The fight for our Democracy

Friends, we are in the fight of our lives, the fight for our country and our future. Let there be no doubt: The foremost battle we need to win in this fight is the battle for our democracy.

Thinking the system is just too strong to ever do anything about it, is what makes it strong. When we stop believing this and start fighting back, the system crumbles. It never was more than a house of cards. Ignoring election fraud because it might demoralize us, hands our elections to the crooks. Instead, let it make us mad. Mad will make us put an end to it.

Mark these words: All our hoping and voting will do us no good as long as the crooks controlling the electoral process can simply make up the election results to the cheer of our corporate media and accompanied by our quiet resignation when too many of us dazedly believe their fabrications and never push back. The fraud is real and massive (see below). But so is our ability to fight back! (also see below)

Let’s start with the disbelief:  For many people, election fraud in our country is hard to believe because it is so sophisticated. But… haven’t you noticed a few things?

Their cloak of invisibility:  We are not stupid. We are simply too busy to notice or fight small stuff. Sly as they are, the enemies of our democracy therefore come for our vote in multiple attacks. They steal a piece here, another there, hoping you won’t notice or raise more than an eyebrow. Remember the rumors you may have heard about purged or switched voter registrations, mysterious absentee votes completely flipping the night’s results at the last minute, Clinton’s late-arriving votes bringing the number of votes above the number of voters, the night’s tally of one candidate (Bernie’s, of course!) actually going DOWN instead of up, and official counts disagreeing totally with exit polls way beyond the margin of error? Usually where there is so much smoke there is a fire. Many small fires make an inferno.

By these many small to mid-sized attacks, our elections die the death of a thousand cuts. Each instance is easily played down by the corporate media and easily dismissed by each of us as a minor glitch which won’t affect the total outcome. However, they add up to hand the nomination (and possibly later the presidency if the GOP doesn’t cheat even more efficiently in November) to a certain Hillary Rodham Clinton who as Secretary of State, if the reports are true, has made dozens of arms deals with corrupt foreign regimes in return for bribe money she uses to now buy herself the presidency. Will she be prosecuted? We will see. In the current state of our nation, criminals in high places usually go scot-free.

If this election fraud had not surreptitiously accompanied the primaries and caucuses from day one – each time skewing the count towards Clinton – Bernie Sanders would already be our Democratic Party nominee. Shillary’s race would have been over months ago, exposed for the unpopular power grab from above that it is. It is high time for us to fight back!

Below is a list of dirty tricks I have noticed and which we must no longer let go unchallenged:

  1. Stripping people from the voter rolls so they can’t vote.
  2. Changing voters’ party affiliations so they can’t vote.
  3. Misinforming voters about voting dates and places.
  4. Reducing the number of polling places to create insurmountably long lines.
  5. Setting registration deadlines months in advance of the primaries, long before people knew they would have a genuine candidate (Bernie Sanders) in the race.
  6. Making voter registration cumbersome and vulnerable to suppression, e.g. by treacherous voter ID regulations (in other countries registration is simply automatic).
  7. Designing ballots treacherously to divert or cancel votes.
  8. “Counting” ballots which either don’t exist or are fake (e.g. faked absentee ballots) and letting nobody else take a look at the fakes; obstructing election observers.
  9. Engineering voting machines to break down strategically or not to read votes correctly.
  10. Hacking or otherwise faking the vote tally (e.g. so that a candidate’s total votes go down as more votes come in).
  11. Eliminating the paper trail of ballots so that fantasy results from electronic voting can’t be proven false.
  12. Refusing investigation where a trail of any kind exists.
  13. miscounting the voters or delegates in their initial count.
  14. counting delegates at a party state convention before all delegates of one candidate have been admitted inside, and unilaterally changing the rules of procedure as well, thereby eliminating many of the cast votes and certified delegates in violation of the long-standing party rules and principles of democracy with the result of flipping the official count — and then closing down the convention with help from the local sheriff department — as in the Nevada Coup.
  15. Squelching investigations by conceding elections without a fight despite of massive signs of election fraud (when both parties cheat, neither wants it known).
  16. Raising tens of millions of dollars in a “joint” fundraiser for the party and then giving all the money to one candidate (Clinton) instead of sharing it equally with both candidates (Clinton and Sanders).
  17. Demoralizing voters by falsely counting all super delegates in favor of one candidate (Clinton) in the news reports before actually a single super delegate vote has been cast.
  18. Smearing and slandering a candidate (Sanders) in the mainstream media.
  19. Smearing and slandering the supporters of a candidate (Sanders) in the mainstream media.
  20. Distorting the public discourse in the mainstream media and using the latter massively for propaganda.

I am convinced that the first and foremost thing needed at this point is for people to understand how real and big this issue is and then to spread the word. That’s because a critical mass of people is needed to fight back against such endemic and well organized massive fraud.

It is also important for us to find, encourage, and rally around leaders who truly represent us (like Bernie Sanders and a growing number of candidates for lesser offices) rather than give our support to “lesser evils” and slick shills who only talk a good game, say because we still believe in a party which has been hijacked. Our going along with those types is what has brought us this mess.

Beyond that, the traditional tasks of citizens (voting, canvassing, and donating) won’t suffice. Some of us will have to become as sophisticated and thorough as democracy’s enemies. We will have to fight for our vote on as many fronts as they present us with:

  1. Spread the word! (talk to people about this and share posts, photos, and videos)
  2. Rally to bring out so many voters that they overwhelm voter suppression and fake ballots.
  3. Demand hand-counted paper ballots.
  4. Sue when we are kept from voting.
  5. Start and contribute to petitions such as for recounts, audits, and investigations.
  6. Sue for recounts and voting machine audits wherever they are denied.
  7. Sue when the audits are fixed. (all these law suits can be class action suits)
  8. Video-record every “irregularity” we can and post it online.
  9. Do marches and sit-ins. Try to shut down the inaugurations of illegitimate officials.
  10. Flood the party conventions to protest the sham and make the delegates think carefully.
  11. Shame the evildoers as publicly as possible, including internationally(!). They want to look good to heir friends and fear prosecution if the threat of it becomes real.
  12. Become so good at all this that the crooks can feel assured they will be caught and exposed and – when possible – indited rather than fly under the radar or find shelter as they have been doing.

One of the first and easiest things which we can do right now and in every election to follow, an act which also costs us little time and effort, is to refuse endorsing the establishment shills which the party duopoly places in front of us. They want us to rubber stamp them: false choices like Clinton and the GOP’s presidential candidates – one of them currently being the very creature the shills shill for; it’s laughable! However, enough is enough! They can suppress and misrepresent our vote, but they cannot force us to vote for them. And we shouldn’t. Instead we can vote for the likes of Bernie Sanders who challenge this corrupt system, no matter what their chances or party affiliation. Also, at the exit polls, we can report our vote. Thus, one day, the fraud will be too obvious to cover up any longer.

And that done, let each of us consider taking further actions such as in my list above. When we act, the 99% are too big to fail!

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