A Look across Trump’s Wall


Are you dreaming about Trump’s proposed wall on our southern border? In the light of our dying or dead democracy up here in the United States, it can be quite interesting to look south:

While we are held hostage by a bees’ nest of corruption, built and upheld by robber billionaires and their utterly corrupt minions in the political and journalistic classes who are part of the gentry and middle nobility in our quasi-feudal society, our neighbors in the south are showing us what can happen when the people get utterly disgusted and angry enough to act.

In recent years, when our war-mongering and regime changing oligarchs were mostly preoccupied elsewhere (especially the Middle East because of its delicious oil… yumm…) – although one must note our Hillar-supported 2009 military coup of a democratically elected government in Honduras[1][2][3] – some of our southern neighbors managed to make progress on the path to democracy from which we could learn something. Two examples: Recently, Guatemala’s corrupt president was forced out of office and jailed. And at the moment, Venezuela (much decried as a commie country under Chavez in our corporate media) actually has it written in its constitution that the people (yes, the people, not unreliable representatives on a gravy train!) can impeach the president and trigger an automatic election! All they need is enough signatures. Imagine that!

If you examine just how much our oligarchs and their wholly owned government meddle south of our border, one has to essentially look upon Latin American nations as unrecognized states in our union. And, impressively, despite of our federal government’s reprisals, these southern brothers and sisters in our jointly suffered plight, make advances towards democracy we could learn from! Perhaps, instead of Trump’s wall, we should build a highway?

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