Insightful Bernie Interview: A Rallying President Rather than a Washington Lurker

In the following recent interview, Bernie Sanders mentioned one of the little known and much overlooked main reasons why he could be truly helpful as our President despite of a stonewalling Congress:

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for The Young Turks and the title: “Bernie Sanders Interview with Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks”)

Yep, this kind of a tireless activist is exactly the kind of president we need (and that I was hoping for in 2016), one who doesn’t just loll about in the White House, but one who goes out on campaigns not just to gather votes for his next election but to rally the people to rise up demanding dutiful service from their Members of Congress.

Another thing easily missed was Cenk Uygur’s remark regarding competing “D” candidates being elevated in the media. I have noticed that, too. What’s odd is that not only openly corporatist candidates get positive coverage. So, why would even candidates on the progressive track – except for Bernie, that is(!) – be elevated in the corporate media? Even on far right-wing channels like Fox? … Think… think… Ah! … Got it! They are hoping to reduce Bernie’s chances to win the primaries by diluting the progressive vote among as many candidates as possible, candidates that they feel certain won’t be able to win the primaries, so they can be elevated to any degree without risking that they might win. I can only hope that the other progressive candidates will drop out at the right time and endorse the progressive winner among them (almost certainly Bernie), so that the progressive vote won’t be split.

Just like back in 2016, the corporate media are again blatantly working hand in hand with the “Democratic” Party establishment — which in this cycle has been profusely spawning candidates in order to split the progressive vote as much as possible, so that the superdelegates will once again get to pick the nominee in the end.


Quote from an interesting interview on The Revolution Continues:

The white moderates create a convenient buffer zone for the upper echelons. The white moderates have been played over the years and they don’t realize it. They were created to come between the mega-wealthy one-percent and the dirtiest of the dirt poor. Keep the white middle class complacent, self-righteous and in love with their self-perceived worthiness and love of lording it over the working class, and you as an oligarch need never fear a political revolution.”


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3 thoughts on “Insightful Bernie Interview: A Rallying President Rather than a Washington Lurker

  1. I fear that the progressive dem vote will be split into at least two factions–Bernie and Tulsi supporters. In that way, the corporate dems can sneak Uncle Joe in and claim victories in the primaries in a three (or more) way race. We’ll get a choice of “Democratic Party Trump (Biden)” or “Regular Trump” and history will repeat itself, if we aren’t lucky and Bernie gets the nomination outright.

    Thanks for the quote from The Revolution Continues. Keep on fighting!


  2. Whenever I feel a bit more optimistic, I dream of Tulsi (and any other successful progressive track candidates like, say, Mike Gravel) dropping out in time and endorsing Bernie. But maybe they can’t do that before getting on the debate stage where we’d like to see them to bring more previously taboo issues to the table.


  3. I dream of Bernie and Tulsi as a presidential & vice-presidential candidacy team. In fact, I keep dreaming of progressive candidates joining together and running as a full administration candidacy team. That to me makes a lot more sense than running as single candidates in competition.


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