Violence, Mass Shootings, Las Vegas Massacre, and Class War PTSD

(a brief hiatus from this week’s lecture series)

When we were all shocked by the reports on the Las Vegas Massacre I not only pointed out that some of the things reported were just plain weird and thus reminiscent of past false flag operations and cove-ups (and I suggested we watch how the news may get exploited), but I stressed that we should focus on the horrible socio-economic conditions which underlie much of our violence and need fixing. Famous investigative reporter Greg Palast turns out to have gone to school with the shooter and agrees with my notion on Class War PTSD: I went to school with the Vegas shooter (Greg Palast)

Despite not wishing to deal any more with the sad subject, I did add some updates to my original article on the event, by the way. Find them at the bottom: Oddities of the Las Vegas Massacre


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