The Harsh Reality of Life (PS)

Why we need unity and an ethical society not based on individual greed and strong-arming:

This is where the old thorn stirred in my side, for this is how so many people think — but they are terribly wrong! Pain, debility, misery, and death come for us all as we grow old. … This is why it is so urgent we do away with our outrageous wealth and income inequality, as well as the domination of our government by these sociopathic politician-bribing oligarchs… We need each other as allies, more than most of us – in our “civilized” daydream lives – dare to realize. We must stop setting ourselves up as our worst enemies. And all the while, the clock keeps ticking…

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A Must-See Video

I am shocked! Someone, and a young one, apparently… made this amazing 8+ minute video which summarizes much of what I keep wanting to write a book about, much of what life has taught me. You have to watch this!  (in case the link is deleted again, the title to search for is: “The Lie We Live“)