Good short discussion of the UBI from Australia (Podcast-Video)

It makes sense to me that the personal exemption from income tax is like a basic income guarantee, but sadly not universal because people so poor that they fall below it don’t get it in full. Completely income-less people (like the long-term unemployed) get none of it! How is that fair? It’s yet another part of our system that from so may angles gives to the haves and takes from the have-nots.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Economist Peter Martin on Universal Basic Income and Automation”)

Another point made: when too many jobs disappear, the idea of time being money will no longer hold true. (it still does now, though; so I appreciate donations to this site, sharing of links to what appears here, or contributed fitting posts, because my time and money are limited)


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One thought on “Good short discussion of the UBI from Australia (Podcast-Video)

  1. It’s interesting how this topic of UBI is coming up a lot during the holiday season around the world. Maybe the selfishness of Scrooge and his kind will be buried once and for all?


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