Inauguration Day Obituary – Serious Thoughts Amidst the Hoopla

This is not an obituary of a late president, nor of departing Obama, but of a presidency we could have had. No, not of America’s greatly hyped first female president, either — a crooked election rigger, Wall Street shill, and arms dealer, whom we can be glad we were spared (though Trump with his cabinet composed of plutocratic oligarchs may not be much better). Continue reading

Back Door Dictatorship U.S.A.? (PS)

“Some of last year’s political fear mongers warned that this or that presidential candidate (usually Trump) would be our first dictator. Since both candidates were so ominous (even despicable) that they possessed a historically-high disapproval rating among the American people, I came to ask myself how close we might actually be to the dark prophecy of impending dictatorship. … When I took a look at Wikipedia’s German definition of dictatorship, it made my skin crawl…”

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Breaking News: Manning, Snowden, Assange, and Obama

Maybe you just heard? Obama finally acceded to so many of us pleading and finally commuted the whopping 35 year sentence (more than most murderers and rapists get) of Chelsea Manning, one of our nation’s greatest whistleblowers. Manning is the one who allowed us to learn of the mistreatment of unlawfully detained people and the callous murdering of civilians (including reporters and good Samaritans) which parts of our military committed in Irak and elsewhere. These are things we should know about, shouldn’t we? Continue reading

Money in Politics: The Stake in our Hearts

The enormous corruption at the top of our country which – as “Money in Politics” – drives all our governmental decisions, not only creates a terribly unjust society which kicks equality and liberty to the curb, but it is like a stake in our hearts when it comes to our ability to rise up and set matters right. It is deeply demoralizing, but we must not let the corruption prevail.

Represent.Us came out with a fitting video about this:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may find it on the Represent.Us site or search the Internet for the title: “Unscripted: This is what corruption really costs us”)

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