Political Awakening Video Weekend 09-01-2018 (11 videos)

Once again, this weekend can partly be spent watching and discussing enlightening videos instead of grown men chasing silly balls. Stars: Naomi Klein, Jimmy Dore, Thom Hartmann, Richard Wolff, Abby Martin, Jesse Ventura, Brigida Santos, Ron Placone, Lee Camp, and MPP’s Nick Braña. Topics: secrets of a livable life, the money aristocracy & systemic inequality, neoliberalism privatizing away life, social media war, imperial oligarchy, astute system analysis, gig economy, and our oligarchic politics.   Continue reading “Political Awakening Video Weekend 09-01-2018 (11 videos)”

Living to Live

The green-blooded moneycrats who rule us, think life is all about money. Well, it is not. That’s why they ruin our lives. Let’s take a look at people who have turned their back on the the corrupt system and hear what they have to tell:

Human connections and interactions count much more in human happiness than material things:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Route 66: Free living and liberty at a rural commune “)

Comment: In my imagination I would love to live in such a commune (except for my physical handicaps and the gross hunt for squirrels who I see neither as nasty tree rats nor tasty morsels). It would be so much better not having to fight over incomes and savings with my neighbors but rather support one another, be fellows and friends rather than desperate strugglers pitted against each other by a system that is set up to do so.   Continue reading “Living to Live”

Video Weekend 7-29-2017 (5 Videos)

Summary of this weekend’s video line-up:

  • the trivial corporate media news (Jimmy Dore)
  • Trump and “Democrats’” single-payer stance
  • racket: government confiscation from innocent citizens
  • our system sucks away real life (Moyers)
  • FCC’s Comment Fraud on Net Neutrality
  • the 2nd Guilded Age
  • Wall Street Gambling still supported by DC


Haven’t you long felt like the corporate media news are talking right past you? Well, you are not alone, Jimmy Dore can show you:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “What Americans Care About VS. What Media Covers”)


A whole bunch of interesting topics carefully treated (like the single-payer healthcare stance of Trump and “Democratic” politicians, government confiscation from innocent citizens (a massive racket, I can tell you!), primaring fake progressive career politicians, etc.):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “As Trumpcare Falls, Single-Payer Rises | Episode 104”)


Slightly rephrasing Bill Moyers: Our political and economic/financial institutions and mass media have come to be without a soul. We walk a world in which the lust for private power and wealth corrupts everything and sucks away real life.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Politics in the Age of Casino Capitalism”)


Corporate Con-Job at the FCC: Anything to Censor the Internet

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “FCC’s Comment Fraud Problem WAY Worse Than Anyone Imagined“)


Frederick Townsend Martin (one of the robber barons of our 1st Guilded Age: “… we are the rich. We own America; we got it, God knows how; but we intend to keep it…” Ughhh! The practice and intent clearly is the same in our current 2nd Guilded Age, including the abject indifference and cruelty.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “The New Robber Barons“)


Bill Moyers alerted us back in 2014, when few of us were paying attention, to Obama and Congress heinously passing a bill permitting Wall Street to resume its predatory practices (which only a few years earlier had given us the Mortgage Crisis and Great Recession) and sticking us, the taxpayers, with the bill when their gambles will fail again — all done as investment return for half a billion dollars poured into the midterm elections by these “financial interests.” And, unsurprisingly, the bill was written by a corporate think tank and adopted practically verbatim by our congress cheats, the way business is done in our “representative” legislature these days.

I hope everybody is coming to understand that corruption in our highest political offices did not start with Trump. It has been going on for a long time (long before Obama, too) and merely keeps gobbling up our country and ruining our lives contrary to Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp,” Obama’s promise of hope, and whatever false promises their predecessors (the Bushes, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon and all those false cheats in Congress, as well as many state governments and city councils, made).

We are not fated to live this way. It isn’t fate. It’s a rigged system which we can change in a heartbeat when we resolve to do so and join forces to do it.

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The Lords of the Flies (Umair Haque on Medium)

I came across an article I want to share around because it fits right in with the things I have been saying, namely that our lives are being ruled by bullies in a system they have set up to oppress and exploit us, all the while distorting what human lives and our countries should be about. The article bears the title: The Lords of the Flies


My American friend Tucker stays late every night at his highly professional job every night and arrives early every morning. He’s not paid for it. He’s just expected to do it. I ask him, as someone who studies management and leadership, who tells him to. No one, he says. The expectation is just there. Lingering in the air, like an unspoken threat.”  Continue reading “The Lords of the Flies (Umair Haque on Medium)”

The Difference Between Having a Life and — Not

Yesterday a friend showed me a cartoon which you can eyeball here:


The cartoon featured a little girl covering an ant with sand, watching it dig itself out, covering it with sand again, watching it dig itself out again, covering it with sand again, and so on. She proudly explained her game to her watching dad, who – mentally putting himself in the place of the ant and probably speaking for the cartoonist – thought to himself: “I’ve had days like that.”

My instant reaction was: I have had a life like that. Continue reading “The Difference Between Having a Life and — Not”

The Harsh Reality of Life (PS)

Why we need unity and an ethical society not based on individual greed and strong-arming:

This is where the old thorn stirred in my side, for this is how so many people think — but they are terribly wrong! Pain, debility, misery, and death come for us all as we grow old. … This is why it is so urgent we do away with our outrageous wealth and income inequality, as well as the domination of our government by these sociopathic politician-bribing oligarchs… We need each other as allies, more than most of us – in our “civilized” daydream lives – dare to realize. We must stop setting ourselves up as our worst enemies. And all the while, the clock keeps ticking…

Read my full story here: The Harsh Reality of Life


Our Shared Hardships

In an article worth reading, its author, James Altucher, wrote:

From the moment our feet finally leave the inside of our mother’s womb, until the day we die, life is a battle. Respect everyone’s battles. Respect that everyone has it [as] hard, or harder, than you do.

Let me explain why this is noteworthy:  Continue reading “Our Shared Hardships”

A Must-See Video

I am shocked! Someone, and a young one, apparently… made this amazing 8+ minute video which summarizes much of what I keep wanting to write a book about, much of what life has taught me. You have to watch this!  (in case the link is deleted again, the title to search for is: “The Lie We Live“)