Alarm: The Oligarchy is Coming for Net Neutrality and thus Our Alternative Media and Public Discourse — Fight Back Now!

Demand Progress has raised the alarm and asks us to fight back: Trump’s gang is about to pull the rug out from under the media war that we, the people, must fight to save our country from the ravages of corporatism. By killing net neutrality, the oligarchy will be able to prevent our access to outlets of real news, sharp analyses, true narratives, and bold visions we can fight for, outlets like the one you are reading in right now. Continue reading

The Governor (and possibly a judge) of Arkansas is Guilty of Murder (Medium)

Imagine a state where criminal investigations and trials are sloppy, the involved state actors exclude exonerating evidence to cover up their callously careless treatment of people’s lives and resulting false convictions and executions of innocents, and where the decision to kill people is based on the expiration date on state-purchased chemicals. That’s Arkansas. If you have never looked more closely into the issue of death penalty, this article written by a former death roll prisoner of Arkansas – who got out by signing a promise never to sue the state for robbing him of 18 years of his life – may open your eyes. The monsters in this case are not the prisoners on death roll, but the corrupt goons in high office (a situation that should perhaps feel familiar by now if you live anywhere in America).


Beware: The New Heist Against Our Healthcare Will be so Devious it Could Succeed

Remember last month’s Trumpcare bill (wealth care sold as health care), my calculation of how it would at an absolute minimum have killed 13,500 people by next year, and how – among massive public protests – it was defeated?

Do you also remember that our protests were not so much the reason it failed, but that the real reason was the super-corporatist “Freedom Caucus” within the Republican Gang which refused to toe the party line because Trumpcare was simply not cruel and murderous enough for them?

Remember the warnings that the goons would be back with a renewed attack on our healthcare?

Well, they are! A deal has apparently just been brokered between House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Tuesday Group co-chairman Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.) Continue reading