medical care, human dignity, and a say in their government. ”   Continue reading “Mentally Corrupting Police Culture”

Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-06-14 (15 videos)

Meaningful videos this week concerning especially (1) how we are sliding closer to a rebellion or even revolution, (2) police issues, (3) ongoing undermining and co-opting of state forces by unethicals, our huge wealth theft and modern slavery, etc.

Stars & channels: Chris Hedges, Richard Wolff, The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, Jesse Ventura, The Real News Network, Krystal Ball and Saagar of The Hill, John Oliver (surprise!), The Jimmy Dore Show, and more…

8 Topics:

  1. Edging Towards a Revolution
  2. The Openly Right Wing and Fake Left Ruling Class
  3. Fascists Infiltrating Police & Military
  4. Our Mentality Must Change
  5. Jesse Ventura – Jimmy Dore Conversation (incl. on Third Party Presidential Run)
  6. Sliding into Dictatorship
  7. Stock Market & Washington D.C. BS
  8. A Mere Reformer Beginning to Get the Real Point
  9. Several More Jimmy Dore
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Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-06-07 (27 videos)

Meaningful videos on: inside-info on D-Party corruption & Bernie campaign; current police violence, armed oppression, and street protests; why certain folks believe in blatant liars; people’s party & movement; …

Plea: Please share. I am too busy struggling for survival for much time on social media.

Stars & Channels: Movement for a People’s Party, Ralph Nader Radio Hour, The Real News Network, Amy Goodman & Carol Anderson (Democracy Now!), Kim Iversen, Tim Black & the Poor People’s Campaign’s Rev. William Barber (TBTV), Ruptly, Chris Hedges, Jimmy Dore, Stef Zamorano, Richard Wolff, Cornel West, and more…

14 Topics:

  1. Utter Political Corruption, Bad Police & Changing the Country for the Better
  2. Chris Hedges: The Ruling Elite Has Lost All Legitimacy
  3. Nader Radio on Voting Issues
  4. The Endless Greed of the Criminals at the Top
  5. Oligarchy’s Massive Assault on 1st Amendment Rights
  6. Our Racism Hand-in-Hand with Creating Tyranny
  7. Protest Chaos
  8. Poor People’s Campaign
  9. Quick Protests Overview:
  10. Protest Clips (Ruptly)
  11. Police Mentality (glimpse into Derek Chauvin’s brain)
  12. Why Certain Folks Believe in Blatant Liars
  13. Best Recent Jimmy Dore Show Videos
  14. Richard Wolff & Cornel West on Pandemic Capitalism


1. Utter Political Corruption, Bad Police & Changing the Country for the Better

Bad police: 14:45
“D”-Party (and Bernie campaign!) corruption: 38:55
Country for the better: 1:07:28

MPP National Call ~ Movement for a People’s Party (Jun 4, 2020)

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Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-10-26 (22 videos)

An amazing number of brilliant women made fantastic arguments and analyses this week. Don’t miss them nor the also insightful men in these 22 outstanding videos treating what’s wrong and how to make change.

Stars and channels: Krystal Ball, Naomi Klein, Jane Fonda, Jill Stein, Bernie, Richard Wolff, Taya Graham (The Real News Network), John Spritzler, The Rational National, The Michael Brooks Show, Jimmy Dore, Gayle McLaughlin (the California Progressive Alliance), Harriet Fraad, Politics and Prose, Aaron Glantz, Democracy Now!, Ralph Nader, Steven Greenhouse, Nick Hanauer, and more.


  1. #MfA: Universal Healthcare for Liberty
  2. Risks for All, Not Just Investors
  3. Police Crimes: Our Dungeon & Dragon Society
  4. Let’s Have No Government by and for Criminals
  5. Bernie (Reviews, Movement, Track Record, Market vs Society)
  6. Bernie & Tulsi Combo: Might it Landslide the Nation?
  7. Corporatists and Oligarchs Looking for Another “D” Puppet
  8. Organizing Outside of Political Parties
  9. The Source and Success of Racism
  10. Humor: The ‘Elites’ Crying When We Call Out their Corruption
  11. The Twin Party Tyranny Blocking Representation of the People
  12. Panel: Naomi Klein & Jane Fonda – Sunrise, Climate, & Humanity
  13. Banksters: The Then & Now Real Estate Raid
  14. Indigenous Dealing with California Wildfires
  15. Immigration & Border: Many Victims are Native Americans
  16. American Past, Present, & Future & Comparison w/ Other Nations
  17. SCOTUS, The Achilles Heal of Democracy
  18. A 0.1%er Getting Some of the Wrongness

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Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-08-24 (20 videos)

Another week’s collection of great videos for political awakening. Loads of info on our rigged democracy and suggestions for a real one. Exposure of the corrupt oligarchy and puppet media. And breaking out of our mental prisons.

Stars and channels: Chris Hedges, Nick Braña, Kim Iversen, Francesca Fiorentini (Newsbroke), Kyle Kulinski (Secular Talk), PDRBoston, The Real News Network, Christo Aivalis, Richard Wolff (Democracy At Work), The Michael Brooks Show, Thought Slime, The Jimmy Dore Show, The School of Life, John Spritzler, and more.


  1. Movement for a People’s Party (MPP)
  2. Democracy: Our Fake Democracy from Above, Real Democracy from the Bottom
  3. Toxic Political Partisanship
  4. America’s & Israel’s Breeding of Savagery
  5. Peaceful Revolution: Learning from Scandinavia
  6. Our Real Problem (Culture/Mentality)
  7. Economy: Fake Booming Economy & Working Class History, Present, & Future
  8. Police Corruption: Our Taxes Used to Silence Victims
  9. Uplifting Bernie Discussion
  10. The “Liberal” Mind Prison
  11. Media War on the People (Anti-Medicare & Pro-Trump/Pro-Oligarchy)
  12. How We Lie to Ourselves (Psychological Insight)
  13. Egalitarian Movement for Democracy

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Wakeful Videos 2019-08-10 (24 videos)

This is essentially a collection of enlightening videos published once a week and so helpful in learning what is really going on and how we may change our rigged system into a good one that everyone should watch them. The top topic this week: mass shootings (intelligent thoughts, not the usual BS).

Channels: Empire Files, Kim Iversen, John Spritzler, AJ+, Thom Hartmann, Greg Palast, RT America, The Humanist Report, Democracy Now!, PowerfulJRE, RT UK, HOT 97, Secular Talk, The Majority Report, Graham Elwood, The Grayzone, The Jimmy Dore Show, The School of Life…


  1. Mass Shootings: Why they Happen
  2. Oh-So Criminal “Illegal” Immigrants
  3. National “Defense” For Profit
  4. Medicare for All: Bernie, Scare Tactics & Private Insurance
  5. Bernie: 6+ Million Views of Lengthy Informative Interview
  6. Capitalism: The Global Rentier System, UBI & the 1%
  7. Capitalism: The Current Trend May Have the Top 10% Own EVERYTHING by 2052
  8. Easy Elections Hacking in America
  9. Recent AOC Interview
  10. Rich Boys: The Koch Boy
  11. War-for-Profit Empire: U.S. Kills More Afghan Civilians than the Taliban
  12. World: Interesting Maduro Interview (Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal in Venezuela)
  13. Police Brutality against the Homeless
  14. The Billionaire Meter on Candidates
  15. Humor: Political Porn Comedy
  16. Loneliness & Friendship

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Woke Video Weekend 2019-07-21 (20 videos)

A sublime collection of great recent videos you will be amazed by and learn a lot from or simply rave, growl, sniff, enjoy, and cheer… or even stand up against the corrupt seats of power. 😉

The first 9 videos seemed a great enough package to start out the weekend with, but more super videos kept popping up over the weekend. So here are 20(!) this Sunday. Don’t miss them. Take a look. Great stuff like this takes a long time to find. Amazing revelations on immigration, war for profit, our slave state, rigged elections, an alternative economy of liberty & justice for all, religious (counter-)ethics, ideology, fight from the bottom, media manipulation, and more… And important comments worth reading!

Stars: Mike Gravel, Bernie Sanders, AOC, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, John Spritzler, Richard Wolff, Jimmy Dore, Amy Goodman, Ralph Nader, and more… Channels: Democracy Now!, MCSC Network, Redacted Tonight, The Real News Network, Secular Talk, The Rational National, David Pakman, The Humanist Report, and more…


  1. United States of Police Brutality
  2. The Real Border Crisis
  3. U.S. Military Terror Laid Bare – Short, Succinct, & Wow! ***
  4. Weekly News
  5. Mike Gravel Revealing Painful Truth
  6. A Cooperative Economy Alternative
  7. Psychological Chains: Treating People Like Dirt
  8. “Left” – “Right” = 0
  9. Party Corruption & We Cannot Compromise on Life & Death
  10. U.S. Election Integrity: Rigging with Impunity ***
  11. Police Narrative & Henchmen
  12. Lawbreaking Asylum Ban
  13. How to Handle the Bully in Politics
  14. Atheists WAY More Christ-Like Than RW-Evangelists
  15. Bernie on Ideology
  16. Building Empathy & Bridges
  17. Corporate Silencing of the People
  18. Satire: Right-Winger Cash

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Political Awakening Video Weekend 02-10-2019 (17 videos)

Not to overlook: The commentaries on the video clips are worth reading and discussing.

Note: Please share, so more of us will catch this video compilation that took a lot of time searching and previewing to make — a labor of love so that people strapped for time won’t miss those worthwhile videos. Another reason to share: some folks aren’t good at finding worthwhile videos on the Internet, instead watching silly videos or the establishments’ cable “news”.

List of topics:

  1. AOC (Money in Politics, Medicare for All)
  2. Financially Gouged American Lives
  3. Automation in Capitalism
  4. Socialism: 21st Century vs the Past
  5. Oligarchy (esp. the close-knit Global Superclass)
  6. World: Venezuelan Coup, Yellow Vests, U.S.‘s Al Qaeda, Russiahhhh, Israel
  7. Net Neutrality Update
  8. Pseudoscience in Politics (a bit entertaining)
  9. Abusive Policing from the Top
  10. The BS of Incremental Politics
  11. Mental Prostitution: Society & Politics Based on Lies


I. AOC (Money in Politics, Medicare for All)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) exposes Money in Politics, and the fellows in the bribed system AGREE!

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “AOC Masterfully Breaks Down How Money Affects Politics”)

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Video Weekend 06-30-2018 (13 videos)

This weekend’s online video compilation sports stars like Chris Hedges, Ralph Nader, Nick Brana, Jimmy Dore, Lee Camp, Ron Placone, Richard Wolff, “The Rational National”, and more. It deals with many important topics (most especially understanding what is really going on, why we are divided, and what we can do to fix things) ranging across the following categories:

  1. System Analysis
  2. Awakening Journey
  3. Police State
  4. Candidates (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)
  5. Poor People’s Campaign
  6. Media (and their fake news)
  7. Establishment Walls
  8. Mentality for Change
  9. Economy
  10. People Manipulation


I. System Analysis

Two top analysts and activists exposing our loss of democracy (Ralph Nader & Chris Hedges, need I say more?):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for Ralph Nader, Chris Hedges and the title: “American Mythology and the loss of democracy”)


II. Awakening Journey

I have been having issues with TYT ever since they endorsed $Hillary after Bernie was cheated out of the 2016 primaries. On the whole, I find them too friendly towards the “Democratic” Party and too optimistic of the chances for taking it over from within, but we are all on different stops along our political awakening journey, and when someone who is still on a stop behind me says some good things, I do find it worth sharing:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for TYT, Cenk Uygur, and the title: “Here Come the Pitchforks! The Left Fights Back, Everybody Loses It!”)


III. Police State

To police or not to police, that’s the question:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for TheRealNews and the title: “The Limits of Police Reform: The Origins and Ends of the Police”)


IV. Candidates

Democracy Now’s Interview of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after her historic victory:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for “Democracy Now!” and the title: “28-Year-Old Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wins Primary on Medicare for All & Abolishing ICE”)

If you missed them, I put out two prior posts this week (also with great videos) on Alexandria and her very pleasing victory, including an analysis of how well the DP takeover is working (or rather isn’t, unfortunately, making us need to emphasize a different strategy):


V. Poor People’s Campaign

Coverage of and talk about the Poor People’s Campaign:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for TheRealNews and the title: “The Poor People’s Campaign Speaks Out Against War and Poverty”)

Comment: As for listening before talking and taking newspapers to the suffering communities, there is a cheap and simple way. Newspapers cost materials and money to print. Links to this here site are free. And if some people in those communities have trouble reading, daily reading will rapidly improve your reading, writing, and speaking skills. (sorry, that’s the teacher in me speaking)


VI. Media

Immigration demonization and percentage number games:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for Jimmy Dore and the title: “Fox News Research Debunks Fox News Immigration Reporting”)

How the false world news are manufactured:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for TheRealNews and the title: “Exposing the OAS’ Anti-Venezuela, Pro-US Bias and Right-Wing Hypocrisy”)


VII. Establishment Walls

Discussion about serious flaws in trying to fight the rigged system from within establishment parties. Case Bernie:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for Jimmy Dore and the title: »Another Bernie Organizer “Dem Exits” & Here’s Why«)

Can a people’s champion prevail in the “Democratic” (or Republican) Party machine?

Around 7:50 min in, Nick Brana hits upon a very important fact that too many people still don’t get:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for Ron Placone and the title: “Will Bernie Ever Join Peoples’ Party? w/ Nick Brana”)


VIII. Mentality for Change

Next, an important video on the mentality behind the “conservative”-”liberal” divide which the oligarchy so gladly exploits and which we must learn to overcome, uniting as one American people again.

Why we are divided into two tribes and a hint at overcoming the divide:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for TED-Ed and the title: “The moral roots of liberals and conservatives – Jonathan Haidt”)

Comment: Everybody seems to agree on harm and fairness. A question to both, self-defined “conservatives” and self-defined “liberals” about their differences: Would authority be bad if it came from a just and enlightened government that truly represented us all and were fully accountable (authority such as to prevent and prosecute crime)? Should we be joined into different tribes hating on each other instead of the American People dedicated to liberty and justice for all, recognizing that liberty and justice also include the realm of economics like a good income for all, not getting ripped off by global billionaires, and money removed from politics? And for purity, hasn’t our society derailed when corrupt politics, business management, and media are considered normal; when students beat up teachers, seniors are dismissed as useless trash; when TV floods us with way too much sex and violence and twelve-year olds are looking to have sex, just to mention a few things? Not all of these derailments can necessarily be solved by state power. At the same time, we probably cannot overcome our system corruption (such as in politics) unless we clean house inside our minds and hearts.


IX. Economy

The United States of Agony and Suicide, money in politics, the rapacious unscrupulous “elite”, and student debt:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for Richard Wolff, Democracy at Work, and the title: “Economic Update: Contradictions Coming Home”)

Note: Well said: “When you have a society in which profits are more important than people, it’s the logical conclusion [that] we are failing to plan for the future. And there is no reason for society to be run this way. And if you look at how we appropriate money and resources it is all part of a plan to [make the rich richer by squeezing others].”


X. People Manipulation

A good run down of the myth by which the oligarchy keeps us in mental chains. Also, the corruption in our legal system:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for Redacted Tonight and the title: “~202~ Eight Great Myths Of America, Socialist Beats Corporate Dem & More”)

Comment: I know, Lee Camp screams a lot, but even if your ears hurt, he often is very worth listening to.

The establishment’s smears don’t wait. They are already smearing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for The Rational National and the title: “Ben Shapiro Blasts Dem Socialist Ocasio-Cortez For ‘Radical’ Platform”)


  1. I suspect that members of the “Democratic” gang will keep playing such progressive victories down as anomalies, while members of the Republican gang describe them as a scary irrational movement out to ruin the nation with unaffordable gifts under the Christmas tree. Each are preaching in the way they know has been working for a long time to their specific audiences, doing everything i their power to keep the American people divided.
  2. I regularly mention the millionaire minions who guard and work in support of the robber billionaires, upholding and further rigging our political and economic system – and playing with people’s heads – in order to enrich themselves with blood money from the oligarchy. Ben Shapiro, as revealed in this video, does exactly that. He isn’t giving you the news or sensible analyses of it. He is on the payroll to manipulate voters on behalf of the scum we sometimes call “elite”.
  3. The occupation of Iraq wasn’t merely a “mistake”. It was a war crime killing, crippling, and dislodging millions, destabilizing the whole region, and thus even lead to ISIS.
  4. These shills are not conservative voices. They are Republican voices. We all are a mix of conservative and progressive inside (or even “liberal”, if you like that word). These shills are shephers for the political establishment gang known as the Republican party who cultivates a voter bloc to uphold the establishment, just like the “Democratic Party” gang does on the co-opted, or should I say faux, left. As the DP is faux-left/liberal/progressive, the GOP is faux-conservative. They are all about pushing the right buttons in people to get them to divide and vote against their own interests and values.
  5. Extremely important point well said: “The money is already being allocated, but it is not being allocated to the vast majority of people, it is being given to the people at the top and to multinational corporations who are also at the top. These are the people who have all the power [and wealth] already, and they continue to squeeze you dry for every f***ing cent you have.”


Ending Note: It takes me at least 100 hours of spare time each month to research and write news updates and analyses and work on my book. Please widely share links to these articles, so this work is not for naught. You can also help in other ways (including much needed financial support). Only together can we change this messed-up world. Let’s do it! 🙂