The Mentality of our Selfish Politicians and their Crowd

Oh, yes… the mind-warping power of privilege… Once again, a recorded political conversation inspired me to take the conversation further among us. The below interview is quite interesting (despite for, if you ask me, too much apologetics for the Hillary camp from a guy who can’t quite leave his bubble of privilege). What makes it interesting is an insider’s insight into in the layer of society from which our self-serving politicians derive. The most interesting part starts around 15:30 minutes into the clip:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Corporate Democrats Have a Vested Interest in Not Listening to Workers – RAI with Thomas Frank (¼)”)

The a deeper insight into our ruling class that we can draw from this is the following: 

  1. The Republicans work for the top 1% (who inherited or robbed their wealth and want more with no regard for anybody below them). Nothing new.
  2. The “Democrats” focus on the top 10% (who, aside from the top 1% among them, secured their comfortable and complacent lives through educational opportunities and family connections, all along believing that it was just them, that they are completely self-made, that they had no help from lucky circumstances, family wealth, a supportive society, infrastructure, laws, policies, crony networks, civilization, and the workforce and clientèle formed by the rest of us, at all). They, too, want to acquire more or at least maintain the status quo that treats them so well — again with no regard for, or real awareness of, anybody below them, as they delude themselves with a false claim of living in a meritocracy, conveniently overlooking all the little tweaks that give some of us all the opportunities and others as good as none.

Both, the 1% and the rest of the 10% feel very much entitled, through that self-made-man (or woman) delusion, and blame the victims below them for their bad situation. Oh, they were lazy in school, lazy in the workplace, or simply dumb. Let them rot and suffer. It’s all their own fault. No credit is given for the shoulders on which these privileged folks stand. And the selfish politicians who serve this upper class, do themselves come from this privileged tip of our dungheap society, sharing their mindset of entitlement and their habit of not ever really looking at the people outside their bubble of lifelong privilege. Outside their bubble, lives the majority of the American People, we who are caught all of our lives in hopeless struggle and anguish set by a rigged and cruel system.

It’s high time that we, the rest of the people who were pushed out of the ring and rolled into the ditch, who don’t get proper pay for our labor or a real voice in the making of the policies that rig our nation, make our presence, our needs, and our demands felt! We, whom these self-loving lords and ladies so blithely ignore, except when it’s time to deceive and mislead us, must fight for our inalienable rights: life, liberty, and happiness for all. We must decisively end a rigged system which creates wealth at the top by creating poverty and oppression everywhere else, and which commits this crime at a time in our history when – with our modern technologies and methods – we could establish prosperity for all!

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4 thoughts on “The Mentality of our Selfish Politicians and their Crowd

    1. That’s right. We need a far more equal distribution of power and wealth. Our ancestors must be rolling in their graves over the victimizing system we have.

      See my next article for more. 😉


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