Consumerism, X-Mess, and a New Items Shop for You


Consumerism is part of the yoke by which we are controlled, enslaved, and distracted from life’s priorities. We should use our holidays more for spending time with friends and family and less on barreling through stores and heaping giant loads of useless junk on everyone. That’s why I shared a critical consumerism documentary in last week’s Video Weekend.

Still, we have other problems to fight as well, which is why I have now made a move into the realm of material products — something quite alien to me, to be frank. The growing censorship, takedowns, and blocking on the Internet by oppressive governments and corporations requires that we – the people – who want a voice, future, and life for ourselves and future generations diversify our forms of networking, communicating, organizing, and spreading ideas.

Hence, I finally pushed myself this week to start a Print on Demand presence for Beanstock’s World. The idea: not only gain possible financial support but also bring memes and mottos from the increasingly blocked Internet into the real world. Things blocked from view on the Internet may never go viral there, but they could go viral in the streets. Let’s watch Facebook, Google, or Slack trying to block the messages emanating from our mugs and t-shirts! Sure, they may block the visibility of these products on the web, but once they are materialized they will be outside their scope of control. Ha! 😉

After some research I picked Redbubble as the material outlet for my designs because it is widely presented as super-easy and quick. Well, … it isn’t. So, if you know a more suitable one please let me know. Instead of minutes or an hour, I spent two days editing shop items for a single design plus making altered versions of the design for different products because one size and shape simply doesn’t fit all items. What’s really cumbersome is that edits of some items filter through not only to other items that benefit from those edits but also to a lot of items that are hurt by them. Furthermore, some items are not editable at all and I can only control the shop presence of some items, leaving various badly formatted ones in the shop. (please kindly overlook those)

So, instead of having several former Beanstock’s World memes on that shop now, shortly before X-Mess Eve, there currently is only one. I plan to be adding more in the days to come.

Anyway, let’s see if this experiment will do well. Redbubble claims it is too late to order now in time for X-Mess, but if you order something anyway (say, as a replacement of a failed holiday gift, as a self-gift or New Year’s gift, or whatever), please let me know if it meets your quality expectations and requirements. (I am not wealthy enough to order any test items myself)

Here, is the link to Redbubble’s Beanstock’s World Shop.

And this is the link to the single current design and its products.

Here, once again, an idea of what some of them look like:


On a related note there is a fresh bit of news:


The Prospect of a People’s Party Scares the Establishment

This Wednesday, yet another evil corporation attacked the American People. It deactivated the team-collaboration accounts of the Movement for a People’s Party. Here is the link to MPP’s press release on this reprehensible sabotage: Slack Corporation Hurls Wild Accusations of Foreign Influence Against Movement for a People’s Party Founder Nick Brana

The establishment obviously fears this movement. If anything, this is yet another reason to join the movement and/or donate to the organization. Power to the people!


Ending Note: Don’t forget to subscribe to free updates and to share widely critical stuff you encounter here and elsewhere. Also, please lend support if you can. Together we are the change we have been hoping for!

2 thoughts on “Consumerism, X-Mess, and a New Items Shop for You

  1. Good luck with your new “merch” business. (We tried it a few years back with another online vendor and didn’t get anything out of it but frustration. If you need more memes/logos/artwork let me know. My husband could use a job and he’s sort of artsy.) And a very happy “X-Mess” to you and yours!


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