Great Speech about our Collapsing Civilization and the Moral Imperative to Resist

Title: “Chris Hedges Greatest Speech Ever Made” (in case the link gets deleted)

Half of Americans below or near poverty line | Salon



Another Strong-Armed Dem Convention – This Time in Philly?

Source: Half DNC Delegates Walk Out, Protesting Acclamation Nomination of Clinton After Sanders Wins Earlier Vote

O Bernie, my Bernie!

One of the many who joined in Senator Sanders’ campaign this year, and whose heart was wrenched by the machinations of the establishment, their favoritists, and their self-deluded party lemmings, this week when Bernie’s rightful nomination was denied to him by corporatist politicians who love their bribe money more than they fear a defeat in November, posted this allegorical tribute to Bernie on social media this week:

Do People Lie on Online Dating Services?

Webb’s takeaway: you can’t blame the algorithms. But people do lie when they answer questions put to them by online dating services.

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