Quickyinsight: Our Imperial Oligarchy (with video)

Michael Parenti has deep insights to share. On the downside, his speeches can be of a rambling nature (probably because of Academic privilege). This one is quite well done, though. It’s slightly on the old side (from the Bush-Chenery era), but it nicely illustrates the imperial nature of our oligarchy. We are far less removed from the slave-holding Roman empire, or the feudal empires that followed it, than we tend to think:

FSTV Keynote: Michael Parenti

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “FSTV Keynote: Michael Parenti “)

The nicest spot starts at 29:00 min into the speech.

Mentality of the oligarchs (slightly reworded): In their view, our country should be run by and FOR the rich and well-born. They completely believe they are deserving of their station in life (and we of our dreadful station). As has been said, G.W. Bush was born on third base and grew up thinking he had hit a triple. They believe that America should lead the world, and that they should lead America. They believe that the poor are the authors of their poverty and that we – the working class / middle class – are a troublesome lot that needs to be reined in. They believe that we have to ratchet down our standard of living and level of expectations a lot more so that the people at the top can get even richer than they already are by diverting more wealth to them.

Conclusion (by Michael Parenti or someone he is quoting): There’s only one thing ruling classes have ever wanted throughout all of history, and that’s everything(!).

This is so well said, I don’t want to dilute it with additional commentary. Just let the above sink in.


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2 thoughts on “Quickyinsight: Our Imperial Oligarchy (with video)

  1. The 1% want it ALL. I don’t know why some of the 99% don’t get that concept. Those who have it all, always want MORE.

    A meme I saw recently sums it up well: “Billionaire businessmen tell millionaire politicians that the poor are too greedy.”

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