Thought of the Day: Our Unconstitutional Presidents

There is much hullabaloo about constitutional violations of our newest U.S. president, Trump. Those who are constantly calling for resistance against him overlook that, at least since the G.W.-Cheney regime, all “our” presidents have been violating the U.S. constitution which they were sworn to uphold. The only thing worse is partisan citizens celebrating “their” guy from “their” party for these violations or else looking the other way. This goes for supporters of both gangs… pardon me… “political parties.”

We should hold our presidents and other representatives accountable to us and our constitution, no matter which group of ours they pretend to lean to.

Whenever we succumb to blind loyalty and thereby allow ourselves to be divided against each other, the robber billionaires and their presidents, legislators, and judges screw us out of our lives. They are our true enemies, not Russia, not a single puppet president, but rather the big money wielders behind the scenes who pull all the strings.

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The We the People Amendment


For anybody who missed it, this month, Rep. Rick Nolan (MN) reintroduced the We the People Amendment in Congress to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.

Move to Amend, which seems to be the driving force behind this effort, describes itself as a coalition of hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of individuals committed to ending corporate rule. They make it quick and easy to petition our members of Congress and ask them to co-sponsor H.J.R. 48, the We the People Amendment:

For the petition just click here!


A related interview from Apr. 28, 2015:


Thought of the Day: A Common Goal – Universal Prosperity

Most Americans (and many others around the world) are sick and tired of an economy which keeps them struggling and sinking ever lower. When we talk about it, various components of it come up: jobs lost to global outsourcing and technological displacement; stagnating or declining wages; lack of job security; an almost non-existing social safety net; unaffordable and ever rising costs of healthcare, education, and housing; neocon and neoliberal business deregulation and repeal of social reform; etc.; etc. It is difficult to unite under so many problem topics or their various potential solutions. So, I squeezed a small bit of time out of what little is left at the end of my daily pointless drudgery (my day job treadmill) and thought up a single term which may express our shared wish:

Universal Prosperity.

This might well sum up our common goal. … Now… Naturally… on our painfully overpopulated planet where our seven billion and counting fellow human beings make it practically impossible to be original, it would be a miracle if this term hadn’t been used before. So, I googled it and… you can imagine the rest.  (Actually, some sources may be centuries old. I may have excavated an old term, indeed.)

Anyway, I don’t recall hearing or reading this term in our contemporary progressive political speeches and writings. I think it might make for a good buzz word to adopt, even if others may more recently have used it for much smaller visions than the one we currently need to build up.

So, in the words of Star Trek’s Vulcans, I conclude by telling you: Live long and prosper! 🙂


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It’s Trust, Not Trump, Baby!

In a recent article, Umair Haque explained pretty well why the spreading attitude of me-me-me and to hell with society and the related phenomenon of splintering into tribes are so damaging for all of us, including for those who live this attitude. You may know people who need this explained to them. I sure do. Hence this article.

Salient Quotes:

“What’s a place where there’s no trust? A jungle. Maybe a prison. … Without trust, a society can’t be a society. It becomes something else entirely: a place where predators rule. … There must be some level of trust that binds people together, or else a society will almost inevitably decay into demagoguery, collapse, and ruin.”

“Americans can’t have what the rest of the rich world takes for granted: public healthcare, education, finance. They live profoundly crippled lives: precarious, anxious, afraid. They will never retire, can’t afford to educate their kids, and their incomes have been stagnant for decades. No wonder there is widespread rage.”

“First, trust is lost. Then, society loses the ability to function. Then, public goods are lost. Without public goods, people’s lives shatter. The rage that results from broken dreams produces demagoguery. Today’s gilded demagogue, then, isn’t the issue: the loss of trust is.”

Here is the link to the full article: The Five Letter Word That Spells the End of Societies




The True Job Creators Are Not Who You May Think

Finally, an honestly speaking capitalist tells it like it is: CEOs and business owners only hire people when the demand for their goods or services rises to make hiring more staff necessary. And from whom comes the demand? From you and me, when (or if!) we can afford to buy. And for this we need a fair economy with fair pay, fair taxes, and good income security. Continue reading