Labor Day Epitaph

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work, and the title: “Economic Update: Capitalism Invites Deepening Criticism”)

Richard Wolff makes a most important point very eloquently in his Labor Day report: It is unconscionable when one man can take away the job and livelihood from another man. The man or woman who holds such power over other people’s livelihoods (typically an employer, although bureaucrats can also hold such power over us) can use it to blackmail those working people into giving up much of the prosperity they produce through their hard work. Such a livelihood controller gets rich and richer skimming off from the fruits of labor of the working folks who get poorer and poorer.  

When your livelihood is controlled by someone else who puts you to work for a wage that is only a small fraction of what you produce, you are essentially owned by that employer, not much different from a plantation slave working for nothing more than room and board even though you have the “liberty” of switching to another slave master (and at least your family can’t be sold off, though you or they may have to move to another job location). This is why our ancestors in the late 19th century, who were driven off their homesteads and small farms by capitalist raiders and then had to accept low-wage employments in towns and cities, very fittingly called this system wage slavery.

Let’s for a moment compare our situation to that of wild animals or our own human ancestors throughout most of human existence — minus the last chapter where agriculture gave rise to capitalism in its various forms: slave economies, feudalism, industrial capitalism, today’s corporate state and casino capitalism…

Wild animals have no employer to kowtow to. They forage or hunt to fill their stomachs whenever they feel like it. Most human generations before us lived the same way. They took from nature what they needed, hunting, gathering, or even growing crops and livestock without having to ask anyone for permission or having to pay a tithe. In the last few thousand years this changed as holders of greater stretches of agricultural land, controllers of trade centers, and warlords were in a position to enslave their fellow men and women either literally or indirectly, which some of them did with gusto creating the systemic slavery we now have been living in for so many generations that many of us consider this natural and normal. Well it isn’t. And it isn’t right.

It is time for us, the American People and all of Earth’s humanity, to wake up to the fact of our wage slavery and break our chains through true democracy and economic reform that ends the constant vile transfer of wealth and prosperity into the hands of a few. Part of this would have to be ending the giant piles of hoarded wealth from which our masters rule and maintain the system of wage, rent, and debt slavery.

Note: To those who have so internalized the warped pharaonic mentality that “justifies” our modern slavery system — cunning, dissembled, masked, obscured, shrouded, and veiled as just property rights and “free market” forces — so that they consider this system the fount of prosperity and admire those at the top as “leaders” and “job creators” (rather than job CONTROLLERS) — “leaders” and “job creators” who seemingly deserve their position of privilege and horrid power over others — let me quote Abraham Lincoln: “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” (today’s immigrant persecutors may also mull this over)

Also, in the second part of the above video comes up an interesting observation: Working people in France are rebellious, in the U.S. submissive. Ouch! What ever became of our revered American Revolution?


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One thought on “Labor Day Epitaph

  1. I’m beginning to doubt Americans were ever truly “revolutionaries.” They’re just selfish types who want their way and throw temper tantrums occasionally to get what they want. They threw a fit like a toddler when they threw the tea in the Boston Harbor because they didn’t like the tax on it. That’s not “revolutionary” but “reactionary.” It’s time we learned from the French and others how to “revolt” instead of simply “react” or “resist” (and then go home and have brunch).


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