Ignorance Does Not Protect from The Law of Consequences

I saw this piece some time ago and let it go. However, having run into ignorant and shortsighted thinking and behavior again this week (some even aimed at me, a lot more at others), I now decided to showcase this video which talks about people acting politically from a position of ignorance who thereby shoot themselves (and their fellows) in the foot:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Man Shocked To Learn He’s Been Bashing His Own Health Care”)

So, unless you want to shoot yourself and innocent bystanders in the foot, don’t allow yourself to be ignorant or shortsighted. The same warning goes for those who apply sectarian thinking, so they regard as deplorable spoilers all those who share their goals but run with a different crowd which seeks to achieve these goals with a different tactic. It’s impossible to know beforehand which tactic will work (so, until we have hindsight we are in a position of at least some ignorance); and success may even require multiple tactics. Therefore, we should never view or treat our allies as foes or insist we discard a potential card we have up our sleeves.


Inauguration Day Obituary – Serious Thoughts Amidst the Hoopla

This is not an obituary of a late president, nor of departing Obama, but of a presidency we could have had. No, not of America’s greatly hyped first female president, either — a crooked election rigger, Wall Street shill, and arms dealer, whom we can be glad we were spared (though Trump with his cabinet composed of plutocratic oligarchs may not be much better). Continue reading

Quickypinion: Why Care about Russian Meddling?

In all frankness, why does ANYBODY worry about Russian meddling? We, the American people, have absolutely NO say in our politics, rigged as it has become by the robber billionaires and their minions from the political and journalistic classes. None whatsoever. Why should anybody care if the robber billionaires with their global business empires who run our country to our detriment have Russian or American names? We are equally screwed either way until we take the instruments of power back.

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Fidel Castro Obituary – An Opposing Viewpoint

Report: Despite US Propaganda, Fidel Castro Beloved Worldwide

(Note: if the video to which this article links gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Despite US Propaganda, Fidel Castro Beloved Worldwide”)

This week, we have seen despicable footage of people celebrating the death of another human being. Personally, I find death from “old age” after a few decades on Earth – which is barely enough for most people to even grow up – a great tragedy built into the human condition and something we should perhaps do something about instead of constantly fighting among ourselves. To celebrate someone’s death, I must be certain he or she was a mass murderer, torturer, or such. I cannot establish this state of affairs for Castro. Continue reading

Washington Post: “Democrats wonder and worry: Why isn’t Clinton far ahead of Trump?”

The lordly condescension of our ruling class and their media myrmidons really knows no bounds. Case in point: This excessively long and fully HRC-apologetic article in the Washington post called “Democrats wonder and worry: Why isn’t Clinton far ahead of Trump?”

(Note: You probably don’t want to read it. It is a sad piece of journalism gone propaganda and will hurt your feelings if this year you hoped for a presidential candidate who actually cares for the people.)

My answer to Democrats wondering why Clinton’s polling numbers are so low unsurprisingly is:  Because they threw Bernie’s supporters over board!  (and haven’t stopped mocking us since then)

Do you think there is even one word about that in this 2144-word newspaper article? Well, there isn’t. They prefer to pretend we never existed. Telling a huge chunk of voters that they neither want them nor need them couldn’t possible figure into their low poll numbers, could it now?

I can’t wait for these sorry excuses of human beings to be replaced. Let’s take all the local elections by storm and quickly grow from those grass roots to push these villains from their thrones. It could be a surprisingly simple strategy to elect ourselves into every town hall in the nation and go from there. Represent.Us, BraveNewCongress, OurRevolution, and others have already been mobilizing, but if a good portion of us threw themselves behind this strategy, we might not even need any support organizations at that local level, at least. Let’s give this some thought.