The Nature of our Duopoly Voters: Rep “Values” & Dem Blindness

Yesterday, I came across an interesting article which attempts to explain why many Republican voters seem to consistently vote against their own interests, thereby supporting a political party which works exclusively for the rich and throws everybody else under the bus, including these voters. For an example the article points at Trump’s war on our healthcare coupled with continuing loyalty to him.

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Great Speech about our Collapsing Civilization and the Moral Imperative to Resist

Title: “Chris Hedges Greatest Speech Ever Made” (in case the link gets deleted)

Half of Americans below or near poverty line | Salon



Another Strong-Armed Dem Convention – This Time in Philly?

Source: Half DNC Delegates Walk Out, Protesting Acclamation Nomination of Clinton After Sanders Wins Earlier Vote

O Bernie, my Bernie!

One of the many who joined in Senator Sanders’ campaign this year, and whose heart was wrenched by the machinations of the establishment, their favoritists, and their self-deluded party lemmings, this week when Bernie’s rightful nomination was denied to him by corporatist politicians who love their bribe money more than they fear a defeat in November, posted this allegorical tribute to Bernie on social media this week:

Do People Lie on Online Dating Services?

Webb’s takeaway: you can’t blame the algorithms. But people do lie when they answer questions put to them by online dating services.

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