QuickyNews 1/18/2018: Current Urgent Activism

Net Neutrality, CHIP, and DACA have fights this week.Β 

I. Net Neutrality

Demand Progress claims that we are only 1 Republican Senator vote away from restoring Net Neutrality by a Congressional overruling of Ajit Pai’s treasons act. They are asking for donations to help finance a campaign flooding with phone calls, letters, and emails those Republican senators who are up for reelection this year or have split with Donald Trump on past votes.


Our current DC regime has put CHIP (the Children’s Health Insurance Program) and DACA (the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program) on the chopping block, denying healthcare to needy children and preparing to deport young people into — to them — foreign countries where their parents brought them from as children or babies. How can we, as moral beings, leave needy children without medical care or break apart families and deport young people from their true home country because their parents failed to follow restrictive formalities which our own immigrant ancestors never had to deal with? Apparently, the Republican camp of Congressional crooks stands firmly behind these amoral deeds, and the only way to stop them may be to deny them the nine (or 11?) supportive votes from Senate Democrats they still need to pull this off, according to various sources.

The new budget vote is expected tomorrow, making now a good time to voice our demands (for example asking Dem Congressionals to threaten a budgetary government shutdown).

You can call Congress at 866-426-2631 or find your own state’s senators or your own district’s House members by Zip Code via THIS link. Clicking on one of them gets you their phone number and website.

Here are also various online petitions for these issues:

  1. Bold Progressives on DACA
  2. MoveOn on CHIP
  3. iPetitions on CHIP
  4. ActionNetwork for a clean Dream Act


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