DNC Lawsuit – Election Theft 2016 – And The Evidence

Two days ago, I reported about the class action lawsuit brought against the Democratic National Committee. Funny enough, after all this time and all the evidence, I still get responses like: oh, it’s all sour grapes and BS.

To this I reply: It’s sour grapes or BS only when you refuse to look at the evidence!

The evidence is all over the place, and it’s overwhelming and takes your breath over all the evil-minded inventiveness out there. If you know how to do Internet searches, you can find evidence within seconds! Yes, seconds! I am not kidding.

Anyway, I run this site to help people get the real news and understand them in the context of the reality we live in… and to help us all create a vision for a better world, one we can realize. But I digress… The point I am making is that in this short post I give you all the links you are likely to need to dig through the evidence yourself.

So, if you happen to be still skeptical about the DNC’s rigging of the 2016 primaries, or know someone who is, Beanstock’s World (a daily blog deserving a larger audience, and maybe even a loving donation, hint, hint… think of it as tipping the crank on the soapbox *chuckle*) has a whole dedicated page filled with links to good evidence collections and analyses. Which blog? Which site for news, analyses, false narrative debunking, language growing, vision building? Which unfunded, little, people’s response to those utterly vile corporate think tanks and corporate media which have been brainwashing us for decades? Oh, this one! The one you are reading right now! Hehe. Sorry, I felt like a little bit of humor was called for in a week when some of the people’s voices were (or still are?) fighting with one another[1][2]. Anyway, here is the link to that evidence page, so you don’t need to scroll up to the navigation bar for clicking on it:

Election Theft 2016

I collected the links on that page throughout the 2016 primaries. Oh, they were awful! So, don’t be in denial over the theft of the 2016 “Democratic” primaries any longer. Look at the evidence folks! And think about this: no matter what political party you favor, can we expect to have a functioning democracy if we give election cheaters a pass? No! There must be consequences, bad consequences, for those who undermine democracy in our country, no matter who they are! Cheating in elections is wrong and robs all of us citizens of our voice! End of story.

4 thoughts on “DNC Lawsuit – Election Theft 2016 – And The Evidence

  1. Sooo glad there will be a lawsuit against the DNC who wasted my money and time and made Billary the candidate, which gave us the Cheato. Pay up DNC!!!!


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