One More Thrust to Destroy the GOP’s Wealthcare Zombie (ACA-Repeal, Trumpcare)

As I think I recently mentioned, Republican “leaders” are hurtling one more time toward an Obamacare repeal, and we must tell them “No!” — Even as Bernie Sanders has put forth his Medicare for All bill, the worst of the worst in Washington are still hell-bent on shredding federal protections found in the Affordable Care Act, killing its subsidies and Medicaid expansion, and suffocating the fifty-year Medicaid program that benefits everyone from newborns to seniors in nursing homes. If we don’t stop them, they will do it this month before time runs out for them.

I want to share with you a passionate, excellently written and informative article: We Can Stop the GOP’s Dash to Destroy Health Care


The GOP lawmakers who demand repeal, and the rich donors who back them, don’t seem to mind bulldozing our health care to make way for their tax cuts and market-based dystopia. … An unprecedented national solidarity has blossomed around the repeal proposal – in opposition to it. … That opposition includes medical and hospital groups. Patient organizations. Republican and Democratic governors. The health secretary for the home state of the bill’s top sponsor. Veterans. People who simply believe every person in our country deserves, and should get, health care. … So, call, call, call – not just to your senators, but to your representatives in the House, too. (Here’s the number for the Capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121. But call local offices, too!”

I quickly dug up the following (untried by me) places to find phone numbers:

And this page gives you an idea of where the political creatures live:


Help us help you! Find out more here! Or snatch scientific literacy from the jaws of public school defeat here!

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